Name: Shinee

Label: SM Entertainment, EMI, Avex

Genre: K-Pop, J-Pop, R&B, Dance, Electro-Pop

Year Debuted: 2008- Present

Fanclub: Shinee World (Shawol for short)

Fan Color: Pearlescent Sky Blue


The Members…


 Basic Bio:

Name: Lee Jinki

Stage Name: Onew

Position: Leader, Vocal

Birthdate: December 14, 1989

Bloodtype: O

Height: 177 cm.

Our Comments:

Onew is a sweet person put into a group of evil people. He deserves some sort of respect as the leader, so we shall spare him any nastiness.

He is undeserving of the hatred bestowed upon him by, not only haters, but Shawols and Shinee as well.

He has done nothing to deserve this treatment. This poor man needs to catch a break once in a while, and we shall deliver this break.

His constant abuse from fellow members must cause him great distress and pain. Yet Shinee doesn’t appreciate him. Or his talents. So, Onew, we, P & B, do issue you an apology, on behalf of the human race.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9.4

Slightly large nose. Good Complexion. Very pronounced apple of the cheeks. Soft jawline, as opposed to most males. Almond shaped, monolid eyes. Overall soft facial features. Definitely not ugly, contrary to popular opinion. Body is proportional for the most part. Fairly toned. Not the best looking for his age, but better than a majority.

Talent: 8

Dancing is proficient. Truthfully, Onew has the best singing voice in Shinee. He is a little rough with control, but taking his age into consideration, he is good. Good at everything, but not fantastic at any one thing.

Personality: 7.9

Awkward. But adorkable. He tries. Doesn’t succeed very much, but he tries. Gives a valiant effort.

Total: 8.4


 Basic Bio:

Name: Kim Jonghyun

Position: Lead Vocalist

Birthdate: April 8, 1990

Bloodtype: AB

Height: 173 cm.

Our Comments:

Jonghyun is the devil. He is the Lucifer. His singing is the Lucifer. We overall just despise this man. He’s short, he’s mean, and therefore has a Napoleon complex. He is like the tiny raptor in Jurassic Park that chases them into the laboratory and tries to eat them. He is not the biggest dinosaur on the island, but definitely the most annoying.

His singing is God-awful and f*cking horrible (Cussing is never appropriate, but this is a special exception). It’s just bad. During his performance of “Lonely Night” on Immortal Song 2, we wanted to shoot ourselves in the face. Of course my friend, you will have many a lonely night, and your only solace will be Key.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 3.5

His nose is disgustingly huge. Not only is his nose large, but his nostrils are excessive. His nose is upturned, and you see all of that excessive nostril. And in stark contrast to Onew, his face is only angles, which is much too harsh. It makes him always look angry. And when he is attempting a smile, or a cheerful expression, it’s creepy. Let’s not forget how short he is. The Peach is taller than him, and she is a 16 year old, half asian girl. So there is no excuse. In short, Jonghyun is the very definition of a troll: Nasty, short and ugly. He hides under bridges. And terrorizes people, like poor Onew.

Talent: 5

His vocal control is commendable, though control of his voice is insignificant due to the fact that he sounds like a cat getting raped. We don’t know how many of you people have heard this happen, maybe outside of your house, or to your own cat, but it is offensive. His dancing is average, nothing special. But his eternally angry face makes any attempt at dancing scary.

 Technically, his ability to control his voice and range would make him about a 7. But the sound of his voice drastically drops the score.

Personality: 0

He’s mean. He’s very mean. You shouldn’t treat people the way he treats people. Especially Onew. Onew is his elder, and the leader. Jonghyun should treat him with respect and dignity. But because of his Napoleon complex, he finds the need to belittle and overall, just piss off, Onew.

Total: 3.5


Basic Bio:

Name: Kim Kibum

Stage Name: Key

Position: Vocal, Rap

Birthdate: September 23, 1991

Bloodtype: B

Height: 177 cm.

Our Comments:

Key is flaming. The second most flaming man in the world of Korean Entertainment. Jo Kwon is unsurpassable. There is no way either of them are the least bit straight.

Key is one of the many Kim Kibums. However, congrats Key, to this day, you are the only Kim Kibum that has any real effect in the entertainment world. Not to mention the fact that you’re the only one still active in your group.

Key in a nutshell is just fabulous. He sings a very good Kesha. He should just keep doing what…Key does.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9.4

Key looks like a feminine, younger version of Jo Kwon. Almost as if he were Kwon’s little sister. However, he does have one flaw. His eyebrows are awful. And as a gay man, he should be ashamed. His best assets however, are definitely his cheekbones. Very well pronounced; good genes.  His body is in good proportion. Overall, we admit Key is attractive, but very feminine.

Talent: 6.2

He’s a better rapper than Minho. Easily. Without any effort. We’re pretty sure everyone on this planet is a better rapper than Minho. However just because he’s better, doesn’t mean he’s fantastic or even remotely good. His singing is subpar. Dancing is passable. His best talent is swaying his hips to “Abracadabra”; it’s sickenin’.

Personality: 8.6

He’s a nag, but who wouldn’t be trapped in a group with 4 kids. He’s in love with Jonghyun, which is obviously some sort of personality defect. Key’s maternal instinct is sensational. Without him, Taemin would probably be dead.

Total: 8.06


Basic Bio:

Name: Choi Minho

Position: Rap, Sub-Vocal

Birthdate: December 9, 1991

Bloodtype: B

Height: 184 cm.

Our Comments:

Minho is just futile. He doesn’t really do anything in Shinee, except rap badly. We don’t really see how he’s “flaming charisma” either. He’s not stunning, or even remotely good looking. He just looks like Rango.


Other than the obvious, there is not much to say about Minho. He doesn’t matter, and we’re pretty sure that if he wasn’t in Shinee, it would make no difference. Except for the fact that Onew might finally be in a pairing. Introducing: TaeNew.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 5.5

Minho is basically ugly. Sorry Shawols, it’s the truth. Everything is so long: His arms, his legs, his fingers. It’s just gross. He’s an alien. Not the sexy kind like T.O.P or Bom, but like Kyuhyun. Weirdly elongated, and kind of awkward.

Talent: 3

Unlike the other three aliens, Minho has no talent. What Minho does is not rapping. He is talking (and not even fast, which is an excuse for most), with an autotuned voice. There’s a reason people’s voices are autotuned. And Minho is no exception.

Shawols, netizens, everyone: You all really have to stop praising his rapping. For the sake of Minho, if you really care about him. Pretty soon he’s going to start believing your lies. We weep for Minho; we really do. All the pitiful guy has is his “rapping”, and truth is, it’s awful. Guess this means he has nothing.

Personality: 1.9

His personality is nonexistent. There’s nothing really special about him. He’s good with kids, so I guess that’s a plus? We don’t know. He’s just plain vanilla.

Total: 3.4


Basic Bio:

Name: Lee Taemin

Position: Lead Dancer, Maknae

Birthdate: July 18, 1993

Bloodtype: B

Height: 175 cm.

Our Comments:

Taemin is a cute little girl. And if you like him, and are older than him, you have pedophilia.

He…is kind of a she. But a cute she. Taemin just shoots out estrogen. There’s not one testosterone producing cell in his body. It’s not his fault, and we are not bad mouthing it; it’s a medical condition after all.

He’s really innocent and naive. His love for banana milk (which is delicious!), ice cream and “Lasco*”say it all.

If you looked up “Perfect Maknae” in the dictionary, you’d find Taemin. He’s cute, young, respectful and knows how to use his “aegyo*” effectively. Too bad Shinee doesn’t appreciate his efforts. It seems all they do is bully him, when they’re not harassing Onew. Don’t worry Taemin, we know tons of groups that would want you all to themselves.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 8.7

Taemin is the prettiest little girl in K-Pop. He has a cute nose. His features are very soft and round, and make his face look very feminine. It’s not his fault his face looks this way, but it’s his hairstylist’s fault he looks even more feminine than he should. His only flaw as “the perfect maknae” is that he’s a bit too tall. But his fans like that, so it’s okay.

Talent: SC 9.2

He is a dancer. He’s not one of the absolute greatest, but definitely one of the best for his age. Over the years, Taemin has improved, and we hope he will continue to build his abilities.

Personality: 7.9

The perfect maknae personality. He’s adorable, childish and you just want to be maternal towards him. Key cannot be blamed.

Total: 8.6

Overall Shinee: 6.4

Shinee to us just seems like a TVXQ replacement. But a bad knock-off. Like a Chinese pikachu doll. Not successful and it’s just wrong.

They’re too young. They had it way too easy.

Unlike their predecessors, they did not have to share a 1,000 square foot apartment with 20 other men. They did not starve and were not forced to sleep on the floor because of the lack of beds. They endured nothing, have felt no pain, and this has just created a spoiled group (Which is why they abuse Onew). Their souls and dreams were not broken by the iron fist that is SM Entertainment. They were not made thankful for their presence in the world of K-Pop. Because Shinee did not have to go through half a decade of intense, bone-crushing training, they don’t appreciate how easy their path to stardom has been.

Shinee is given catchy songs by the maker of all catchy songs, and this explains their popularity. Without SM’s vast resources, they would be nothing more than the average, unpopular boyband.

♥ P&B

* Korean Aegyo: “Generally pleasing and engaging, often because of a childlike charm and innocence” – Merriam Webster Dictionary

* Lasco @58: 

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  1. I am being dead serious. The person who wrote this should be put to jail. Because YOU KILLED KIM JONG HYUN. Think for a second why i said that. Watch his video where he said people criticize him and saying bad stuff, where in truth you dont know the real him so you dont have the right to judge anyone. You me, shawols, we dont know the real shinee, we can only do our part to support them fully. I am a fan, i am actually a Onew fan AND a SHINee fan. Lets face reality, a fan could never be a friend (of our idols). But its better than being their enemy.

