Review -Music Video- Week 35/36

For the 36th week of 2011 we will be discussing the Music Videos of U-KISS and KARA.

U-KISS – Neverland

September 01, 2011


The Song:

The song is generally pleasing though fairly forgettable. It has a strong chorus that holds the entire song but is a little headache inducing from the auto-tuned stuttering. The song does have a fun and club like taste, but it is not ground breaking or uncommon, especially in the world of K-Pop. Despite the fairly generic theme of the song the English  pronunciation is impeccable, which is to be expected from the English speaking members.

The Video:

Basically a very normal K-Pop video where cute boys dance in different rooms. Now, we are not criticizing U-KISS for this kind of video but, the whole singing-dancing-in one room is done often. The real atrocity of the MV is the god awful clothing. U-KISS is one of the more attractive groups but their makeup and clothing did not accentuate their looks. In every outfit there is an unbelievable amount of  armpit… Just not sexy. Besides that, not any of the outfit choices are really good.

The 1st black outfits with the silver sleeveless ponchos are unfortunate to say the least.

Then it jumps to black outfit #2 with even more armpit. Most importantly, one member has tragically ripped his pants from his knee to his thigh… grown men should NEVER EVER show thigh. No matter whom it may be, that is something no person you are not intimate with should ever see.

Sadly, the worst outfits of the lot are the white ones at #3. These are very sheer, very wet, very tight articles of clothing… and not in a good way. However, we would assume (and hope) that a stylist dressed them, and that U-KISS is not to blame.

The real highlights of this video are all of Kevin’s little close-ups and the sexy/cute smirks to the camera; it really cemented the fact he is a big boy now. Kevin looked amazing, probably the only one really workin’ those clothes and that makeup. During the groups dancing segments he completely steals attention. Kevin most certainly grew into a fine young man from back in the days of XING. It is also quite refreshing and pleasing to see so much of him especially after 0330, where he is virtually nonexistent.

We don’t really know why there is ice and snow in the MV but they must have felt quite nippy because of how unclothed their arms were.


“dongho reminds me of…. spock????? with that haircut and those black clothes… T.T” – 7times7isnot14

Thank you for this jewel of a comment, we do wish that people would comment like this much more often. We humbly thank you. ♥P&B

KARA – Step 

September 05, 2011


The Song:

Just like Neverland, Step was average.  It was generic, and there was nothing mindblowingly unforgettable. In other words, it’s not going to be the next song to start a revolution in K-Pop music; it’s just going along with today’s current flow. Personally, the song used as the outro for the album (same one used in the Step teasers), was much better. It was a really pretty, fresh tune. Too bad it wasn’t the actual song.

 The song was catchy though. Kara’s “lalalala”s are still present. As always.

The Video:

Typical Kara. Funky and intensely colorful. Not out of the box for a Kara music video though.

Outfits were incredibly tacky. I mean what do you call the blue metallic atrocities in the first half of the video, other than cheap?

Best outfits were probably those with the slower break towards the end. Their dresses had sparkles. And Bagel likes sparkles.

The video lacked the grace and elegance expected from the first teaser. Truthfully, it would have been fantastic if it kept to those expectations.

Kara’s dancing is as always…Kara-ish. A bit unrefined and a touch promiscuous. As usual, expect ALOT of pelvic thrusting. We however think that all those hip rolls are not appropriate for a young lady. They are really beautiful girls but the close ups were unjustful… With their tacky clothes and overwhelming amounts of bright make-up, they looked like trannies. The music video reminded us of an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Again, we are not blaming the group for their appearance, but their stylists.

Overall however, it was a comeback, and we know their fans enjoyed it so.

Alls well ends well.


3 responses to “Review -Music Video- Week 35/36

  1. “In other words, it’s not going to be the next song to start a revolution in K-Pop”

    What will start a revolution in Kpop? And who?

    • We really couldn’t say the current rut is pretty bad, but if history is any precurser to the future we would say a group most likely from YG or SM – they are who transformed k-pop into what it is today.
      With YG, Big Bang has already been a pretty huge influence in K-Pop, and 2ne1 pretty much set the “female badass” trend going. Sure, other groups had tried before, but YG is really what brought “K-Pop Hip-Hop” in style.
      As for SM, we wouldn’t say they’ve set trends necessarily, but rather exploded the Hallyu Wave so hard internationally. Super Junior remains to be one of the most popular groups internationally wise, and we all know how big DBSK and SNSD’s impacts are.
      This is just our opinion though. who knows what entertainment agencies will pull what and what new rookie groups will turn out to be the leading force in K-Pop’s new generation.

  2. I totally agree with you on both songs and videos. I don’t see what most people find mind-blowing about U-Kiss’s song and video. The song itself is average when you compare it to something like Someday from the same album (damn I wish that was the lead single instead) and I thought the chorus for Neverland was the one that ruined the entire song for me (too much autotune, like you said).

    KARA’s song on the other hand is far more engaging, I thought. It’s just one cute track but nothing that they haven’t done in the past.

    Love the blog btw!

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