Review -Music Video- Week 40/41

For the 41st week of 2011 we will be discussing the music videos of F.T Island, C-Real, Orange Caramel, and Kim Hyun Joong.

F.T Island –  Like The Birds

October 9, 2011

The Song:

Honestly speaking, and this is truly honest: “Like The Birds” wasn’t that great. Maybe it’s because after “Hello Hello”, we had huge expectations for F.T Island. Unfortunately, they failed to exceed, or even graze the height of those expectations with this song. “Hello Hello” was amazing; it was catchy, bubbly, and had the “Pirate-feel” going on that F.T Island is perfect for. It remained F.T Island’s style, but with a fun twist that made it easily likable to broader audiences. “Like The Birds” however, failed to have that same catchy, bubbly factor that made “Hello Hello” so addicting.

Getting over the disappointment though, it really wasn’t a terrible song. Just not a favorite, and not F.T Island’s best either. Glad to see some of the other members adding in vocals other than Hongki though. Hongki’s voice is amazing, but after “Hello Hello” (where practically 98% of the song is only him singing), it was nice to see some of the other members add their own tidbits of talent sporadically.

The Video:

The video was nothing out of F.T Island’s ordinary. You have the “whole band” scenes, and then you have the individual member solo shots. It seems the video took place in a desert of some sort; the members are performing to an invisible audience, and then very dangerously drive across the desert. Not sure if there was a particular reason and/or need for a desert though.

There’s no plot going on, sadly. If there’s any “acting” going on, it would have to be the members and their lively acting of the concept.  It seems F.T Island took the title “Like The Birds” literally, as they are seen numerous times, racing across the desert, arms outstretched, smiling rainbows. Good to know they had fun filming.

C-Real – No No No No No

October 11, 2011

The Song:

Out of most girl groups that have debuted this year, many people have been arguing that C-Real has the most potential. And they may be right- the song is quite impressive; or rather the vocals are. Unlike so many new groups out these past few months, C-Real actually demonstrated the ability to sing. And amid all these groups who claim to be “The Female 2pm”, “The D-Cup Group”, “The First Bi-Racial Group” etc., it’s really nice to see a group not try to sell some physical concept, but instead rely on actual singing ability to self-promote.

The vocals were really refreshing. All of them presented good ability and control, and not one was really terrible. However, there is only so much you can praise based on a recorded song, so no real compliments should be given until a live stage. Usually, one vocalist in a group will completely overwhelm the others, and take up 90% of the song. Amazingly, this didn’t happen, so it was really unexpected to see such good complementing going on. Right now, they are definitely the most anticipated group to watch progress in the future; hopefully, they won’t demote.

The Video

The best way to describe this video is “innocent charm”. It was the cutesy type, but the cuteness was done moderately so that the entity of the video was not overly annoying. Though we’d much rather prefer something fierce and classy, it is understandable that a new group may want to debut with a familiar concept. Therefore, we won’t critic too much this time, but hopefully next time it won’t happen again. One thing we will commend the video for however, is the equality of screen time. How often is there a group that actually distributes screen time equally. This rare phenomenon is definitely something to applaud.

Onto more important terms: We are sure everyone noticed this, but how freaky is the resemblance between some of these girls and SNSD’s Yoona, Sooyoung and 4minute’s Hyuna. There are some things you cannot get past and this is just one of those things. As much as we’d hate to admit, we definitely forsee C-Real’s popularity increasing thanks to their looks.

Orange Caramel – Shanghai Romance

October 12, 211

The Song:

“Shanghai Romance” sounds like it came straight from an anime. There is just no other way of describing the song. If you watch anime, and know how anime songs usually go, then you know what we’re talking about. This song has the cartoon-feel anime songs all have in common. You have the obvious bubbliness going on, but it isn’t K-Pop cuteness, it’s anime hyper. The chorus beat was really lively andslightly annoying. We do however find the whispering Chinese man a tad inappropriate and not the best counterargument for those that already find the song racist.

On the matter of vocals, Orange Caramel is capable. They weren’t outstanding, but for our first impression, all we can really say is their loud voices successfully matched the obnoxiousness of the song. They also expressed the proper moods at the correct times: Get really loud near the chorus, but soften it down for bridges. Glad to see some ability.

The Video:

So, apparently it is not enough for the rest of the world to make fun of China; now fellow-Asians must join this activity.  This video is absolutely ridiculous and annoying.  It is completely racist and nonsensical.  The video just jumps from random scene to random scene, and there is no real theme other than racist Chinese imitations.

Like, really, a dumpling in water. WTF. That is not even racist, it’s just stupid.

The outfits are god awful.  The sparkly skirts, ugly hats, and frizzy bobs are really cheap looking.  Why is only one member in a different outfit?  Makes no sense.

Kim Hyun Joong – Lucky Guy

October 13, 2011

The Song:

Though we did really like the song (the beat and concept were really unique), Kim Hyun Joong’s voice is just too soft for such an obnoxious song. His voice is sweet and delicate, perfect for ballads but not complimented by this type of song at all.  We couldn’t even hear him at times – his voice was incredibly drowned out by the loud music. Not being able to hear his voice was really annoying, and straining to hear it only gave us headaches. His voice was seriously struggling to keep up with the song; it was moving way too fast for him. The music did not flow with his voice but was rather competing with it.  We don’t hate the song or Kim Hyun Joong’s; actually we’re a fan of both, the two were just not meant to be together. The entire thing was just ill-fitting.

The Video:

Like with the song, the music video did not seem to match Kim Hyun Joong either. The video had a suave and cool vibe, while giving the impression that Kim Hyun Joong is supposed to be some pimpin’ guy. However, (and we know it was not the lack of acting, obviously,but probably too contrasting to his real personality), Kim Hyun Joong was all smiles throughout the entire video. He was almost toocheery and bubbly to portray such a thug.  His charming smiles were too charming.

The dance was really the only thing we adored. It seemed to really fit his personality; it was cute and energetic. However this burst of adorableness did not fit into the song because Kim Hyun Joong was too adorable.


We are totally digging the random black guys in the background.

♥ P&B


2 responses to “Review -Music Video- Week 40/41

  1. I know nothing about Kim Hyun Joong and his music career, so I wouldn’t know his regular style and what have you not. However, I did come across this music video and I thought the choreography was superb, when I first watched it. Assuming the fact that I watched it late at night, half-asleep, had nothing to do with my analysis. I had later found out that the choreographer was Lyle Beniga, which made sense, as he is a high-quality choreographer and dancer in Movement Lifestyle.
    So, this comment basically had no meaning, besides that I thought the MV had entertaining choreo. :)

  2. I agree with your analysis of Lucky Guy. I like that Kim Hyun Joong ventured out of his comfort zone but I think he should stick to ballad like song because songs like Lucky Guy don’t seem to suit him.

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