Debut Music Video: SUPER JUNIOR

Super Junior: Twins (Knock Out)

November 11, 2005 (Date of digital single release)

The Song:

The song wasn’t nearly as offensive as the video. It wasn’t horrible, but not good at all.  With a group of 12, pretty Asian boys, a rock concept is not gonna fly. Their singing seemed really forced; almost as if they were straining their voices to match the mood of the song. It just didn’t sound good. The song kind of made them sound like posers; it was an overall strange impression.  As compared to Super Junior now, we can only be thankful they dropped that concept and decided to move onto a more suitable look.

The Video:

About describing this video… no words seem sufficient enough. But, if we had to choose a single word, nothing fits this video better than petrifying.

When the Peach was first exposed to K-Pop, she first found out about Super Junior. After watching a few music videos, she found “Knock Out”. Long story short: 30 seconds later, she closed the entire browser, walked away, and didn’t go back to K-Pop for another 6 months.

NOTHING is good about this video. We’re not blaming them, but it was absolutely atrocious.

 The clothes were so horrible; granted 2005 Asia was not the sexiest thing in the world, every outfit is almost insulting.  Those horrible baggy pants make their legs look tiny and fat. In complete opposition to those pants, their hair is HUGE, thus creating a troll doll like effect.  The youth and beauty Super Junior is known for was nonexistent back then. It is absolutely disheartening and sad that they actually look younger now than they did in 2005.

Taking the actual members out of the equation, the rest of the video was a steaming pile of shit. There was a cheesy, extremely obviously fake “fire” that just looked stupid.  The camera work and video editing were bad. The entire concept was the epitome of lousiness.  The set was GHETTO, and not “Gangsta-goldchain” ghetto, but cheap, crappy, sad, “no-working-water-in-a-12-dollar-dirty-motel” ghetto.  It is just puzzling why anyone working at SM would be okay with debuting a group in such a disappointing manner.



Heechul is a demon in this video.

He is seriously possessed by the devil.  He alone is one of the more horrifying aspects of the entire video. It is not even truly describable what kind of crazy is going on in his eyes throughout the entire thing. We are pretty positive that at least one editor must have noticed his eyes, and we are absolutely puzzled as to why not a single person said anything. Our only conclusion is that the person must have been so terrified of Heechul, they reasoned not to mention anything. He literally looks insane.

Also, what in God’s name is happenin’ with Eunhyuk and Yesung’s hair. How much of the ozone layer melted away so that their hair would look that big. Women often say the higher the hair, the closer to heaven, and apparently this was the concept.

Super Junior K.R.Y.: The One I Love

November 06,2006

The Song:

This song is gorgeous. This vital sub-group shows the real vocal talent that resides in Super Junior. Each of the members’ voices are so different and work together to provide an extensive range. Kyuhyun’s soft and silky bass, Ryeowook’s high pitched chirping tenor, and Yesung’s strong, husky baritone are very pleasing to the ears. These voices perfectly balance each other out. The song starts out slow and soft and then gently escalates to a climax, and smoothly exits.  It is a rather simple ballad, but the vocal prowess is what makes the song magical.  It’s a perfect song to calm you down before bed.

However, though the song is very pretty, it seems to be a touch too soft for them, creating a bit of a strain. This is more noticeable for Yesung and Ryeowook, whose voices are naturally loud and full of soul.  But, in hindsight, most of Super Junior’s ballads are those that are not the most conducive for either of them anyways.

The Video:

The music video just had clips from the drama it was from, but it was still completely effective in it’s purposes.  Since KRY is a vocal group, and the song was only a smooth ballad, the relaxed yet angsty video was appropriate. It was classy and sophisticated, and made the drama seem really interesting.

Super Junior Trot: Rokuko

February 22, 2007

The Song:

“Rokuko” is so easily the most annoying song on this planet. We’re not being mean by saying that either; we’re 100% positive that’s what SJ-T intended the song to be. Despite being absolutely headache inducing and loud (If you ever want to annoy anyone, this song will do the trick), it’s undeniable that the song is extremely catchy. That is actually probably the worst part: you may only be slightly annoyed at first, but once the song never leaves your head for a good week, you start feeling the hate.

If “Rokuko” doesn’t make you hyper, want to get up and dance, and act completely ridiculous, we’re not sure what will. The song make trot music really fun. If you ever need an energy boost, Super Junior T is here for you.

The Video:

Just like the song, the music video follows in being incredibly headache inducing. The music video is entirely a “WTF” moment. Every aspect of it is so stupid, but so fun its addicting. The video is lively, the members are hyperactive, there’s mania going on everywhere. The glitter suits are so obnoxious, the singing is obnoxious, the members are obnoxious. Nothing gets in your face more than this video. Those 3 minutes spent watching this video will probably be the most entertaining waste of time you ever come across in your lives. The weird animations, intense dancing and ridiculous props and sets make the video more crazy than it already is.

Why Leeteuk is eating that very large sausage while flirting with a cross-dressing Heechul is something so bizarre the world will never understand.