  2. I’m cringing at just how painfully unfunny this nonsense is.
    Aside from the feeling of going to a comedy gig and catching the very worst act of the night, It’s actually staggering that this post remains up after all that has happened.
    At least have the common decency to delete this sorry excuse for a blog. Please for the love of all that is holy, kill this thing, because it’s terribly written and entirely unfunny.
    And this post? It’s nothing more than baseless, malicious hate-bait.
    What irritates me more than the obvious personal hatred for Minho and Jjong [RIP :’( dearest one] is that it’s the kind of content that gets showered with attention for being everything GOOD writing and CONSIDERED opinion pieces are not. It’s crass, biased, and frankly trying waaaay too hard to be clever and funny when the author is blatantly neither of these things. This article (if I can call it that) rouses emotion via the most impoverished method of simply insulting its targets. No wit and no skill is involved.
    To the writer: please give up. If you’re aiming to be funny, you’re waaay off the mark and from what I’m reading here I don’t think you have either the talent or the dedication to become a good writer. It’s *shameful* how unkind you are. I hope you feel terrible about it one day if you ever develop enough self-awareness and humility to see this blog for what it really is: hateful.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

      That’s the thing abt comedy.. it can only get away with bein offensive if is funny first. This is just offensive.

      Like, is jus a bunch of hate ?! Hate hate hate. That’s it. OP if U put hate put into the world u gonna get it back. Deal wth it. Like stop bitching abt ppl hating on u inthe comments – ur inviting that shit with ur hate. So get over urself. And stop hating on others fist if u can’t take it lol

    • With the recent events, realizing that this shit hasn’t been taken down is actually appalling. This is not comedy, this is plain bitterness and hate. SHINee pretty much reformed kpop and still stand as one of the most unique and talented boy groups to exist. Some people are just so bad they can’t even be redeemed.

  3. funny how you call jonghyun mean when this whole post and most of your blog is a disgusting, hate-filled tirade that shows how immature, hypocritical, and ugly you really are. do us all a favor and die.

  4. I hope you feel better for yourself and for your nonexistent social life by criticizing the members. I mean, it’s because of people like you with high standards that these idols have an inferiority complex. Haven’t you heard? NO HUMAN IS PERFECT. Idols are human beings too. You think they have no talent? I’d like to see you do better. You just sound like a hater to me. A talentless one at that too. So why don’t you just go to your dear mama and cry over it?

  5. so first of all y’all saying they ugly they can’t rap but I guess you can’t do it either and I bet they look better than you to and if you don’t like stop watching them cuz to me it seems like you are a hater and you are jealous of them

    I’m not taking to all y’all

  6. Lowlife c@@t . No wonder Jjong felt the way he did . If I was a witch i’d f’in put a curse on you. Nast biatch.

  7. May Allah help you to find the right path for you.I don’t want to abuse you.All I want to say you is don’t waste your time & get treatment.

  8. Thank god u let us leave a comment or else i wud have regretted it my entire lifee….i really wanna tell u this swt hrt thank u so much for taking ur fucking time to do an article about our boys but trust me dont u ever let us know who u r or where u r..hope u dont do that mistake ever in ur life
    And one more thing u should stop fucking ur bae and need to do better research better luck next time drlng
    U better eat their poop to know them better
    Oopppssss sorryyyy u dont even deserve their poop… so y dont shut ur filthy asshole go fuck urself…..luv u

  9. Have you ever saw your face in the mirror? Who the hell are you to bad mouth SHINee. I guess you never knew what is singing, or either you are jealous of my boys. B**** don’t waste your time by criticising my boys, mind your own life. Pray hard to God that you wanted to get a peaceful death. Coz I’m a nice person until I read your stupid freaking blog, I’m not the same, I’ll send you to the hell for sure. 😤😡😡😡😡😡😡

  10. I’m sorry honey but damn you R WRONGGGG.
    If u go out and say jonghyun is a terrible singer and is short or is an ugly troll you’ll probably get smacked in ur balls a zillion times. And they are close af okay. Did u see how much they suffered upon his lost ? And ohhhh Hun damnnn I’m so angered now because you actually insulted my Minho. PFTTTTTTTTTTT I’m a thousand percent sure u are blind gurl BLINDD. :) he’s listed as one of the sexiest man alive in VOGUE ok hell yeah. And oh his abs appeared on international news once~ :) hahaha ur humour sense is gr8 indeed awwwww u sound perfect, you definitely have perfect skin and hourglass body and no flaws AT ALL. Now lemme tell u that shinee is not a knock off. They’ve debuted for 9 years and won over hundreds and thousands trophies bby ;) also, I can smell your stinking breath here. You deserve no respect at all hunn~

    NOW FUCK YOU. I hope you step on dog poop today

  11. All I can picture while reading this is a nasty middle aged troll who isn’t loved by anyone, is lonely and can’t see good in anyone. Your standards for judging are so fucking pathetic that I feel pathetic for feeding into a troll like you. But I couldn’t really stand your bullshit so here I am, feeding another troll on the internet who has nothing better than to bash and bellitle others for the most ridiculous reasons.

  12. While I was reading this I couldnt stop thinking that you must be that kind of person that critizes everything because you have no friends. I mean, it might have take you a long time to write this instead of socialize. Youre too much, how can you say those kind of things about MinHo or Jonghyun? Jonghyun was for nothing main vocal, he had such a gifted voice. You really need to get a life, I imagine you writing this in your room and yes, you should feel pity but because of yourself, you must be a miss universe to critize others like this. Feel sorry for you, you must be very lonely and excluded from everyone around you, should go to theraphy, I mean, your social skills are just a joke.

  13. Jesus Christ! Who hurt you child? Like I really don’t understand the meaning behind all this bullshit you wrote. Like even when you “complimented” them it sounded like an insult.. if you don’t like them then don’t listen or pay attention to them it’s that simple- no god will forgive your sins after writing this

    why do you even gay-shaming on key? So what if he’s gay? Pity on him? Oh, pity on you.
    I admit that you have opinion about how they look. It’s okay if you think minho, jonghyun, or anyone in this group is ugly.
    But, if you think minho is bad, it means that he didn’t meet your standard, not ALL PEOPLE’s standard. What do you mean by the truth?
    TOP didn’t have a beautiful smile like minho. Blame me all you want. Even BOM didn’t have a beautiful eyes like minho. Those are my truth. NOT OURS.

    And personality…
    Dude… If you know them personally, just show us your screenshot talk with them.
    You can’t judge the personality as long as they are idols. Why? Bcs it’s their job. So shut up and enjoy your idols.

  15. I hope you feel good about yourself, saying those things about Jonghyun. Him and Onew got along fine, it’s people with opinions such as yours that made him feel misunderstood. I’ve been reading this page for a while and let me just say that your standards for looks, personality, basically EVERYTHING, are just ridiculous. You should just stop this page, it’s not the truth, it’s your opinion. RIP Jonghyun, now I see what you meant when you said you were misunderstood. Stop using your opinion as fact for click bait.

  16. Before you talk about these 5 sweet, funny and adorable singers, you should learn a thing or two about general knowledge. Then…. you Bitch! They are amazing friends OKAY? They love each other like any guy friend loves his best friend… It’s normal they play around sometimes I mean they are guys after all… Thay are so lovable… not only Onew or Key or Taemin (who’s not a girl btw – and girls also produce testosterone, you bitch…. go study!)…. All of them are lovable, cute and friendly… Jonghyun is not the Lucifer…. Go get a better screen because yours is obviously cracked!!! Look at yourself before talking about others! And just by talking trash about other Shinee members you lose all credibility you COULD have but NEVER had…. you are so imature! Go to School BITCH!

  17. Omg that’s hilarious!
    You are either blind and deaf or just very stupid!
    You say that jonghyun is “very mean!” ….
    And then you write shit about all the members.
    Everyone in shinee is very talented and has a great personality and appearance!
    I have to admit (even if he is my bias) that Minhos rap is nothing compared to zicos etc but he is still talented, funny, adorable and handsome af!
    Hope you are feeling better now after writing this piece of shit! You have probably no talent! A shitty appearance and the worst personality ever.
    I wish you a lot of hate comments.

  18. Dont dare to talk something bad about SHINee..They have do their best for their debut and now they always success in their carrer..Otherwise,dont say minho is a bad rapper and dont have a talented.SHINee member have their own talented that the fact about them.SO MIND YOUR WORD😡

      • u really don’t have any right to criticize others in Shinee all r great everyone have their own specialities and everyone is working hard to prove themselves so pls remove ur unfair opinions on them especially minho oppa and of course jonghyun is really a great singer don’t underestimate them.

  19. You are stupid. It’s obvious that u hate minho and jonghyun…. I’m sick just by reading ur disgusting opinion I mean no one asked u for ur opinion. See ur ugly face in the mirror and try to use ur rusted brain to think what talent u have…then u judge the kings.
    Wasted my time reading ur gross opinion😒😬😩

  20. Bitch, you are the most stupid person who can exist in this fucking life, I guess. It’s just nonsense what you wrote. How can you be so stupid? I really don’t understand it. You just took the worst picture of our poor Minho. Who are you that you say he’s not sexy??? I’m actually shocked. And what makes me really angry, is what you said about jonghyun. I just couldn’t read it. But before you think you can make the shawols sad with your last shit commentary, I must say, we are laughing bc we know that it’s not true. It’s just a certificate of your mental poverty. Nobody agrees with you. I know it’s an old site but i hope you’re having a bad time because SHINEE IS STILL SHINING AND WE WILL BE SHAWOLS 4EVER!!!!!

