Debut Music Video: JYP (2pm, 2am, Miss A and Wondergirls)

JYP Debut MVs Review: 2pm, 2am, Wondergirls and Miss A.

2pm – 10 out of 10

September 4, 2008

The Song:

“10 out of 10” is the epidemy of fun. The song has the perfect amount of catchiness a good song needs. It isn’t necessarily catchy like “Sorry, Sorry”, where it’s so memorable you find yourself humming it 24/7, but rather, “10 out of 10” is one of those songs that is so distinct, it’s immediately recognizable.

The strong beat, singing and rapping all combine to make the song  just plain awesomely obnoxious. If you are ever feeling sad, this song is worth listening to, because chances are, it’s obnoxiousness will only make you smile. The choreography goes perfectly with the lyrics, making it more fun.  “10 out of 10” was made to sing along to, though we don’t really recommend you do in front of anyone that understands Korean.

The Video:

Debut music videos are incredibly fun to watch. Why? Because they’re amazing. However, not in the “wow, so cool!” kind of way, but rather “ROFL, is that what ___’s original concept was supposed to be?!”. When compared to their debut music video, every single group has definitely changed, whether it’s that they did indeed keep their original concept and have simply grown into it, or they have completely changed for the better. 2pm just so happens to be another one of those “ROFL” debuts.

First off, we have to praise the video for its amazing concept. Most rookie groups would not dare to debut with such a daring and risque video. The entire music video is basically about G.Na’s boobs. 2pm let it be known how horny they are with their hilarious fantasies. They definitely deserve props for such a risky concept being their first.

This video definitely carries a suggestive vibe. You’re introduced to the 2pm members, who then proceed to totally stalk and fantasize about some girl (G.Na) who is presumably older than them. The best part of the entire video would definitely have to be the facial expressions. This video proves 2pm can make some pretty rawsome faces.

The “totally not obviously checking you out” face.

Can’t decide which facial expression is better.


Wooyoung  2pm wins for best orgasm expressions.

2am – This Song

July 21, 2008

The Song:

2am is a ballad group, so of course, their debut song is a ballad. The song itself is really soft and slow, but relies on the members’ vocals to spice it up. You can really feel emotions in their vocals, and that’s what makes 2am so awesome: they aren’t robotic singers, but actually know how to add depth and feeling to their singing. “This Song” was a really good way for 2am to show off their singing abilities. Though the singing was spectacular, we can definitely say they have improved, since then.

Ballads are probably the most hardest song type to master. If the singer(s) isn’t impressive, then the song is basically boring. However, 2am’s vocals are impressive, so the ballad concept totally works for them. “This Song” is really pretty, and perfectly suited for “sleeping music” that you listen to at night when you’re in dire need of a lullaby.

The Video:

The music video for “This Song” is probably more of a documentary than a music video. You are thrown into 2am’s past and allowed to witness all of their hard work; from the time they were young trainees, living in a crappy apartment, up until their debut. You experience their tears, countless practices, exhaustion, and most importantly, the smiles they have when they finally debut.

Visually, if one were to look upon this as a music video for entertainment, some may argue it is boring. This is true; it’s a documentary. Not exactly a music video. However, in the hearts and eyes of fans, the video is precious. It allows you to experience only a tad of 2am’s rough history; really, if you think what you witness in the video is sad, it’s nothing compared to everything they went through. Despite only being a snippet though, it’s enough for fans to see the hard work put forth by 2am, and it’s definitely tear-worthy to see them so happy when they finally learn about their debut. Instead of watching this video as just a boring look into the past, try to get some meaning out of it. You might be inspired by the incredible journey made by, not only 2am, but all of your beloved idol groups as well.

Miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl

July 1, 2010

The Song:

This song is extremely addictive. Really. Not because it’s catchy, but, once listening to it, you’ll want to hear it constantly. You could definitely classify it as pop, however, it isn’t as bouncy as most pop songs; instead it carries a more mature vibe. The song isn’t annoying in the slightest; it’s sexy but still classy.

“Bad Girl, Good Girl” is most interesting in its structure. It’s a very slow-paced song; no bounciness, however there is still some element that makes you want to get up and dance to it. Also, in contrast to most good songs, there is no real “climax”. Most songs build their way up to a climax, which comes around at the third quarter mark, and after the climax, the song will slow down to its end. This song does not follow said structure. Miss A keeps the same slow pace throughout the entire song, adding spice and sass with their vocals. More often than not, keeping a song “slow” isn’t stimulating enough, and usually the song ends up really boring. Somehow though, Miss A manages to keep the listener’s interest the entire way through.

The Video:

This music video is what “cute” should be. It is perfectly adorable without being totally gag-worthy. There is none of that disgusting, fake “oppa~” crap present in a lot of “cute” female idol groups’ videos. Because, admit it, that stuff is just annoying and distasteful no matter who does it.

Instead, Miss A presents a more sassy cuteness. It’s prevalent in their lyrics (“You Don’t know me! So Shut Up, Boy!”) as well as their addicting choreography (which, by the way, doubles as a great exercise regimen if you want to shed pounds). The dance for the chorus is so sassy, but rather than making it sexy, Miss A gives a more cute vibe. It’s kind of like how a 3-year old sasses you. Rather than be angry, you’re more fascinated with how adorable it is that a toddler has the vocabulary to sass you in the first place.

 While the video has no plot, it still proves to be interesting with the numerous dance sequences in several real rooms. No boring stages here; the video actually takes place in a high school. There’s a ballet dance room, school hallway, classroom and some strange room with speakers. The member close-ups are adorable. Miss A’s sassy attitudes and expressions only increase the video’s likeability.

Wondergirls – Irony

February 13, 2007

The Song:

For a debut song, “Irony” was decent. You could understand the “hot” concept JYP was going for, and in all honesty, considering the time period, it couldn’t have been done better. Obviously the song wasn’t ground-breaking and didn’t rake in the thousands of WonderFuls following Wondergirls today (“Tell Me” was responsible for that), but for a debut song, it was safe. Not one of our favorites though. Truthfully, retro works better than hip-hop for them.

“Irony” was just produced during a really awkward phase in American pop. It wasn’t really catchy or addictive, but merely just a song. Nothing special. It isn’t horrid, and Wondergirls aren’t horrible singers; it just isn’t engaging enough.

The Video:

It is really difficult to say anything about this video because the quality is heinous. Awful quality, JYP. There are probably better posted quality versions of this music video out there, but to be fair, we had to post the one from JYP’s official channel. Sorry guys. Really. It’s so bad, you can’t even make out their faces. It was incredibly painful to watch.

From what is discernible though, the music video is really cheesy and cliche. Once again however, we’re not blaming Wondergirls or JYP; its simply the trends, or should we say lack of trends, of that time period that is to blame. The MV came from a really stale time in music, and it’s just incredibly simple. The plotline of dating a playboy is nothing new.  Their outfits were okay, but nothing to make a fuss over now. Maybe back in the day, people found them really cute.

On the bright side, Nichkhun makes an adorable appearance.

♥ P&B

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