Fire Bending

Realization #1:

We’ve noticed that in many Music Videos (especially from SM groups), there appears to be a great deal of fire benders.

Example #1:

Shinee’s Jonghyun in “Ring Ding Dong”

Example #2:

TVXQ’s Yunho in “Keep Your Head Down”

Example #3:

Super Junior’s Yesung in “A Cha”

Example #4:

2ne1’s Dara in “Fire”

Example #5 (UPDATE)

Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo in “Dirty” (solo)

Example #6 (UPDATE)

Various EXO members “MAMA”

All of EXO has some type of bending or magic power, in this video.

Example #7 (UPDATE)

Super Junior’s Siwon in “Opera”

Siwon lights the candles with his eyes alone!!

If any of you lovely readers know of any other magical fire benders, feel free to comment~

OMG what is this?

Every SM boy group has a fire bender~

♥ P&B


5 responses to “Fire Bending

  1. To me, the fire in “mama” has a special meaning. If you watch both the chinese and the korean version you will notice that both videos have fire, but in the korean one it has the shape of a phoenix, and in the chinese version you can see a dragon (check the video, in the kris’ part). So, For China the dragon represents the king, and in Korea the phoenix symbolizes the queen. There’s also a korean legend which sais that the moon is the queen, and the sun is the king, but they never meet, except when there’s an eclipse. If you watch exo’s teasers photos they are all under a sky, during an eclipse of sun, every member gets to see the eclipse

    So let’s resume:
    Phoenix=Queen= Exo K
    Dragon= King = Exo M
    The eclipse represents the union of the dragon and the phoenix, the king and the queen. The final meaning is: WE ARE ONE!
    Sometimes SM videos and teasers can be really meaningful ;)

    • WHAT. that is cool. if you look closely the teasers and “prologues” that sm releases give hints to exo’s concept, and debut song, which is brilliant. i don’t like the alien concept, but the hints in the teasers were brilliant.

      • yes i think so… exo’s videos are probably the best of SM this year. I really liked them because there’s such a meaning behind their videos and their songs. Anyway… who’s your bias? :)

  2. The sad part is, all these magic special effects is perfect fodder for those Illuminati conspiracists. Which by the way, you should totally do a post on. I would love to hear what you guys think on such bs.

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