  21. Gurl, first and formost im not as mad about your “opinions” as i am that you be saying “Taenew”. Bish its ONTAE. You dont know the ships why you even startin to judge. We got OnTae JongTae TaeKey 2Min and we even got TaeKai and some other extras. Taemin is already shipped with everyone you sayin “introducing TaeNew” like bish i cant even take what youre saying as an opinion because you obviously dont even have the information to make an opinion. Fucking “TaeNew” shit weak af. You think there wasnt already every ship made? This is KPOP, the homosexual fantasies of 12 yearolds is strong. And most of their fans aren’t noonas anymore, a lot of us are 16-23 with of course some younger and some older. You also hating on their abilities like bitch actual people who are VOCAL TRAINERS FOR A LIVING THAT ARENT INTO KPOP AND THEREFORE NOT BIASED LIKE YOU gave them good ratings but youre just being a straight up bitch. Just dayum youre so full of hate but callin Jonghyun satan? Look at yourself. Hes an adorable little sweet puppy like 80% of the time. Hes not being a dick like you, hes teasing them. Have you ever seen guys hang out with guys? Its what they do, they make dick jokes and pick on eachother and punch eachother and shit. Its fun as fuck and it doesnt mean anything. Go home with bruises and do it again the next day anyways. If you actually feel hurt you say something, bros back off of it and do something else. Onew doesnt say anything so nothings wrong, youre just over reacting. And with the names peach and bagel im guessing youre a very girly duo so you probably dont even have experience with typical guy relations so really how dare you judge their interactions.

  22. I can’t even read all of it! This is just mean and downright rude to SHINee and their fans! I mean did you even follow their growth through the years?! Calling Minho ugly and talentless really makes me mad! Not to mention the mean things said about the other members. Why would you even write this? And to think shawols are pretty low key. This is like an attack to the fandom. Tsk tsk. So infuriating! SHINee wouldn’t be one of the top kpop groups if this is true! Ugh! That’s why I keep saying, people who don’t have anything better to do with their time should just NOT do anything. They always end up doing something stupid!

  23. 말 너무 심하네요…
    You are going beyond the edge
    it’s your opinion but please show some respect to those who loves them.
    though they are not my bias group , i just like minho. I don’t see any reason to play with shawol’s hearts. And you said minho does nothing? Well inagine a 4 member group then you ll see something lacks here. His acting is also fine and adorable.
    taemin has hormone problems? It’s not that… world has lots of people different people. Even in other groups you will find members who are a bit soft than others. But thats what wirld is consisted of…. i ‘ll not explain more . Afterall they are entertainers . But just if you don’t like something please do not criticize without any credit. Goodluck~

  24. Theyre human you know. Their stage persona is different from their actual personalities. I hate it when people believe that their analyzation of an idol’s personality is true. Its just a bunch of baseless personal attacking so ill just move on…as an afterthought what brought you to claim that minho is ugly have you seen the kid

  25. Just what the hell is this..its too damn lucid that u r a hater…just mean..disgusting and annoying. Every single member of SHINee is special in a differentway… don’t see that…u need not see that…just keep your bloody blog shut

  26. Just what the hell is this…it is too damn lucid that you are a hater..just mean..disgusting and annoying…Every single member of SHINee in a different way…u don’t see that…u need not see that..just keep your bloody blog shut..

    • You know that when they “bully” Onew they are joking because the are close and have been through so much together right?
      Just because they don’t say or show it, it doesn’t mean Shinee has been through nothing and the write some of their songs themselves actually.
      As for Minho, he taught Chanyeol how to rap and probably more then just Chanyeol.

      You’re disgusting for saying those things about them, our fandom doesn’t need people like you to drag us down.

  27. I think this was unnecessarily rude and mean spirited.
    While scrolling through the comment section, I noticed that the authors of this “blog” replied to some of them. They didn’t defend their opinion when criticized, but instead attacked back. If your opinions were well validated and supported, more of the 95% of people who hated this would be somewhat mollified. Where are your articles of proof? Include some of this clips that show Jonghyun in a bad light. On your talent section, why did you factor in some of the member’s dancing and for not others? I mean, Minho is a pretty decent dancer. Good enough to follow Shinee’s complex choreo at least.
    How did you even form your silly opinions? I wonder how other writers would judge your skills.

    • Who wrote this btw coz all of the BS are lies so if you want to say something like that about them, try to be like them coz that was ignorant and rude

  28. Ignoring the outright mean spirit this blogger exhibits, I want to express my opinion on something that I felt was worrying about this article. Namely the personal attack on Jonghyuns character. I have always felt that Jonghyun was one of the more genuine idols out there. He has always struck me as having a very grounded personality and sincerity which is refreshing. His support of the lgbt community just sealed the deal for me in making him one of my all time favourite people out there….You rock Jonghyun *fist pump*

    Other than that I shouldn’t have to say that attacking someone for how they look is one of the most purile forms of insult out there and says more about you than it does them. You don’t have to like their songs. However unless they have done something personally to you, then the vitriol with which you attack them is completely uncalled for .As somebody else said, they are people and have feelings that can very much be hurt by ignorant comments. Leave off the hate, it is doing you no favors.

  29. U basically made no point in this blog…
    it’s just ur own opinion n that doesn’t matter to anybody really.
    U know what I was thinking when I read ur blog I said to myslf “ohh she is just thinking at loud”
    U didn’t prove to what u said
    n if ur a hater just keep it to urslf cuz u just gonna hear what u don’t like for SHINee’s fan

  30. Someone please give me back the time I wasted reading this SHIT…. You’re so judgemental. Do you think you’re better than them? Oh, of course you are..NOT. You’re just a hater…Why don’t you do something good for the human race and save a tree or adopt an animal?
    And, excuse me, have you studied at the Conservatory or something like that? What do you know about music actually?Plus, I didn’t know we can rate people on their looks. Is there a standard of beauty or smth?Btw, I’d like you to rate yourself, maybe you’re some sort of Aphrodite…or maybe an Orpheu.
    “THE TRUTH ABOUT K-POP”- dafuq? Dude, your “TRUTH” is SUBJECTIVE, because it’s TOTALLY DIFFERENT than mine.
    I’m disgusted by this, you should be ashamed. Humanity, where the hell are you?

  31. This is not THE TRUTH about Shinee… This is your point of view. How ignorant a person can be to use a name for a post like this?

    The fact that you dont find mosst of them 100% good looking is something that no one really cares. they sell lots of million of records, they sing all too well, and dance even better. And you?

    The fact that you use famous artist to make people click in your post is the saddest thing of all of this.

    I found Minho (the one that you put hate the most) like the more genuine guy in the entire group, even when i think that all of them have something in the smile and eyes that for me is very very genuine, Minho is the genuinest of them.

    His voice is SOOOO FUCKING GREAT, I really mean it, try to search songs where he sing (I know he should sing more but this is not up to him), I honestly can compare him with Occidental voices, he have a voice similar for me to Nick the guy in backstreet boys, so sweet, and sometimes with ssome of the one direction guys. Let me tell you, you know nothing. :)

    Dont use internet to hate on people you dont know, you have no idea how bad this can hurt.

    I hope nobody that really knows you try to judge you and being this mean with you in real life ;)

  32. Everyone has their opinions, but your basic ass went to far. How are you gonna talk about the like that? Hmm? Minho isn’t gross, and I saw that you mentioned Kyuhyun; you said he was gross. F*ck you think this was? Hmm? First of all Kyuhyun is beautiful and Shinee is tolerable. With your basic ass.

  33. dear person,
    I honestly forgot your name but whatever. I think your post is a little too harsh. If you want to bash the SHINee members then i suggest you go to an anti-SHINee site or some shit. when i first started reading this, i thought it was funny. i thought you were being sarcastic. but afterwards, i started to get mad. i understand that it is your opinion but these comments were really hurtful. saying a person has no talent is plain rude. these people are actually working hard to succeed even if they’re not the best. you say they had it the easy way but really, every idol has a rough start even if they’re solos. its really not anyone’s fault if SHINee had 5 members and SUJU had 12. saying how catchy songs were given to SHINee. jonghyun is a good composer and i dont think his voice is horrible at all. i have been a shawol for 2 years now. back when i was introduced into the kpop world, exo and suju were the first groups i heard. SHINee was the only one that really caught my attention and i admit that their looks had something to do with it. throughout time, i realized that they are indeed talented. you say Minho is talent less and cant rap. i can’t stress how much he’s grown throughout the years. in replay he didn’t have any lines and just sung quietly as a backup singer or rapper. i agree that his rapping wasn’t that good but he’s still growing. no one can be the best without practice. it looks like you havent heard him sing yet either. his voice isnt that bad and in a video (when all of them had to sing a line) his voice was better than key’s. they’ve all improved so much but it looks like you’re too busy being biased that you don’t notice. i don’t get how you say Taemin being girly is not his fault because its in his genes but yet you say that Jonghyun is ugly. if you want people to respect you then i suggest you give out equal criticism not only to all the members but also the groups. you also mentioned that Onew gets bullied by mean jonghyun. their relationship is that good and it makes shawols feel like they’re not in it just for business. the group members appreciate Onew as their leader and Taemin as their maknae in their own ways. they don’t necessarily have to be all lovey and sappy and cheesy towards each other. i respected your opinion but your comments towards other people spoiled it all. english isn’t a first language for most people and they’re trying to voice out their thoughts with what knowledge they have, just like you. i really tried to refrain from using any cussing.

    p.s. When a member is missing, it really makes a big difference. it’s not the same if there’s only four. like exo. I’m not much of a fan but it wasn’t the same when kris or luhan left. but because you’re apparently not a fan, you wouldn’t understand.

