Review -Music Video- Week 39/40

For the 40th week of 2011 we will be discussing the music videos of Boyfriend and N.Sonic.

Boyfriend – Don’t Touch My Girl

October 5, 2011

The Song:

Between “Don’t Touch My Girl” and “Boyfriend”, this song would definitely win. No, not because it’s great, but “Boyfriend” is probably one of the most annoying songs to ever exist on this planet, and Thank Goodness, this song is nowhere near as annoying. Although to be fair, “Boyfriend” is of another species; no song will probably ever reach that level of horror.

Before listening to the song, we expected the worst. And with good reason; after “Boyfriend”, there’s no telling what monstrosity this group isn’t capable of. However, this song is actually not that bad. Some people still find the style annoying (bubblegum pop tends to have that effect on people), but “Don’t Touch My Girl” isn’t as sickening as “Boyfriend”. It is much more mellow (Thank God) and calm in terms of bounciness. We wouldn’t give this song any fantastic rating, but we admit this song is much more bearable than “Boyfriend”.

The Video:

As compared to “Boyfriend” and its blinding brightness, this music video pales in comparison. Not that pale is a bad thing; “Boyfriend” was so bright it stung the eyes, and this music video instead dulls the senses. It was pretty boring, the boys are still in the awkward growing phase and those twins that fangirls obsess over still look like human dolls. Nothing’s really changed within the group.

The cutesy carefree image Boyfriend has, is subjective. If you like it, and enjoy getting excited over 15-year old girls acting like 3-year olds, then so be it, it’s your thing. If you despise it and see it as completely atrocious to human kind, and would much rather see your manly idols rip their shirts off, then you enjoy your thing too. Everyone has their opinion, and we wont hate you if you adore the disgusting, atrocious “cuteness” Boyfriend has.

We’re just going to recommend getting some of your senses checked out by your doctor, like maybe your hearing or your sight.

Or your sexuality.

N.Sonic- Superboy

October 5, 2011

The Song:

“Super Boy” is different, we will admit, but it’s not completely original either. The “man chanting” is really comical and in stark contrast with the over use of falsettos (which, by the way, were really annoying).  The song is rough, but that is to be expected from a rookie group, so we won’t be too harsh. It will undoubtedly take some time for them to grow into their own unique style of music.

Due to lack of information, as they are a rookie group, we can’t compare their ages to singing talent as we usually do. We will say that their singing was about average: not horrible but definitely not earth shattering.  The song seems to be trying too hard to be what Asia views as “Western”.  Rather than trying hard to be “Western”, N.Sonic should instead be trying to create an age appropriate image and style. We’d really like to see innovation and not following-the-herd.

 The Video:

This music video definitely prefects that they are indeed a rookie group.  Everything just seems so rough: the singing, the dancing, the acting.  The choreography looked really messy at times; not sure if that was on purpose or if it was just the result of nerves. It also seemed as if they were trying way too hard to be manly, and this only emasculated the video.  It was too serious for our tastes; as a rookie group, they have the advantage to be very immature and silly because they can still pass it off as “being cute”. This didn’t happen in the video; they were trying too hard to be cool and suave, when they obviously don’t have the experience for that kind of image yet.

The most disappointing thing about this video was that it was just another horribly boring room-dance video. They used a cheap industrial set, and decided to call it a day. The whole “dance in a room” idea is getting utterly boring and overdone. So few groups can get away with that concept, and only those from big entertainment companies(and thus large budgets) are successful.  The video wasn’t stimulated enough. To perfectly achieve the “cool” concept, the group must be absolutely immaculate, clean and crisp. N.Sonic just doesn’t have the elegant qualities necessary for this sort of video yet.

Lastly, the end of the video was extremely inappropriate. We can understand there being one member whose job it is to be the “shirt-remover”, but for ALL of them to take off their shirts and then dance together in rain…

Even 2pm wouldn’t go that far.

It was strange and just plain funny for an entire group of five boys to be dancing around, toplessEspecially considering they are a rookie group, it wasn’t exactly the most appropriate thing in the world to flaunt their bodies like that. It was too distracting and unnecessary, and even if they really felt the need to do that, they were shirtless for just too long. In reality, you can’t just succeed with appearance. There must be talent, and N.Sonic failed to impress us with theirs.

♥ P&B


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