Youtube Comments

Super Junior’s Bonamana:

There are just so many things wrong with this comment, and eboyhans, in particular. We can easily over look the fact that you thought they were CHINESE; though if we were to comment on this may we recommend having your facts straight because ignorance is not bliss, and to tell you the truth, it just made you look like a douchebag. Our real problem with this comment was the fact that eboyhans decided to classify a random Asian person as Chinese. This is just racist and really shows how much respect you have for the individual cultures of both parties.

This was pure entertainment. A true troll.

2NE1jjang2ne1 repeated this very same comment 16 times in about 5 minutes on the same video. And we got the point actually: that you, 2NE1jjang2ne1, are a true moron.  The fact they are bashing Sungmin is irrelevant, cuz haters gon’ hate, but God, what is this grammar.  A key to the English language, as well as with any other language is verb tense. You either speak in the present or the past tense. Keep it consistent or don’t speak at all.  This terrible grammar just gave trolling a bad name.


 If you really want to troll on someone, please use proper grammar and sentence structure.  There is truly nothing harder to dispute than logic.  If you hate on anyone, you should at least have enough respect to put forth an effort and proofread what you wrote.  Your comment will otherwise be pointless and so will the shit-talk you feel like spewing out.

Shinee’s Lucifer:

Well hello to you too.

MrShemillionaire… Don’t be a bigot, because to tell you the truth, no one likes bigots.

The context of your comment makes it appear that you are using the word “faggggggs” as an insult.

When is being homosexual an insult. Are you saying that homosexuality is bad? If this is the case, then are we all going to regress to the past, where calling someone a “negro” was offensive?  If gay is an insult, then any adjective describing a person is an insult. Is saying “You’re ____”, bad?

Shinee’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with the video. It’s also none of your business to judge them if they are homosexual. It seems you have some self refection to do.  It would have made more sense to say, “This video is just as awful as my personality and just as stupid as I am”. You can judge their music, looks and video but don’t bring an entire group of people into your stupid case of being an insignificant troll.

Shinee’s Hello:

So delightful and creative. We love anything that brings smiles to our faces.

U-KISS’s 0330:

Thank you allozackdad. Whether this is right or wrong, it’s without a doubt the best explanation we have read thus far about that awfully confusing line. For us people that have never understood, you completely broke it down. Thank you.

♥ P&B


5 responses to “Youtube Comments

  1. Heeeeeeeeeey. I have bad grammer >:O. Mostly because I don’t use proper grammer unless I’m writing a really important essay. (I LOVE ESSAYS.) Trolololololol. Chinese song… W T F IS WRONG WITH YOU. And that second comment. Oh my. That is just priceless. I think I laughed for about…2 minutes. No wait, Shinee’s Lucifer was priceless. The way you use witty remarks is hilarious. I’m pretty sure Shinee’s Hello was just a joke…but oh well. U-KISS’s 0330: aiwehfiucszdhbiufvbds. What just happened? How does that person even know that? Not the math part. Well, sorta. The part where it says 143 means I love you. How does I love you mean perfect love when they are obviously saying DON’T DENY it. Which probably means the person they’re talking about is denying it. Obviously it’s not perfect if the person they’re talking about is denying it. Yes. I am repetitive. This is a late review. Ok. That was entertaining. Good day.

  2. On the dance version of Lucifer, I found this comment that said that they were badass and the next comment was a girl cursing at him and telling him off for saying that SHINee was bad. That was pretty entertaining for me ^_^

    There were other comments that were pretty interesting. (Such as the girl on the Twinkle music video crying about how SNSD broke up.) Kpop fans are so silly, sometimes…

  3. When I see comments like this, I really wonder why some people are allowed to use a computer or even be able to access youtube. But anyway, great analysis on the comments ^.^ And I nominated this blog for the “One Lovely Blog” award.

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