  34. Almost all your posts are overflowing with negative comments from the readers, and that’s really saying something. If you’re not able to write and state your opinions about kpop idols without angering 95% of your readers, then I suggest you either be less rude in your opinions or move on and do something else.

    I keep coming back to this post because it’s honestly so funny. You guys have done a real bang-up job reporting “the truth” about Shinee. This is so ridiculous that it’s giving me life how little comprehension you have of this group at all. Y’all keep dishing your opinions while Jonghyun be bringing in the bank composing and writing songs with his “lack of talent”. Stay real.

  36. SHINee is a amazing group. Everyone have a role in the group ☺️ Who fucking care key my or my not be gay, key is a diva and he’s loves to look good. Onew is a sweetheart he loves each one of them like a brother ☺️ Jonghyun is a amazing singer 👍 you just mad you can’t sing like that. Don’t even go after my man minho 😑 his is not fucking ugly thank you 😑 his eyes make you fall in love 🙈 taemin is a great dancer😁👍 no ones mean or ugly they are all beautiful in their own way 😑 say some shit like that again I will go off even worse 😡 #SHINee

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh soooooo impactful, your comment really did give us new perspective. We are so sorry we will just write a new review right now!
      Also, you annoying little shit, emoji are not punctuation.

      • Oh so you finally realized your opinion is just a piece of shit ?! Thanks for writing a new review, can’t wait. And here some emojis which fit your personality 🤢🤢🤢🤢
        And I just wanted to give you a review:
        Talent: 0
        Appearance: 0
        Personality: 0
        That makes…. 0 all in all! Wohoo congrats! You have no life and no friends!

  37. To thepeachandbagel:

    Honey, if more than half of this blog’s comments are filled with angry hate towards you, then obviously, this blog has a problem. Be it being too mean or nasty. You have your free will and if you don’t like them, no one can stop you. It’s your own opinion.

    But tone down on the colorful words and vulgarities. You’re gonna receive insults from their fans if you curse at them.


    C’mon, still think Jonghyun is mean?

    To everyone else:

    Have a cookie or something (and no, one cookie won’t make you fat). Being angry over a person’s opinion among 7 billion people is not worth getting upset about. ^^

    Peace Everybody :)

    Written sincerely,
    me ^^

  38. I read your other post about BIGBANG, SNSD, etc. and really appreciated them, appreciated your thoughts and opinions. This one, however, just disgusted me. I’m not even a Shawol, but you sure as hell aren’t one!

  39. So I found this blog a long time ago, reading up on Super Junior personality analyses. And I was slightly appalled by your outright bashing of other members, but paid no real mind to it.

    And then I come upon you guys AGAIN and see you similarly bashing Shinee members. It is one thing to say that you don’t like someone’s singing. It is another to say that it sounds like a cat getting raped. I appreciate your opinion, but you look like an idiot flinging insults at other people you don’t even know. As a writer and a generally good person (on most days), this looks bad on your part.

    And I’m not even a Shinee fan (what do you guys call yourselves?), but even I was offended by this. As a fellow writer, your personality and character analyses would be much better and more viable if you provided sources and reasons behind the opinions you have. If you could quote from variety shows, radio interviews, etc, your assertions about others would be more…accepted. Anyhow, thanks for giving me some objective information and nice pictures. Have a lovely day.

    • The writer of this blog doesn’t know a thing about RESEARCH & PROOF, JOURNALISM ETHICS & CONDUCT. Oh well, it is his/her/it blog.

      I do not recommend this blog to other readers, Shawols or non-Shawols.

    • Thank you so much for that-they think that they can bash others idols without getting hate? Well they have another thing coming
      Giving your opinion is ok-but hating on them outright with no source or evidence and describing them as ugly is just plain rude. I mean everyone has different opinions but telling them that they have a mental defect because of it and making fun of their sexuality (I know that Key is not gay) is so wrong. It’s like if I went up to the person who made this blog and telling them that they have the trashiest face and that they are ugly and then nit expecting them to retaliate… that I have had my rant at this rude person-I feel slightly better

  40. Im still looking at this blog. Wait ate you living with them or do you know them personally???? How can you even say this about Jjong???
    He’s mean. He’s very mean. You shouldn’t treat people the way he treats people. But because of his Napoleon complex, he finds the need to belittle and overall, just piss off, Onew.

    They are humans like you like me…how can you expect them to be so perfect huh? You have no right to talk about them just like that… I can clearly see how much you hate them but just see one thing bashing them won’t help you with anything…so YOU just piss off!!! And if you really wanna share your opinion like that go do it on a anti site where you might even get likes for them…they won’t change if you bash them!!!

    PS: I can prove that you don’t even know them because you don’t even know that “ONTAE” does exists its true!!!! And you even dare to write this shit about them… That line us so true “haters gonna hate”

  41. I don’t know how I stumbled across this but I did. I’m not a shinee fan, but I do enjoy watching them on variety shows from time to time. But like, GURRRLLLs. F*ucking hilarious. Obviously biased, but still hilarious. But who cares? It’s your opinion(s) and nobody elses!

  42. are you fucking good… how the hell can you bash on one of the MOST successful kpop groups ever? what the fricking hell is wrong with you.. LOL you look better than them dont you ? 😂 dont fucking make reviews on groups cause
    1. no one cares avout your rude ass opinion
    2. it makes you look like a jealous, stupid, biased bitch (which you are).
    LOL get a fucking life you faggot

    • Hey fuck you.
      We don’t give a shit if you call us names but using the word faggot as a derogatory makes you look like a stupid, ignorant, shitty barrel of dick.
      That is a hate word and the only thing that makes it offensive is that ass backwards fuck faces like yourself think that it is a good way to insult people.
      Do you see all the different names I called your mother fucking dumb ass? That’s the way to vent anger, also look at all this mother fucking punctuation you illiterate donkey ass bitch.

      • How dare you try to lecture someone about saying Faggot when you out right declared Key as gay and literally denied Taemin being a male. Yes faggot is a bad word and yeah they used it in the wrong way but you have no right to try to act like a better person. You cant say someone is gay when you dont fucking know and turn around and say “how dare you use a word that means gay”. You cant deny someones gender then turn around and say “youre out of line”. If anyone on this site is stupid, ignorant, and a shitty barrel of dick its you “peach and bagel”. I wish the people of tumblr would tear you a new one but at the same time im glad they dont because you dont deserve the attention. You arent even worthy of the wrath of tumblr. Fuck you, youre a salty biased hypocrite.

  43. It’s clear that the writers of this post don’t like SHINee, are they’re welcome not to so I’m not commenting to debate their opinions. And to SHINee fans — don’t get worked up over what these people think and just keep supporting the band (respectfully!). I do feel like I should say though, that there are kind and thoughtful ways to critique certain aspects of these idol’s stage-lives/talents related to their roles in SHINee, and then there are cruel and thoughtless ways to do it – which unfortunately was the choice made here. And yes I do think it is possible to still be humorous and express negative opinions of SHINee without including all that vitriol. At some point in all the weirdness that is celebrity we tend to forget that these are real people, not just shiny, bejeweled dolls who aren’t affected by the things we scream on the internet. Before you say it: I’m sure they don’t care what what I think, and yes of course they chose this life … but at some point each individual voice combines to make a massive roar that they DO hear and that DOES matter.. so be careful about what you contribute to that collective voice, because fans (and anti-fans) really do have some power in these people’s lives and careers and we need to not exploit it. Whether or not you personally like the members of a band, or think they are particularly talented or not, I caution all internet folk to be careful with the words that you say. Think about what is fair to critique and what is off-limits (people’s appearances seem like a low-blow to me, personally), and whether it’s worth it to share those thoughts in such a way that those very young, often-exploited, real human people can access and feel hurt by.

  44. wow this disgusts me first of all what sort of ducking standards do you have jonghyun is ugly… wow. also how do you know key is gay have you seen him commit actual (not staged, Photoshoped, or fanservice) sexual acts with another man. my friend is straight as can be but he acts and dresses alot like key. it also disgusts me that the reason you dislike key is he may be gay! another thing who are you to dictate who he likes and doesn’t like… really!

    • im sorry i know this sounds so rude ive just had a super rough time today just cause im gay so im feeling sensitve to the topic, sorry…. again i apoligize

  45. Hi there. I’m fairly new to the K-Pop scene. I googled SHINee to get a sense of who they are and stumbled across your review. At first glance, I totally flipped out and didn’t know what to think. There were my friends, who personally requested I look at SHINee, but also a fan page that had reasonable reviews of other K-Pop groups nearly trashing SHINee. However, even with the bare minimum of K-Pop knowledge I do have, I think it was a bit out of line to state that one was an alien (Minho, right?). That you could say that one naturally looked like a girl and that was fine, but the other who I am assuming is mostly natural (read he had a nose job because of a car crash) but was in need of harsh criticisms for his (again, assuming) natural appearance. I also realize that this dates back to what was the early part of SHINee’s career and that you may no longer view SHINee as insolent brats. However, I have been lucky enough to have seen a live performance while traveling to meet my uncle in Japan, and I think I disagree with you. I apologize if this came off as rude or offensive. However, I have enjoyed your other reviews of albums and your brute honesty. Thank you!

