Review -Music Video- Week 36/37

For the 37th week of 2011 we will be discussing the Music Videos of JYJ and B1A4.

JYJ: In Heaven

September 14, 2011

The Song:

As many fans of JYJ have attended at least one of their concerts from their world tour (P actually went to the most recent tour stop in LA), they should recognize this song from the concert.

As beautiful as it was, for JYJ, the song was nothing special. Indeed it was perfectly executed, but it had a very similar feel to many of their songs; that sort of sad ballad.  The song exuded much passion; however, similar to many group comebacks this year, sort of felt like a medley of past songs.  As with both KARA and U-KISS from last week, “In Heaven” isn’t bad; just not fresh.  The mystique that should accompany new songs was not present for “In Heaven” because it wasn’t new, and having heard it before makes it feel even more homogeneous.

There is nothing wrong with the song, it just didn’t have the “out of the box” feel. As a renowned group of men, at this point, excellence and trendsetting is expected. Ayyy Girl, though widely disliked, was actually something new and most certainly different for K-Pop.  As one of the more popular groups, JYJ is held to a different level of expectations than those of a rookie or not as popular group.

The Video:

The song’s lyrics fit the mood of the video, and give an appropriate tone.

The video though, had to be one of the most confusing things ever. So, after watching the video many times it is safe to surmise that: The girl is Junsu’s girlfriend. She is either upset about him neglecting her and commits suicide or may have just been out of it, and accidently killed herself… The only conformable thing we can deduce is that she is thoroughly unhappy.

After she dies, Junsu is mopey in his home, and goes to bed. When he wakes up however, it appears he has gone back in time to before his girlfriend’s death, with full knowledge of her impending death… Basically, this MV has one of those cheesy second chance at love plot lines.

When it comes time for her death, he runs away from his ever important meeting to make sure she is safe. She is. For about 2 seconds. Because THEN the now ditsy lovesick girl walks stupidly onto the street. And what does Junsu have to do? Jump between her and the car to “save her”.

However, it is the last scene that really puzzles us. It’s pretty simple: Junsu and his girlfriend are sitting down, holding hands. But wait. Weren’t they just about to get hit by a car? What. happened. Did the car kill them both, and they are thus now in heaven? If so, why does Junsu look so grumpy? Shouldn’t he be happy he is now eternally going to be with his girlfriend, who he did risk his life to save? Or did the car stop, and they are actually alive. Are they in heaven because they died or is it a metaphor referring to the fact they are so happy in love… ?

Overall though, a well made and relevant MV.


There are a lot of pickled products in this refrigerator and not much else… just observing.

B1A4: Beautiful Target

September 15, 2011

The Song:

This song is adorable.  It has a distinct quirky silliness, yet never loses its catchiness.  Though the English is hilariously bad, it isn’t completely offensive; the mispronunciations are cutely fob.  “You zoom zoom”  sounds like “Jume Jume”.  These cute, little accents are what make these kinds of songs so enjoyable. The best English comes from that creepy, robotic voice at the beginning of the video that introduces them.

The song just makes you want to smile.

The Video:

First off, let us just say a few words about how frightening the beginning was. A tiny robotic girl’s squeaky voice whispering is creepy and most certainly not the best way to introduce what is supposed to be a cute video.

Besides that, the MV is adorable. It’s the perfect example of dorky: it’s cheesy, lame, and bizarre. Combine all these things, and you get the perfect equation for fun.  The members are well styled and precisely achieve the weird but cute silly look.

The video is completely ridiculous but that’s what makes you want to smile. I mean, a tiny firetruck? Tiger hoodie? Super dorky dance? What could possible be better. The song and video mesh well to create something lighthearted and happy.  It reveals the goofy side of each member, and who doesn’t like goofy?

♥ P&B


One response to “Review -Music Video- Week 36/37

  1. I completely agree about JYJ, it was really, really dull. I’m honestly pretty sure I made it through because of the plot, I absolutely adore complicated plotlines.

    B1A4 will take time, whether infinite or finite has not be determined. To me it just sounds like a mosh-pit of random melodies. I will probably at least end up kind of liking it, because SanDeul’s “You choom choom my heart like a locket~!” has been stuck in my head since the first time I heard it.

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