Album Review: Format

Soon, we will be begin doing Album Reviews on new releases. As a heads-up, and for better comprehension, here’s a preview of the format.

Name of Album

Date Released

(Picture of packaging if we own physical copy of the album)


This will just be some commentary on the overall look of the packaging and whatever the album contains.

Example: Photobooks, stickers, photo-cards, packaging, disk design, creativity, etc.

Rating: (1-10)


An overall synopsis about the flow of the album and our opinions on the best and worst songs.  We are in no way professionals, remember these are just our preferences and opinions.  We won’t analyze every song (Wikipedia and Allkpop are there for those kinds of reviews), only those that we feel are the best/worst. If you do want an analyzation on every song, then go and buy the album: actually support these groups, because they work hard and stealing music is a crime and a sin.

 Reasons why:

(Rating 1-10)

Reasons why:

(Rating 1-10)

Overall Rating: 

As done with our Group Reviews, we will be averaging all 3 ratings to come up with an overall score.

♥ P&B


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