  46. we can’t really say that Taemin is the same girly boy anymore. It’s called growing up. Especially after seeing his solo debut single “danger”

  47. “and are older than him, you have pedophilia.” Gee, thanks. I now feel like more of a pervert than I already am -.-

  48. Wow, I just want to commend you guys on the fact that the bashing you guys got in your comments is longer than the whole post! I know that this is an option, albeit a rude, biased, and condescending one, but they have the right of write what they want. Remember you Shawols that an option is a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. One think I will say, is that the writers are a bit hypocritical. They say Taemin can’t help how he looks and it’s due to genetics and his stylist is at fault but then they make fun of jonghyun

  49. To begin, I have read some of your other posts for example your review on “Big Bang” I feel like you very biased and yes we all do have favorites.However, when you bash on other members and being very disrespectful is not right. For instance your Shinee review was utterly mean and I believe stop writing reviews if your going to act like this.Also I am not going to get all mad and upset because I know wrong on somethings written here.
    Good day.

  50. First of all, I don’t agree with this article and the judgement. But anyone are free to shout out their opinions whatever they think. It’s good that the writer wrote this, it can be someway to improve them getting better? Anyways, I think you all have the rights to ship, bias, or anything. Just don’t get too absorbed in it and make your judgements wrong. Last of all, please consider writing your articles not to get too offensive and rude as possible, make it classy and make good articles. Mistakes make great things, but never repeat the same mistake again.

  51. I’m laughing so much you’re literally delusional. If you don’t like Shinee then don’t write a blog bashing about them. Minho is ugly where are you living in under a rock. Jonghyun’s singing is terrible YOU ARE DEAF.
    Anyways haters gonna hate but you are not affecting Shinee.
    BYE Shaniqua

    • OMG. I feel you. And ONEW+TAEMIN exists, dumbass. It’s called ontae. stupid shinee haters who don’t know shit.

  52. Wow what a good blogger!!! you bitch! minho is ugly? Obviusly you have bias with key and taemin!! HATER!!! Why don’t you just die? So much effort to hate SHINee? lol

  53. Honestly, I’m laughing, cause this is total BS. Hun, don’t try too hard to get attention. Your seriously ruining yourself. Get a life.

  54. Some one is YG biased… I find it incredibly rude that u are bashing other peoples opinions on Shinee even though u say its your opinion and everything so why respect yours when you cant respect ours. Nobody’s perfect even T.O.P of Big bang isn’t perfect so why are you comparing T.O.P with Minho. We like them for their personality and their face not just visuals hence BINGU T.O.P and Flaming Charisma Minho (his eyes and competitiveness.

    What went to far was calling Jonghyun mean. He’s not mean he supports gay rights and some fans were bashing him and shinee because he’s a good person. He just plays around with Onew hyung because they all love him and he’s Dubu Onew (tofu is soft and his personality and hands are soft) and don’t get me started on his voice he’s like a powerhouse beautiful voice. Also Key is not gay. he’s got a motherly and girly personality and lots of fangirls fall for him because he is a little bit of a diva and we love him. Taemin has grown from Taemin to TaeMAN. Watch the Everybody music video. Hes just pretty doesnt mean hes a girl or anything else.
    Minho isn’t talentless it’s just that SM has to give him more chances to show of his soft angelic voice. In Shinee’s japanese songs he actually sings alot and in “Keeping love again” he actually does almost all the high notes and he’s improved so much.

    Shinee has improved so much this was posted in 2011 during Lucifer times (not saying Lucifers a bad song) and it had only been 2 years since their debut so they have changed alot. They are now respected sunbaes and rookie groups respect them for example EXO they have a good relationship with them. This is my opinion and i don’t really care if you reply. SHAWOLS UNITE! :)

  55. YOU ARE PEOPLE ARE PURELY D.E.A.F…wanna know why? you accused Jonghyun of having a VERY BAD voice…if companies want to have the best then they would assign the best position to someone deserving of it…why the hell then would sm place Jonghyun in the lead vocalist throne if he had a bad voice? I have listened to A LOT of his songs and he doesn’t sound like a cat…a deep voice for a cat? that’s new…even for me WHO HAS BEEN TAKING VOICE LESSONS!!! his voice is mainly cool and deep not sharp and garbled like that of a cat….you are freakin’ stating your opinions as bashers of these people…we don’t really need your opinion but this is off the top…you are just insecure out there…listen closely to his voice, oh right…YOUR DEAF!!! sorry ’bout that…I don’t know a thing about his personality and all…you might be true but HIS VOICE? did you know how many people appreciate that? let me guess you are the one that SOUNDS LIKE A CAT! I’m right aren’t I…shut the hell up will you if you don’t know what you are talking about…about minho’s case…you’re right he is sooo not handsome…but please do consider that AMERICAN STYLE RAPPING IS DIFFERENT FROM KOREAN STYLE RAPPING…if you don’t you’d only look like a fool giving a very pointless opinion about his rapping style…

  56. Jonghyun is ugly and can’t sing ? Minho is ugly and can’t rap? Bitch byeeee. Jonghyun alone shits on your life that’s why your opinion is irrelevant. Walk to the left and have serveral seats Hun bc you’re 2star ranking of SHINee will never in a snowballs chance in hell ever matter it them or Shawols. You tried though and failed successfully.

  57. After a few months, I happened yo stumble upon this article, again! Haha, so weird. I the August 5th one and after reading it again, I feel so embarrassed. 😄 But in all honestly, although this article can potentially hurt a lot of fans, it does state how much we tend to ignore the flaws of K-pop and go ballistic due to how much attraction we have towards a certain idol. To be honest, I’m not sure if these big name idols are even happy.. Yes, ofc, they chose this lifestyle.. But think about what they have to go through just for some bucks and an interview.. It’s crazy how much we support this.. craziness! Lol. I just feel bad for basically every hard working famous person, is all.. Famous or not, I wish they had a little more freedom to do what they please. Or a decent rest because I sure as well wouldn’t want to live exhausted and undernourished all day while putting on a face of happiness for some fancy cameras. Eh, to each is own! Thanks for reading!

  58. What the hell. .!🙎you are so rude💩💩💩! how can you say like that if you dont know them. .i think you just like onew and taemin. Waahh! you just make me Angry!!!!!!

  59. Let me just say one thing WHERE IS YOUR PROOF so you guys just look at them and judge then huh. They have grown through out these past few years. Im not really sure that i should actually respect your opinions. I think you are using them as an excuse to say hateful stuff to them. I rest my case.

    PS You do realise that replying negative replys to the comments will just give you more haters.

    Good day

  60. I really wish I wasn’t so offended by this to where I feel the need to rant, but then I realized people who are new SHAWOLS might come across this and i just want them to know: This is just a disgusting, hateful post pure and simple. You two just need to back the fuck up. You are clearly biased on appearance and give no actual ‘truth’ about any information past their bios; just your shitty (and might I add, racist) appearance-based ‘opinions’ (read: hate).

    • We are really tired of you ignorant people throwing around these buzz words like racist, you don’t even know what racist is when you try to apply it to something like our blog. You people are fools and really need to learn how to properly use words. Tell us how we are racist.

      • Ummm, I don’t think anything you’re saying is really valid. This blog post isn’t even an opinion, it’s just you finding an excuse to be a shitty little brat. Yes, I agree with some of what you’re saying, they are rude to Onew and Taemin, and yes Taemin may be a bit girly and Onew is belittled as a leader. But labeling someone as “gay” just because they’re a bit flamboyant and deciding who he likes without any real basis to this idea is kind of rude. And I doubt you have any right to truly judge their singing, I’d just like to have you try to sing anywhere near their level, even the worst K-Pop group is probably somewhat good compared to you’re standards of “good singing.” Yes, in K-Pop groups are mashed together without a regard of whether the members give a shit about each other or not, but I doubt you’re even judging them correctly, I’m pretty sure the most you’ve seen are interviews and some of their TV series which aren’t even valid sources as many of them are staged.

  61. I think it’s funny how more than 95% of all the commenters take this so seriously. It’s as if their own personal Gods were defiled and killed in this post. I laughed literally all the way as I scrolled down the page, and frankly, I am not even offended or angry. ‘m just incredibly amused how hard these people tried to troll me and every Shawol out there.

    But here’s the thing: ithis post is the opinion of this website’s owner. Yes, it’s biased. Yes, it’s rude. Yes, it’s a huge chunk of hate and disrespect. But seriously: why even bother caring? They’re allowed to have their opinion, just like you are allowed to have yours.

    I laughed at the rudeness in this post, because it was way too ridiculous to be taken seriously from my part. It’s obvious to me that they wanted to make us all go “WAI U SO RUDE TO JONGHYUN AND MINHO, IMMA KILL YO ASS, TAEMIN IS NO GURL, YOU IS BLIND AND MEAN I HATE YOU!!!” so I ain’t giving it to them. ^^ And neither should you.

    Seriously guys, the best way to get ‘revenge’ on the original poster is to not rage back at them, ’cause that’s what they want you to do. Simply ignore them if they offend you so much and walk away with your dignity still intact. Don’t sink to their level.

    With sincere love,
    Helen A

  62. this post is pure biased. its poster is an onew’s bias. very clear. gotta be more careful if you wanna harass Kim Jong Hyun. he’s one of the remarkable kpop singer there. ugly? uh you should take your photo and sing. sure enough you arent as handsome/beautiful as jonghyun or taemin . Jong Hyun sings so bad that it sounds more then a cat being raped than a person’s singing? oh dear, so we can conclude that you have a better voice than him. so…why are you being an unsuccessful blogger that’s hated by the readers instead being a famous singer with a handsome/pretty face? *laughs*
    so, piss off, you yesung-onew-eunhyuk-bigbang-2NE1 biased bitch :3 ,,/,,

  63. The only thing that bothers me is that you talked like you actually know them, you just make up an impression of them and start blabbering about it like it’s really the way they are. Also, i don’t know what are you referring to by saying they abuse Onew… Really girl, you live with them? And let’s ignore the fact that you claim they had it easy, sure it’s easy make the company acknowledge you over the rest of the trainees.

