Review -Music Video- Week 37/38

For the 38th week of 2011 we will be discussing the music videos of JYJ, TVXQ, Jewelry-S, and Brown Eyed Girls.

JYJ – Get Out

September 20, 2011

The Song:

A very well made but typical song.  Honestly, from JYJ there is really no variation occurring. The song is great, their singing is fantastic, but it’s what JYJ is good at: singing. Good singing is definite, so it really shouldn’t be that difficult to try breaking out of their comfort zone of Pop songs and venture into other styles. These recent songs of JYJ have all been within their normal range. Their fans may like this, they may not. However, whatever your opinion may be, you must admit they aren’t presenting anything fresh and conceptively new. Not many groups are, and this is something we really wish to see.

The Video:

This video was far more understandable than “In Heaven”. Summing it up, it’s just an incredibly angsty video. The members are seemingly sad over some girl cheating on them. Typical human reaction; it’d be worrying if they weren’t sad. The plot is very simple with no real depth or climaxes. The video has well choreographed dance numbers that appear sporadically throughout the video. One comment we must make however is that Junsu’s black dress coat  is just bizarre.


The Song:

Just like the video is strange, the song mirrors these motifs.  It’s really flat and we aren’t picking out any kind of emotion. Where is the talented singing TVXQ is capable of? All we heard was ear-piercing auto-tuning. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the song is very strange. And not in a good way. The computerized beat,  “Hey!” man calls and “rapping” came together in a completely disorganized beat. TVXQ is capable of much better things, and we’re sad to see them come out with such a half-assed song.

The Video:

Just like the song, the video reflected no effort. Though we are very sorry to say this, this video is kind of horrible. The overall quality is just horrendous and ghetto. You’d think SM would have spent a few more dollars in creating a semi-decent MV, but it seems they couldn’t even spend that much.

The entire video centers around some ghetto fight rink (or is it a jail?). The fight scenes are cheesy and outdated. The video just isn’t…cool or hip in any way. It’s almost like TVXQ went back in time 5 years, to a time with no HD cameras, good acting or impressive filming sites. B.U.T. isn’t suave; it isn’t even modern. Quite frankly, this music video was a disappointment, however in no way was it TVXQ’s, but rather their aegis, the oh so wealthy SMent.

Jewelry-S – Forget It

The Song:

Not really a fan of this song. Now, the Peach adores Ballads, whereas Bagel never really enjoys them. “Forget It” had a slight Ballad feel, bit quickly picked up the pace during the chorus. However, even the faster, upbeat chorus didn’t catch our attention. The song was actually less than “common”; it was slightly boring.

As for talent however, these girls aren’t bad singers. Their voices were actually pleasing to the ears, and they definitely know how to sing. However, were they memorable? Not really.

The Video:

First 30 seconds into the video, we laughed. Throwing your bag at the floor isn’t the brightest of ideas. 

Other than this completely LOL-worthy part, the rest of the video was really simple. Some girl, angry about her boyfriend leaving her, throws her bag on the ground, R.I.P bag, and then goes off to be sad, quickly recovering fast enough to dance around with umbrellas, in the rain, with her friends.

Fantastic concept. No, not really. Singing in the rain is kind of overused now.

Brown Eyed Girls- Sixth Sense

The Song:

Finally, a comeback worth waiting for. BEG’s new song “Sixth Sense” was exactly what this world needed. Finally something new and fresh from K-Pop.

This song is nothing like you’ve heard before. True, it doesn’t have the super catchiness that some songs have, but that didn’t prevent the song from being completely original and fresh. The actual beat is very powerful and epic. Around the chorus, it begins to have more of a pop-blues feel. Very interesting and likeable.

The singing was fantastic. Brown Eyed Girls is one of the more vocally talented groups, so it was extremely pleasing to hear them rocking their vocal cords. Everything from the sensual, stressed syllables to the crazy high-pitched notes were done phenomenally. Miryo’s rap was excellent. Nothing less expected from some of the best talents.

The Video:

Like the song, the video was very impressive. Rather than talking about how “sexy” and “erotic” Narsha’s sex-kitten act was though, we really feel the need to discuss BEG’s amazing video producers. The cinematography in the video was astounding. In every way, the exact opposite of TVXQ. It felt more than just an average music video, literally, a movie in minutes. This obviously wasn’t cheap either; there are soldiers marching. Lots of them. This is the high quality fans deserve.

Unfortunately, the video has seemed to sparked debates everywhere. Because of course, people can’t just admire Godly editing and gorgeous girls. They have to get all technical and analyze the video to pieces. “Ga-In represents this” or “Narsha is supposed to be…”. Blah blah blah. We get it. The music video is about “resisting the authority” and “breaking free” from the norm. We aren’t idiots. We don’t need to hear hundreds of people breaking it down millions of ways.

We aren’t bashing people for sharing their interpretations, just simply pointing out how annoying it is when they try to enforce their opinions as the only ones correct.

♥ P&B

One response to “Review -Music Video- Week 37/38

  1. I feel like vocally, JYJ got the better end of the DBSK split. I’ve been losing interest in the HoMin half of TVXQ, because I really liked their ballads but trying a ballad with ChangMin and YunHo is like trying one with Onew and TaeMin. YunHo is just mean for the dance genre.

    And as for JYJ, I have just decided to set really low expectations until their third album =_= Props for wanting to write all their own songs, but they won’t truly adapt a style and be able to grow from that for a while. I do have very high hopes for YooChun especially, he’s a very emotional person in general. Now they just need an English tutor.

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