Super Junior M: Me 

September 13, 2008

The Song:

“Me” is one of the most perfect “pick-me-up” songs ever. It’s adorable, but not in an overly bubbly way. It’s fresh and simple, yet still sweet, like Febreeze (strange analogy, but it fits, so hey, why not?).  The Super Junior M members are all those with the sweetest, freshest vocals within Super Junior. The singing is really refreshing and calming, and goes great with such a relaxing song. Despite being a really laid-back, therapeutic song, “Me” doesn’t lose its fun factor. If you wanted to, you could just as easily dance around to this song as much as you could simply lay down and daydream to it. Whatever your preference is, we wont tell you what to do, but either way, the song wont fail in making you happy.

The Video:

The music video for “Me” has to be one of the most cutest things ever. Every member looks gorgeous in this video: even Siwon is looking surprisingly soft and feminine.  The video is just simple and sweet, but the members make it cuter than words. Throughout the video, the members are collecting letters, which, by the end, they use to spell “Super Junior M”.

Henry is just the cutest little thing in the world during his singing cuts.  His porcelain white skin and huge puffy baby cheeks make him too cute to resist; he just looks like the cutest little puppy dog evarr. Zhou Mi has one of the best faces for singing we have ever seen; he smiles so brilliantly while singing, and it is so full of joy that you can’t help but smile as well.  Ryeowook looks like a doll in this MV: so beautiful and sweet, unlike when he’s singing with KRY; he looks really happy here instead of constipated. Donghae in the pairing scenes near the end is too adorably dorky. Overall, “Me” is so cheerful and cute, you can’t not smile while watching.

Super Junior H: Cooking? Cooking!

June 10, 2010

The Song:

Everything about this song is adorkable.  It is impossible to listen to it and not smile; this subgroup is so aptly named “Super Junior-Happy”. It’s adorable and fun to listen to. The upbeat and bubbly music, Shindong and Eunhyuk’s funny voices, and cute singing make the song as happy as can be.

The lyrics are so absolutely ridiculously stupid that just reading them is enough to make anybody laugh.  The song is so perfect  for these particular members; the beat is upbeat enough for Eunhyuk and Shindong to throw down a  ridiculous rap, yet slows down enough for Yesung to belt out a few sweet words.

“Cooking? Cooking!” is just a simple song that shows the completely lovable and childish side of Super Junior.

The Video:

The song lends the perfect backdrop for this video.  It is so unbelievably charming.  The members all look so bright and young.  Eunhyuk with his backpack looks like the cutest middle school student ever, and all their colorful clothes, little ties and cute accessories make them look like 6-year olds that got dressed by their moms.  The dance perfectly accentuates how darling  the video is.

The facial expressions and bad animations in this video are probably the best parts:

♥ P&B


7 responses to “Debut Music Video: SUPER JUNIOR

  1. hmm.. i always think MV Twins/Knock Out is horrible. and gladly, SJ didnt use those anymore. yups.. KRY ‘the one i love’ concept totally gorgeous, SJM ‘Me’ the most cute one, SJH ‘Cooking?Cooking!’ the most playful, and SJT ‘Rokkugo’ i have no idea about it

  2. I don’t know why many people bash you for your opinions, really. As an ELF, I agree with almost ALL your points and no, I’m not going to sugarcoat what I’ve seen from SJ because they really had bad concepts too. Let’s face it, Super Junior may be a top group, but they have not released some of the best songs.

  3. PLEASE. Don’t just tell me that you said “It is just puzzling why anyone working at SM would be okay with debuting a group in such a disappointing manner.” Was it their fault that SM decided the rock punk look would go for them? Maybe Super Junior did pick it out. Or it was SMs idea. Unless Super Junior had the privilage of deciding their style when they first debuted. Which is highly quiet doubtful…Besides, the thing that is most annoying is “It is just puzzling why anyone working at SM would be okay with debuting a group in such a disappointing manner” sounds as if they are STILL that bad. Are you talking about now or before? Because “As compared to Super Junior now, we can only be thankful they dropped that concept and decided to move onto a more suitable look” is pretty contradicting. Also kind of confusing. No I do not have a small mind that just CAN’T seem to interpret the TRUTH. Ya that is the truth. So, what I’m getting at is, was it Super Junior or IS it the fricken company that can’t seem to make any new good songs or create any new DECENT boy bands without circling back to the begining of the K-pop era, SM.

    P.S I really do love this website though. And I know, haters gonna hate.

    • The only groups that we blame for being disappointing are groups that have a visible hand in what they are producing ie big bang etc. While we can only pity sm groups for having to do really whatever is commanded of them. To us anything disappointing is the agency’s fault for they are the ones who ,even if the idol/artist was the one responsible for the song, clear it for the public.

  4. I have a question for the author: super junior has obviously gone through many concept changes, but they flopped with Mr. Simple-it seemed like a typical dancing-in-a-box debut video for a young group. So what concept or music style do you think they should take on next with their comeback in November?
    And I see you getting a lot of hate in this blog :( keep on doing your thing and don’t let these haters get to you!

  5. Never will I love a group as much as Super Junior…besides DB5K. I’m so torn between the two! They have both gone through hard times. But SUJU shows are the best, yet dbsk gives(gave) their all. Nowadays TVXQ isn’t making the best music, and they arent together, so I love SUJU. Elf forever!!!

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