    Truth my ass.

  64. OH WOW….. I can’t even…. there are no words to describe the Ignorance.
    your blog is called ‘The truth about kpop’ as if this is supposed to be true?! THIS ISN’T TRUE, AND THESE ARE NOT FACTS.

    Yeah I agree with you that Onew is underrated and often times forgotten, I completely agree with you. I think Onew is very talented, and he does deserve respect.

    What you said about Jonghyun though kills me! first of all, Jonghyun has a beautiful voice. I don’t see how anyone could think he doesn’t. Second of all, Jonghyun is adorable, and he is not ugly. Not at all. Jonghyun is not mean Either, he is a little bit sarcastic, and jokes around, but Jonghyun is very nice, happy, and optimistic. He smiles a lot too!

    And for you to just judge key, by his appearance, is just wrong. He doesn’t have a crush on Jonghyun. Jonghyun and Key are very close friends, and care about each other. Same with all the other members. And it is not known, whether Key is gay or not, so I don’t know how you can just say that like you asked him or something. He could be, he could not be. Its his choice, if he wants to come out and say it, but truthfully I don’t give a f**k if he is gay or not. I still love him.

    Minho is not an alien. He is the best male rapper. (CL, best female rapper :D)
    also, what are you to say Minho doesn’t have personality? He is nice, he listens to people, he cares about people, and he is just overall a good person. Minho isn’t ugly either. Minho is simply adorable!!

    Taeminnie is adorable! :333 he is not a girl. He has a lot of talent too. AND EVERYONE LOVES TAEMIN! <3

    I'm sorry, but when it comes to SHINee, you don't know squat.

  65. Wow, you talk as if you actually know them at all when in actual fact you know nothing of them. Exactly what gives you the right to claim your opinion as a fact.

    I agree with you on how Onew is a sweet man, really sweet in fact. But to say that the other members are devils is just plain dumb and biased. Jonghyun is not as mean as you claim he is, he is most definitely not some angel that never gets mad and praises every single object but he is no devil. Jonghyun is the dorkiest after Onew and is also funny as hell. Whether he is charming or not is your own opinion but I think he is.

    Key could be gay but he could very well be straight. He has said nothing concerning his sexuality so you have no right to deem his sexuality as truth when there’s nothing but you sensing it to be. What Taemin looks like is of no control to him and he even said that he hates being called pretty and that he is troubled by looking too much like a girl.

    Their talent is not something that becomes less prominent when all your doing to is judging their supposed talent by whether you like their voice or style when your opinion has nothing to do with the amount of talent they have. Each person has their own style when they rap and they all have their own distinct vocalization technique.

    Minho’s rapping may not be the best out there but at least look at it from a variety of genres. His rapping suits ballads more than anything else out there. And besides, whether or not you like Jonghyun’s voice, he is undoubtedly talented. Cause talent is not something that changes be it whether you like his voice or not. Your opinion doesn’t change the amount of talent he has.

    Whether they are good looking or not depends much on opinion so it’s not something for you to deem as a fact at all. There are people out there who finds what you call ugly and handsome. It’s just your opinion and is far off the truth. There’s no truth with whatever you said and all you have here is your opinion.

    TBH all you had listed throughout the entire article besides their profile infomation is just your opinion. the truth about kpop? More like my opinion is truth.

    And hey, at least watch something from them before you say anything about them. Hello Baby was already here when this was up. And now there’s One Fine Day. There was Yunhanam too but it seems you knew nothing of SHINee when you wrote this.

  66. Reading this really shocked me. I came from the SNSD version of this (aka judging them by personality, talents, etc) and was really impressed, thinking wow, you guys know what you’re talking about. You put in effort to write it fairly and were careful to not come off as offensive, and then I find this… I don’t know if it’s a joke (a terribly offensive one, both to fans and shinee), a (pathetic) way to earn readers or if you simply are anti-fans, hating on shinee, which makes the whole “you just gotta stop hatin'” thing you have going on pointless, but this is ridiculous.
    in the snsd post you mention that hyoyeon has gotten a lot of hate because of her looks, hate she doesn’t deserve, but shinee deserves your hate?

    After reading the SNSD post I was expecting a bunch of other good posts to read, but after reading this I’m not even going to bother.

  67. I’m a Shanwol and your comment to Shinee was totally a piece of shit. So you think you can rap better than Minho izit? If you can’t, just shut the f*** up

  68. I’m a Shanwol and your comment to Shinee was totally a piece of shit. So you think you can rap better than Minho izit? If you can’t, just shut the fuck up

  69. Hai! yes, i am also a SHAWOL, reading your opinion on SHINee was interesting. However, i feel a bit puzzled, in what way is Onew abused?!! to be honest, it was very clear that he was your bias. I also think that ‘evil’ is not really the right word to class SHINee. I understand that you are entitled to your opinion, but the post is ever so slightly biased… just a tad. The Almighty Key has not been announced as a gay, and i do not think that you should make such a sweeping statement, taemin was probably another bias, hes cute and adorable but never a girl, not in my point of view, :D What struck me most, was the score you gave jonghyun, a 5 for talent?!! no,no and no, i think his voice is one of his best features, yes he might not be the best looking, but not everyone is perfect. Not to mention, he might come off as cold sometimes but he’s is definitely not horrible and mean, in fact he seems quite nice and happy. Oh gosh, haha, Minho, a alien?? really? hes tall, greatly so, but he is definitely not talent less, he just seems the more quiet and serious type. Overall, the post was a enlightening read, but extremely flawed and biased in many areas. some parts may be considered very offensive so please be more subtle in your words sometimes! :P

  70. Ok honey u gotta stop your bitchy attitude. In this so called article of yours it seems like you are comparing them to other idol bands such as BigBang. Do u wanna know the reason why SHINee debuted so early well do u well time to listen to my rant.

    First of all SHINee debuted very early because of how talented they are.Tofu Onew debuted early because of how talented he was when you are an Sm Ent trainee you get tested every month to see how much they have improved. Jonghyun oh man HIS VOICE is amazing not may men have a voice this high and strong especially when SHINee do their performances nearly all their performances are live.But he can still belt out high notes.
    I see where your going with Taemin I bet you he is one of your biases I love Taemin and his cute personality and so do other shawols but girl you are treating the other members like shit.
    Minho is not useless I’ll have you know that he is very respectful to his Sunbae’s. Nobody is perfect honey we Shawols call him perfect and the other members perfect because we love them a lot. Don’t be comparing him to TOP from BigBang I must agree that TOP is also very handsome but he isn’t the definition of perfect no one is by the way I don’t hate BigBang they were the group that introduced me to Kpop and I love them VIP forever. Minho is talented he’s extremely athletic and he’s been in many sports shows and he is an all round athlete and Minho can also act very well.
    Key the almighty Diva. Hey Boo people call him almighty because he could nag you all the way and win arguments against you that’s why people love him. he was born with a cute girly personality and he is very fashionable FYI he doesn’t like Jonghyun we just ship them because of cute moments they have together Key is close to his hyungs because they are in the same company.

    Secondly they aren’t overrated newer idol groups look up to them and respect them. You and your friend are probably just jealous because of all the attention they get because they are popular them most idol groups. I wanner see you train for years oh hardcore work and become this successful word wide.

    BTW love SHINee and other idol groups such as Exo Chanyeol Luhan ma boos anyways in the future your orobrably gonna regret posting this.

  71. Everything about this post is ridiculous. Calling Jonghyun mean and ugly have to be the most false things I’ve ever heard. From what I know, Jonghyun is incredibly sweet. He has a tendency to come off a little cold when he first meets a person, but that is not his intention, it’s just how he is. He warms up quickly, however.
    And he is so handsome! Even predebut, Jonghyun was quite good looking, even for an awkward teenager.
    And his voice is no joke, it’s beautiful.

      • they are just stating their opinions and wouldn’t u sort of do the same if i dissed people u liked

      • lmao wtf we’re not trying to? no need for cockroaches to love shinee. we’re just trying to make them shut the fuck up

  72. Hey, so I just wanna say that, yeah, this maybe your opinion but it’s offensive you know. And from what the word “opinion” means, that it’s based on you and yours only. So what’s you’re point that you are pushing this post. It’s way too overboard. You don’t personally know these guys either do I, so you don’t have the right to judge them. It’s too offensive for us and especially them. If you are in their situation, how would you feel if people will tell things to you such as alien, doesn’t have talent at all, large nose etc. etc. etc.You don’t know them. You don’t know how they act, how they do stuffs, or even their lives. So better keep your mouth shut. And we, Shawols, don’t treat them, especially Minho, an overrated idol. Accept the fact that you don’t know them, so don’t talk anything against them.

