Review -Music Video- Week 38/39

For the 39th week of 2011 we will be discussing the music videos of Infinite, B2ST, and Super Junior.

Infinite – Paradise

September 25, 2011

The Song:

The song was actually passable. Infinite is one of those really underrated rookie groups with “hidden” talent. About the “hidden” talent though; we know it’s not just us that noticed this, but to reiterate: those boys have some incredibly high-pitched voices. We swear there has to be some girl singing vocals with them during the chorus. No male should be able to reach that pitch, and have a voice that girly. Kind of scary.

The song had a really suave 90s vibe, and we’re not sure what kind of genre you could classify it as. It wasn’t bouncy or “danceable”. “Paradise” was the kind of song where you can only be satisfied by just listening to it.

The Video:

The video was kind of depressing. Not because it was sad, but rather it was very apathetic. There wasn’t anything going on. It wasn’t exactly slow moving, but, for a music video with a “story” going on, there was no plot. What did the singing cuts on the bus and in the foggy garden have to do with anything?  The lip singing in the video was also pretty horrid; their mouths were moving too harshly and unnaturally.  There’s a ton of angsty stares, for no real particular reason. The MV was just kind of dry with no real meaning.

B2ST – I Like You The Best

September 25, 2011

The Song:

“I Like You The Best” is rather plain in comparison to “SHOCK” or “Fiction”.  It is a nice song that is pleasing to the ears, however it lacked that catchy factor that is present in B2st’s popular hits. It wasn’t as upbeat and powerful as compared to “Beautiful”, which was extremely bouncy and fun. The video itself really distracted from the song. There were lots of awkwardly placed scenes in the video that drowned out the music.  After “I Like You The Best”, “Beautiful” begins. Personally, “Beautiful” is a lot more catchier and fun to listen to. However, the addition of this song only made “I Like You The Best” completely forgettable by the end of the long 8 minute video. Why 8 minutes long? Because B2st found the need to unnecessarily add about two minutes of credits after the actual MV.

The Video:

In short, this music video is the continuation of the music video for “Beautiful”. No, you do not ever find out why the girl broke up with Junhyung at the end of “Beautiful”. Really, all you learn from this MV is to never beat up the guy that stole your girlfriend, because chances are, he’s got some medical condition. And then guess who ends up looking like the bad guy? The plot line is really cheesy and expected: At the end, Junhyung decides to make amends with nerdy GiKwang after learning about his “condition”.  Typical. It would have been much better if they explained what the girl’s problem was in the first place.

Actually, we were really disappointed. Normally, B2st always comes out with fun dances to learn, and their videos always prove to be delightfully strange. We must give them credit though, for attempting a plot line. Cheesy or not, plot lines are always good to see, considering a majority of K-Pop MVs hardly ever have them. If we had to choose between this and “Beautiful” though, it would definitely be “Beautiful”.  This music video was just TOO long for the amount of things that were going on. Also, was there any point in making a fourth of the video credits? It was like sitting through a 2 hour long movie because of its 30-minute long credits.

Super Junior – A Cha 

September 26, 2011

The Song:

Truthfully, as great as Super Junior may be, we have to say we kind of disliked the song.  Though it is somewhat catchy, it completely lacks creativity and any kind of auditory excitement.  The problem here lies in the lack of ideas. SM really has to let go of the “electronic dance” genre for Super Junior. It was fantastic for “Sorry, Sorry” and “Bonomana”, but those days are over. Time to come up with something different for Super Junior.

 Ladies (and gentlemen), please do not let your obsessions speak for your brain, and allow it to muffle your ears. Super Junior is an amazing group, but “A Cha” is not worth them. Their last 2 repackaged album title tracks were amazing and even up to par with the original title tracks. They actually served a purpose: to add a different flavor. “A Cha” does not provide this extra layer of depth to the album, but rather just continues the same feel.

Lastly, NO man should ever say “Oh My Gosh”. It is Not appropriate or straight in any way. Just NO!

The Video:

Most of Super Junior’s music videos are so addicting that you feel compelled to have to watch them over and over again. “A Cha” was a music video you had no reason to rewatch. Visually, it was incredibly boring. The special effects were cheesy and cheap. Sound effects are just NO.  The video editor(s) at SM need to calm the hell down. They are seriously on crack: Super Junior MVs and concerts are so over edited, to the point where you’re lucky to catch a longer-than-a-second still glimpse of a member. Just because there are 18 camera angles does not mean you have to use all of them.

None of the outfits were good.  Why in God’s name are they all wearing fat pants. Fat pants not only look like a hot mess but also make the wearer look fat. Super Junior is beyond lucky that they are great eye candy; otherwise, this video would not even be worth finishing. The backgrounds were really boring, and this video was, once again, just one of those K-Pop music videos where the only thing the group is doing is dancing. Both of the rooms used in this MV reminded us of the rooms used in SJ-M’s “Perfection”, except slightly less ghetto.

The only redeeming part of the video is that Yesung is indeed a Firebender. However, what is goin’ on with that hair? Fully slicked down, no honey, just don’t do that. It ain’t sexy on no one, it looks greasy and kind of stupid. Also, as a side note: Sungmin needs to stop eye rapping the camera. He did this before in “Mr. Simple” , but it seems to be never ending. That just ain’t attractive; it’s beyond creepy. Put some sunglasses on him or something, because those facial expressions combined with his intense stare create scary. Just NO. 

NO to creepy eyes.

NO to greasy hair.

NO to fat pants.

NO to ugly clothes with equally as ugly accessories.

NO to boring music.

NO to boring stages.

NO to cliche phrases.

♥ P&B

2 responses to “Review -Music Video- Week 38/39

  1. HOLY gfjdslifhaoiribvuf I loved the review of Super Junior even though I’m an E.L.F. I actually liked this video though. Kyuhyuns part where he says: Heundeullineun geon neoui ma-eumppun aseul-aseul maedallin nan salang-ui seupaideo, the dance was really cool I think. Well, at least when Kyuhyun Does it. You have the best ways to exaggerate things so they almost seem none mean. XD As for the outfitst, those pants are fat? I guess they look like skinny jeans to me O.o Eunhyuk. Um. AS much as you’re awesome in the most awesome ways, your english is like a 0.5 on a scale from 1-5. Originur is not a word. But HEY. I’m just kidding. HAHA. This review doesn’t really bother me though…mostly because I’m a fricken ELF. So as much as I hate bad reviews, they really don’t have effect. (FUTILE MWHAHAHAHAHA) Unless the reviews are REALLY bad.

    Erm, and I know this is a really late review so ya… BYE.

  2. Your reviews are as entertaining as ever. Thank you!!!

    Also, love your Brian gif. Was that not one of the funniest moments on OMS?

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