Name: 2ne1

Label: YG Entertainment

Genre: K-Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Dance

Year Debuted: 2009- Present

Fanclub: Black Jacks

Fan Color: Hot Pink

Sites: http://www.yg-2ne1.com/

The Members…


 Basic Bio:

Name: Park Bom

Position: Lead Vocalist

Birthdate: March 24, 1984

Bloodtype: AB

Height: 165 cm.

Our Comments:

Park Bom is an alien. There will never be someone crazier or stranger than Bom. The term “8-D” was created on her behalf. 4-D just wasn’t good enough.

She’s an idiot in an adorable way. She may not be the brightest star, but she is definitely the prettiest. Her weird personality is her charm and it’s what makes her unique and cuter than normal girls. Her obsessions with bread, corn and herself are just some of the things that make her the BOMb.

Her stupidity makes her appear very naive and innocent. She never thinks about what she says, no matter how inappropriate it may be, until YG or another idol scolds her for being an airhead. However, it’s her silliness and gorgeous voice that make Park Bom out of this world.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9.6

Park Bom is gorgeous but not in a traditional sense. Her huge eyes, cute smile and flawless face make her look like an overgrown cartoon little girl. It’s hard to believe she’s near her 30s. While her face is cute and innocent, her body is perfect enough to land her on “Korea’s Sexiest Idols”. Bom has the best legs the world has ever seen. Flawless and airbrushed-esque all the time, they are perfect. She is not ridiculously skinny, contrary to the figure of many female idols today, but maintains her curves. Her attire always consists of tiny, body hugging mini-dresses that compliment her hot body.

Talent: 9.4 SC

Bom is one of the best female singers in the K-Pop industry. Her voice is mind-shatteringly amazing. Powerful and strong, she literally belts out her notes and leaves an astonishing impression. Bom’s extensive range and depth make her voice different from typical high female voices. There is only one thing Bom is lacking, and that is flawless control. With a great voice comes great responsibility. Once she learns to perfectly control her voice, she will be the best.

Personality: 10

Bom has a crazy personality. This girl is strange; enough for 2ne1 to label her as “insane”. Her alien aegyo is not cute like human aegyo but instead hilarious. Bom can make anyone laugh, whether it’s because of her randomness, or at her idiotic naivety. It’s her otherworldly charm that has so many men falling for her “interesting” nature.

Total 9.6


 Basic Bio:

Name: Sandara Park

Stage Name: Dara

Position: Sub-Vocals

Birthdate: November 12, 1984

Bloodtype: A

Height: 162 cm.

Our Comments:

Dara is the perfect mixture of the girl next door and a Goddess. Her cute and funny personality make her lovable, whereas her caring and selfless nature make her beautiful, inside and out.

She holds 2ne1, her family,and her fans all dear to her heart. Dara is the idol that always makes sure to thank her fans, always making sure Blackjacks get what they deserve.

Dara is one of the hardest workers in the Entertainment world. She works hard to be on top, constantly practicing and improving herself for her fans.

She is the trend setter of 2ne1. No one can rock crazy hairstyles like Dara, while still looking attractive. She is known for her bold fashion and always surprises netizens with something new.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9.7

Dara is flawless and defines beautiful. Her common dorky facial expressions make her cuter than anything, but behind the funny face is radiating beauty. True, Dara may not have any “astounding” qualities like huge eyes, fantastic legs, etc; but it’s her simplistic beauty that makes her so good-looking.

Talent: 4.9

Dara fulfills her requirements as a member of 2ne1. She may not be a natural dancer, MC or singer, but when the moment calls for it, she does it exceptionally well. She follows her choreography satisfactorily and often does the most talking for 2ne1 when guesting on radio or variety shows. However, what we’d really like Dara to work on is her singing. It’s a well known fact: Dara’s singing is not awful, quite the contrary, it is soft and refreshing. However, it’s painfully soft. During lives, don’t be surprised if you can’t hear her. Dara, you have a pretty voice, so sing with confidence!

Personality: 9.6

Adorable. She’s incredibly optimistic, always bright and shining. She’s dorky and playful, exaggerating the smallest of events. Dara has one of those hearts that you know is capable of loving the entire world.