    • Yet these are the same type of people who bash on other idols so your point exactly?? People judge others all the time. So ‘you don’t have the right’ really now. Meaning you don’t have the right to judge this person’s opinion so… why don’t you keep YOUR mouth shut ok :)))

  73. First of all what do you have against SHINee. They are one of the most famous bands in the history ok kpop. I am a Shawol but it doesn’t mean I’m going to put them on a freaking pedestal. First of all SHINee don’t mistreat Onew everyone praises him for his sweet honey like voice and he is probably one of the funniest guys ever hence the name Dubu Onew. Secondly Jonghyun isn’t mean at all and he can fucking sing. Why don’t you type up some of SHINees songs and listen to some of Jonghyun’s vocals. He is a very kind hearted person and he treats people very nicely he might seem mean to you but he’s actually very funny. Also how is Minho not handsome to you. I know he might seem like some sort of alien to you but have you seen anyone in kpop that looks like that. What has he done to you anyways. On another post of yours I saw you put him in the overrated Kpop idols list. He may not be the best rapper ever but he is a sweet guy have you seen him on shows like Dream Team he’s one of the most athletic idols in Kpop. He’s a very caring person as well. I personally love Taemin because of his cute charm and personality. but it sort of seems like he’s your bias like Onew. He is not a freaking girl ok I know his looks are out of this world and basically he’s gorgeous. He’s grown up now he’s 22 in Korea but internationally he’s only 20. he used to be the youngest kpop maknae (youngest idol member.) So do us all a favour by not judging him on his looks. Key is a diva he was born that way and will stay that way. he’s got a feminine personality that why he seems girly to you but that’s why people fall for him. Hence the nickname almighty Key. He’s not gay and with all the fan fictions about Jonghyun and him and all these other people they’re from the same company SM. They are just basically very good friends and Key and Jonghyun are from the same band so they have been together for 5 years.

    I know you have your own opinion but stop ranting on about them. Onew gets enough attention, Jonghyun isn’t mean, Taemin is not a girl, Minho is not a useless alien and Key is not gay. So do your self and all the other Shawols/fans a favour and leave then the hell alone. Your article is the most pathetic one I’ve ever read.

  74. I really enjoy seeing their “falseness”. And I specially like Onew.
    BUUUT! Omgsh I just loved this. I love the fact that you are just “humanazing” them. People (specially fans) idolize everything. That’s just wrong.
    Just like you have said in this post, they’re simply not perfect. Just a group. Just human capital, a service from an entreprise.

    So I loved it. Despite what the blinded fanatics say, I think is great that there are people out there that are willing to say what they think.

    I like the ‘characters’ of SHINee.
    Because I evade reality with lies like them XD. But it’s just that.

    Congrats for the sincere post! :D

    PS: sorry for the english XD

      • so you agree about the way they trash talked SHINee’s appearance? That just shows how rude and obnoxious all of you are. They call Jonghyun mean but they’re the ones who said that he was 100% ugly just because his nose was natural. What is wrong with you guys? Seriously you’re a hypocrite.

    • I agree that SHINee is human, but I don’t agree with this author’s ridiculous biased opinions made out to be fact. There is a difference between making them out to be human and making them out to be SUBhuman. Sugarlimbo, please realize how ridiculous the author is being.
      “Jonghyun is lucifer, ugly, short, mean”? 1st of all, you don’t know anything about his personality other than what the media portrays him to be like. Height? You might like tall guys and you might not think he’s attractive but your OPINION doesn’t equate to fact. Minho can’t rap? Alright. I’d like to see the author of this article try to be a better famous rapper than Minho. Why are you not a famous rapper then? Why the hell do you people judge these people so harshly when in reality you’re worse than all of them because of your terrible personality?
      Key is gay? Where’s your proof? How can you guess a person’s sexuality just based on the way they act? The author of this article is really just… ridiculous and closed-minded…
      This blog shouldn’t be called “The Truth About Kpop.” It should be called “Some Ignorant Rude Hypocritical Bitch’s Opinion About Kpop.”

  75. Excuse me, this is my own opinion but I think you should keep your thoughts in a private blog. I’m not a big fan but the way you explicitly state all your fabricated thoughts is really insulting and offensive.

  76. Okay, I know everyone has their own opinions and all; but I think most of the things that you posted on here are very offensive to us Shawols. But, I will not argue with you. Since opinions, are opinions. But, next time; can you at least try to be nicer when writing articles about K-pop groups like this? I mean, seriously. It can seriously offend people when you put such harsh words and insults to our K-pop idols in these kinds of blogs. Think about it, you are a fan. How would you feel if someone made a post like this towards your favorite band or idol?

  77. Who on earth are you to disrespect people like them? Did you have a conversation with them personally? Are you really that fucking close to them? You don’t even know what they’ve been through just to get a fucking spotlight on them. It’s really pathetic to see posts like these; judging people, saying horrible things about them. Yes, they’re not perfect. Nobody’s perfect. So how can you judge them like that? I know that these posts are entirely your opinion. But you really went too far. It’s not right to post craps like these. Be careful with your judgments. I’m actually curious with your looks….

  78. ok ok you are entitled yo your opinion but this is just wrong on so many levels first off shinee is one of the many male groups where ALL the members are visuals there may be better rappers than minho but being a rapper was never is real dream he loves football but if being a rapper was his dream then i would expect him to actually be great at it and he is SO NOT ugly jonghyun also isn’t ugly and he has a great voice taemin’s just has a cutsy face what can he do about it he was born this way i don’t really think onew is being mistreated from what we see he acts more like the maknae than the leader which is cute key okay EVERYONE loves key he’s outright funny and he’s aslo handsome( duuuhhh VISUAL!!!)
    so i think that your statements here are invalid

  79. This is just an opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the way it was written was kind of rude… There’s no facts to back everything written up, but once again it’s just this person’s opinion.

    • Personally, I love SHINee and I like their songs but this is valid. You have your opinion and you are being completely respectful about it unlike the author of this article. Thumbs up to you, from a SHINee lover.

    • Google is already invented :) I recommend it!! it’s really useful. Like you write “shinee” there and bum the rest is like magic :)

  80. What gave you the right to judge them like that? Have you ever heard of respecting someone? Well here’s something for you: go fuck yourself. Behave as you wanna be treated and don’t come up with this bullshit. It’s okay if you don’t like them, but going that low to write such, are you fucking kidding me? I couldn’t imagine anyone who’s more annoying and unreasonable than you. I even thought this whole thing was some misplaced joke, unfortunately it was not. I’m sorry for being this rude, it’s totally out of my character, but you went too far.

  81. I stumbled across this post and I read it. But this was sorta a bit rude..
    Well, at least these guys tried to make the catchy songs popular.

    We don’t know these dudes personally. They might have weird “fan services” but can you really judge a book by its cover?

    This is not a criticism. Just a thought.
    Thank u.

  82. Lol im just gonna direct myself right off of this website because I know this is nothing but a bunch of troll ass bullshit. Either that or you fuckers are blind and have either horrible taste or extra high standards. Lol honestly wtf is this shit? Im just gonna go back to allkpop. I question why people even read this crap lmao

  83. I actually find your little article quite pathetic. Have your opinions, voice it, that’s what you want to do, oh well. But you’re basically telling people that Shinee is not worthy because YOU think they’re pieces of shit, with the exception of Onew. You obviously have a bias towards Onew. And since when was it announced that Key was “gay”? Did he tell you this personally? I didn’t think so… It’s really pathetic how you’re so confident when stating it, also. And if he was, he can do whatever he wants in his free time. I’m not a crazy Shinee fan. I too think that they have lots of room for improving.. A lot of room, actually.. However, I do believe they have talent, and I do respect them. I just happened to stumble upon your pathetic excuse for a kpop review or whatever it is you’re trying to portray. To tell you the truth, you seem bored with your own life. You don’t know anything about how much they’ve suffered or haven’t suffered, and that’s fucking crazy because you’re acting as if you cling onto their every move. I mean, you obviously seem to personally know who they are, right? That’s literally like me saying that you’ve accomplished nothing in your life, basing my opinion on this piece of shit you’ve manage to write.. but I won’t, because I have no idea who you are. I don’t personally know who they are, either. It’s just quite unfair to them. Of course they have to put on a show here and there, that’s what being a fucking celeb is. A fucking show. But the fact that you think it’s okay to judge their talent, hahaha. You must think you’re some kind of god, don’t you? Kpop, in general, is far from perfect.. we allllll know that. But at least Shinee, and all the other kpop groups you might deem unworthy, got to where they are now, which is happy, hardworking, and successful. And I’m sure people who actually support and love them and their work are happy for them. Thanks for reading.

  84. This is obviously VERY biased. Is it just me or does the writer seem a little (alot) rude? I’m fine with your opinion on looks, i don’t agree, but everyones got they’re own tastes. I personally don’t understand the hate on Jonghyun and this ‘Onew abuse’ you keep talking about. They’re very good to each other from what I see, then again nobody but them would know what happens off camera. No offense, but I find your opinion to be unintelligent, biased and downright hateful.

    • i also think this is VERY BIASED. I felt the writer of this just want to focus mostly on key. Jonghyun does NOT have a bad voice and he is definitely NOT UGLY AT ALL. None of them are ugly. this post i just plain rude. sorry.

  85. One question

    First of all:
    I think you haven’t got ANY experience with SHINee.
    How can you say how their characters are?
    I saw always something different about Minho and Jonghyun. c;
    Oh, and they CAN sing.
    Jonghyun is known for his strong voice, Minho’s rapping
    is unique but not. the best of the bests

    Why Do you think why SHINee is that popular~
    Because they are really good and famous, they have a huge fanbase.

    And last:
    Honey, I’d like to see. how you look alike..;3
    Minho and Junghyun ain’t ugly.

  86. I like the rest of your posts about other bands but I find this one kind of rude, I know that Minho and Jonghyun are well undeserving of the attention they get (Onew’s the best in my view) but you should explain why, like you did in the rest of the posts. the bigbang and super junior ones were good

    • Exactly. Misters you said their dance moves were bad. WHAT?!you try dancing until you ache, being forced to work on rest days, the kpop industry is practically hell and guess what? SHINees hard work finally payed off and they finally made it big. They earned their place is kpop. And who the hell are you to disagree? And sir, I would like to see you dance to all of shinees songs with no fault or look as handsome as ‘gay key’, ‘troll jonghyun’ or ‘alien minho’ pfft.