Total: 8.06


 Basic Bio:

Name: Lee Chaerin

Stage Name: CL

Position: Leader, Lead Rapper

Birthdate: February 26, 1991

Bloodtype: A

Height: 162 cm.

Our Comments:

Who is the baddest female Seoul has ever seen?

CL is nothing short of amazing. Her fashion is jaw-dropping. Her appearance is breathtaking. Her skills are unmatched. There is no one else in this world like Lee Chaerin.

CL, sadly, has more testosterone than most male idol groups. One music video is all it will really take for you to experience the fierce badass that is CL. A lot of people find CL too scary and threatening.  But sorry, you should be terrified of her.

Despite CL being some talent prodigy, the real Lee Chaerin is sweeter than candy. She is kind to her seniors, and beloved by all who know her. She looks after 2ne1 despite being one of the youngest, and takes on the huge responsibility as 2ne1’s leader seriously.

Just adorable.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9.5

CL is jaw-dropping. She is pretty and feminine (is this rare? yes) when she needs to be, and badass the rest of the time. Her aura makes you want to respect and admire her. Her stage presence and charisma are amazing. You know when CL’s on stage. You can feel the fierceness with one glance. She’s just someone you don’t want to mess with.

Even with her unapproachable looks, she’s undeniably pretty. How many girls do you know that could pull off half the things CL can, and still manage to look beautiful?

Talent: 9.9 SC

Perfect. CL’s rapping is spectacular. She has the rhythm, flow and speed of a good rapper. Her dripping charisma makes her rapping all the more better. CL is on the same level, and even better, than most of the best male idol rappers. Because Lee Chaerin breaks boundaries. This girl was meant for change.

Personality: 8.8

CL has a fantastic personality. She is a professional, and extremely mature as 2NE1’s leader. However, when she doesn’t have to be as venomous, her adorableness shines. She uses her aegyo as it should be, and has a surprisingly naturally cute personality. It’s hard to hate her when you realize what an absolute sweetheart she is. She’s extremely grateful for her fans and you can always feel her sincerity.

Total: 9.4


 Basic Bio:

Name: Gong Minji

Stage Name: Minzy

Position: Main Dancer, Maknae

Birthdate: January 18, 1994

Bloodtype: O

Height: 161 cm.

Our Comments:

Minji is 2ne1’s adorable, sexy dance-machine maknae. She loves 2ne1 just as much as they love her back. Contrary to most Group-Maknae relationships, 2ne1 doesn’t really bully Minji. They respect her as an equal, and Minzy seems to really enjoy that. When 2ne1 has suggestions for her, she recieves them well and is sure to take them into consideration.

She would do anything for 2ne1, but seems to have a particular liking for being 2ne1’s personal body guard: killing any guy that breaks their hearts.

Minji is a great sport, laughing off any teasing, and adorably spazzing when 2ne1 shares embarrassing things about her. She is YG’s baby. Minji has achieved lots as a teenager, and can only move forward from here.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9.1

Minzy looks like a child. Maybe because she is one? We all know she loves being sexy, but without all the make-up and flashy clothes, she looks so young. Her skin is great, as a child’s should be, still smooth and firm. Her eyes are huge. And her lips are the best in 2ne1; pouty and plush. Her smile just makes you want to go “Aww”. And her body is great, not too skinny at all, but blessed with curves.

Talent: 9.4 SC

Minji is a spectacular dancer. From what’s offered in the Korean Idol World, she is definitely one of the best, especially for her age. Dancing is after all, what got her into YG. And it’s no joke amazing. The reason we wont give her a perfect 10 however, is simply because, there’s always room for improvement. We are not saying she needs it, simply that we all know she has definitely improved from back when she was a tiny 14-year old. Inevitably, she’s going to continue growing her abilities, and when she has reached total immortality, we will be the first to call it perfection.

Our only complaint would be that we don’t see much of her freestyle dancing as we want to. And for those of you that complain about her dancing not being age appropriate, let us just say that real dancing is a form of expression.

This means Minji can express herself any way she wants to.

Personality: 7.8

Adorable, effortless personality. She is cute; however, not in the aegyo way. In the cute, “baby” kind of way. Minji may be 17 (or 18 Korean-years wise), but she has this “baby of the family” image. She is the baby of her company after all, and no matter how old she gets, this is something that won’t ever change.

Minji has a very “tomboy” personality. She is the little boy of 2ne1, however, Minji has adorably explained she has her moments where she wants to be feminine. Though Minji is far from innocent, and always worries her members when she goes out alone, the real Minji is a softy.

Total: 8.7

Overall 2ne1: 8.9

When most entertainment agencies claim an upcoming girl group to be the “female” version of their already successful boy-group, usually, the new group is not up to par. 2ne1 is the perfect example of a group that is successful at being the female version of their labelmate male group. Never was there a better match than 2ne1 and Big Bang. Rather than being an exact, lame copy, 2ne1 complements Big Bang, while still sparkling themselves.

They are the true men in K-Pop. 2PM is probably the only group with more testosterone than 2ne1, and that just may as well be it. They’ve proved to be much more than just any rookie group, and have accomplished unbelievable things in only 2 years. These girls were destined to break records.

What really makes 2ne1 so great though, is their inspiring message. Unlike the majority of girl groups, 2ne1 doesn’t care about catering to men, but instead attempts to reach female audiences to empower them. 2ne1 is powerful and independent, and you can really feel how much they want to transfer this attitude to their fans. They prove they don’t have to be cutesy, weak or fragile to be attractive as a female idol group to the masses. Because CL, Bom, Minji, and Dara are so much more than that.

They’re billion dollar babies. 

♥ P&B

21 responses to “2NE1

  1. I like 2NE1.. But compared to your other blogs about other groups such as SMents artists (like SJ, SNSD & EXO), you said something ‘not good’ about them. A lot! AND THAT SHOWS BIASED! It’s unfair.

    Hate it, pabo!! Your blogs are just shits!

    • I don´t think so. i read that they were on a break or something to focus on their careers outside of the group though i don´t think they will be splitting anytime soon (at least i hope so)

  2. I like and completely agree with the awesome message 2NE1 started with and continues with. They are there to empower us females and not to just attract the masses. This message 2NE1 brings to girls is what makes them so different and charming :)

  3. LOL. Must have been written on a good day. One of my hopes for 2NE1 is that they start writing their own stuff, and not rely too heavily on their producers (hands up to the original badass pretty boy in Korea, Teddy haha). That’s where they kind of fall short vs BIGBANG. They don’t have a G-Dragon in their team.

    But I agree that they’re a breath of badly needed fresh air in the midst of all the sometimes sickeningly sexified, aegyo-fied multitude of girl groups in Korea. A welcome addition to the Kpop world.

  4. I Looooooooooove your blog, it’s amazing. Please, do more of these! I want to see about my favorite group, SNSD. It would be awesome!

  5. Couldn’t agree more. 2NE1 is the group that got me into kpop and despite my love for girlgroups, 2NE1 is the best for me. I love how you say Bom is a cute idiot because she is, that girl is out of this world and I’m always amazed because most of the time she’s silly but when she needs to be serious, she is.
    I agree with everything, I don’t even know what to say lol

  6. Oh my god, your next one should be 2PM that would be great and you could include a little snippet of Jay Park in it. I would love to see your opinions on them.


    BTW, DARA is really unique looking, and her eyes are HUGE. And she has pouty lips/different nose.

    Agree w/ everything else tho.

    • We are not saying that they are manly persay, but don’t you have to admit that 2ne1 is not exactly a super fem. group? They do release a more masculine and aggressive energy with a lot of their songs. They are perfectly beautiful women, and they do have pretty songs, but songs like “I am the Best” are not exactly what the typical girl group would ever produce (which is why we love 2ne1). Their stage personas do have a more aggressive behavior than the girls have off stage. Testosterone does not make them manly, it just has a kind of toughness and aggression not present in most of female groups, and even many of the male groups.

  8. I’m glad you guys see the beauty and talent in Bom, Minzy and CL. People here in Korea don’t find them pretty, it’s all about Yoona and Uee, waa! And it’s pissing off me! But Dara is what we find pretty, i think all 4 are pretty and 3 is talent. it’s 90% all about looks and 5% talent 5% personality that Kpop industry caring about. 2ne1 Is talented

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