      • lol. that’s all the authors had to say. because they’re either really stupid or just trolls… haha. there’s no way this is legit, unless these people just have a really low mental capacity.
        oh, did i say “people”…? sorry, more like hideous, hateful monsters… :s

  87. So, I’m not a SHAWOL, nor am I in any way planning on sticking up for them without knowing the group any more intimately than “oh, their music is tolerable at times”. Besides, if I disliked this, I wouldn’t have wasted my time commenting, as I see many have. This is probably my favorite blog ever about SHINee, not only because some of it was so, so true, but that it was just so much fun to read. At a time, I was pretty anti-SHINee because I thought the fans were blind and deaf, now that I have taught myself to have some respect for the group it’s oh-so-hard to retain this mentality after remembering why I felt this way initially. Thank you for this though. /prepares self for a lot of negative reactions.

  88. I’m just wondering, how can you say that you know the real score behind every kpop group???? Have you met them? or do you have any connection with them that made you think you know them better than the others???
    if you don’t know them personally, i think you should not talk about how bad they are ‘cuz what if what you are seeing is only an illusion created by the management?? what if the SHINee that we see is a group of good and talented people wearing masks in order for them to get more fans???
    everything is possible in this world and we can’t judge people base on what we see. we should dig deeper and listen to their hearts’ stories.

  89. Okay, I understand that everybody is in titile to their own opinion. It’s fine if you think SHINee isn’t ‘up to par’ in your views. but its so wrong when you call them ‘ugly’ or talentless’ not because it is not true, but because it is voiced as it is a fact rather than an opinion. Everyone’s idea of beauty is different – each person sees beauty in different ways.

  90. I really disagreed with a lot of your points, but one stood out the most. Key is not in love with Jonghyun, he is in love with Woohyun. Jonghyun is just his close second.

  91. Im offensive? did u not notice the awful things u said about SHINee… Jonghyun and Minho specifically? I dont normally call people retarded. This is the first time i called someone that in many years. Stop being pathetic. You have no right judging them! They are amazing guys and don’t deserve the cruel words u said. Then again, there will always be haters.

    • We don’t care if you think we are offensive, but we don’t think its okay for you to offend innocent third parties. And you really cannot justify being rude by pretending this post is some huge injustice against mankind.

      • But it’s seriously unfair because you’re obviously biased towards Onew and Taemin. You’re offending Jonghyun. He already gets called short a lot, so why rub it in? I know this feeling myself because I’m 5’0″ and I’m going to be at that height for the rest of my life. You’re also offending Key and Minho. Key is definitely not gay. How would you know? You’re either a sasaeng fan or an anti.

    • i accidently entered… but Jonghyun is not ugly. He’s actually really attractive. He does not sing badly at all. he’s alittle on the short side but i dont see why that matters. Everyones heights are different. He’s taller than me and im almost 23. I love his voice, personality and appearance. Just because Key is feminine does not make him “gay”. They are all perfect in their own ways. I think they all have amazing personalities. Just because im a shawol doesnt mean i put them on this pedestal. There are alot of bands(non kpop) i like that dont have great personalities. That is why SHINee is my favorite. I love them all! They got me into dancing. They inspire me each and everyday. Your blog thing is so retarded. All of you need serious help.

      • Firstly, way to go on having concise and cohesive thoughts. If this bothered you so much that your anger literally lingered though 4 comments maybe you need the life.
        But on top more important subjects, you really should refrain from using words like “retarded”. That is an extremely offensive word on top of making the users of it seem extremely ignorant and inconsiderate. Especially by the age of 23 you should really know better and have far more sophisticated language, than resorting to an insult of a second grader.

      • looks like the author doesn’t understand studies about genetics. I’m only 15 and i’m 170cm on height. and am a girl. so i think you should get some life and study genetics so you would understand that everyone’s genetics are different. i’m not even sure you’re taller than jonghyun so you were able to judge him like he’s short or what. and he’s one most rated k-pop singer. and you … i’m 100% sure you ain’t better than him. so, piss off ? ;)

    • Just let me say this to you; treat people as you would like to be treated. So I don’t think you have the right to say such a thing.

  92. Wow… the stuff that was said about Jonghyun and Minho are mean. Where’s the proof? I saw how they were on “One fine day” and “hello baby”. dont say it was an act because i honestly dont believe it was. Minho is such a sweet guy and he is good looking -.- He’s one of the only rappers that i can actually stand… Thats saying alot considering i really hate rap. I love all the members of SHINee and it wouldnt be the same without Minho. oh, and for Jonghyun! He is extremely talented and nice… everyone has there off days. Every one of them are amazing! wtf gives u the right to judge them like that? This is so harsh and none of them deserve your cruel words. Get a life and stop judging other peoples lives. does it make u feel better, trying to bring people down? I really hope SHINee never see’s this. Onew is my bias btw. Leave SHINee alone!

  93. The bias is strong with this one…

    IMO, none of them is worth anything. The group description at the end is very accurate though!

  94. Whoever wrote this is, well, an idiot. It’s obvious you are just sour because they have not been tortured publicly.
    I’m sure you’d give a higher score if they were a part of YG instead of SM.

  95. You Never Really Explained Why Or How.
    Their Is No Evidence To Prove Your Thesis.
    Not Saying I Don’t Believe You. But Please Make A Proper Argument.
    I Have A Quetion. Why Is Shinee Jonghyun Mean? What Did He Do Exacly?

  96. To the person who wrote this article ; Are you kidding me?! What makes you think you can judge them when you don’t even know them. You sound pathetic and ignorant for writing this article.

    Get your facts straight before judging people, you don’t even got facts to back it up. Maybe you haven’t realize this but other writers screenshot your article and is now on other Kpop Sites around the world talking about how stupid you sound.

    There’s so many untrue shit in your article I’m not even gonna bother correcting you.

  97. This blog was a little too harsh.
    I mean, SHINee is an awesome group. They have a lot of talent and are really popular. Sure, they got some things handed to them. Calling them spoiled just because they have enough beds isn’t reasonable. This blog is obviously one big opinion.Jonghyun and Minho aren’t THAT ugly. I mean they aren’t my biases but your opinion was exaggerated. Jonghyun’s voice does not sound like that. I agree with you when you say Onew’s voice is better because I like the way it sounds. But Jonghyun’s voice isn’t that bad. Plus I am sure Jonghyun is not really mean. And when you say they bully Onew and Taemin, they are doing it playfully, because they are like brothers.

    I think thats all I got to say right now…. But all together your blog is too superficial, judgemental, and exaggerated. =____=

  98. I seriously love you. You read my mind about this. Your views on Jonghyun were a little harsh but everything else spot on!

  99. you are seriously just so fucking mean jonghyun is not my bias in SHINee and I find you so fucking mean jonghyun’s vocals are one of the best amongst all Korean artistes and honestly what do you mean by he is ugly excuse me you must be blind or maybe you’re allergic to attractiveness honestly I think you just described yourself how is jonghyun even mean omfg . and don’t make onew look so fragile or easily bullied excuse me all members hold so much respect for him this is how they fool around you’re not a shawol so you don’t know . Minho is a good rapper and dancer he might not sing the best but he tries really hard and he does everything well . our maknae is not that sickeningly innocent oh pls . do you actually know how sly our little bby is huh . you don’t right ? that’s why . key is honestly like the best . he excels in everything he does and he is not as feminine as you guys say yes he looks feminine he is whiny and bitchy and all but he is also really manly and boyish

  100. Wow, whoever you are, you must be some kind of, oh I don’t know, a b!tch? Jonghyun’s voice is angelic, unless you sing better than him, and it’s obvious that you’re a mean jealous person who’s probably envy of what kpop is. well new flash; you just made Shawols stronger and insulting SHINee doesn’t make you any better. It’s really funny how you show how bias you are oh looks like you really love Key and Taemin but you JUST have to point out their flaws because someone might say you can’t review properly, which is true. If I were you, I’d do something worth while like putting yourself into the dumpster

  101. Okay. This may take a while.
    So, you may see that they are spoiled, but the rest of us see SOME work. Well, a lot to me. You see, if you’ve ever watched some videos of theirs, you’ll see that Minho wakes them all up early and makes them train. Key cooks the breakfast with help from Jonghyun, Onew does his leader stuff, and Taemin does whatever Taemin does. They all help each other out. The only times they really bully Onew or Taemin, it’s just little playful stuff because they’re like brothers, they grew up together in the same dorm. Just because they had beds and some others didn’t, doesn’t mean you should cuss them out, so what?! They have BEDS. They may not have had to go through bone-breaking torture as you put it, but so? We appreciate their music just as we do the other k-pop groups. And I’m not sure this is what you meant, but SHINee does write their own songs you know. You said something about SM doing things for them, that’s not really true. Oh, and why must you point out the good things in both Onew and Taemin in extraordinary detail, and point out everything bad in Minho and Jonghyun. Key was in middle. Seriously, they all have good qualities. And reading this nonsense about Minho was terrifying, because honestly, he’s my favorite. SHINee may have had some things handed to them, but if they didn’t sing or dance well, then they would never have gotten their first album out, and they wouldn’t be so famous. They had things handed to them, but their talent didn’t just appear in the sky, they had to train, then show the people what they could do to get so famous. I personally enjoy SHINee and their music.
    One last thing, no matter how much I hate to say it because I officially dislike you, you have AMAZING vocabulary.

  102. Well I guess everyone has their own opinion, but I think you could’ve softened your tone a little bit? I mean, it’s pretty obvious you’re biased against SHINee- in comparison to, for example, Super Junior’s review, the length difference is astounding. I do agree with some parts of what you said (Onew’s part mainly), but at the same time there were parts which sounded rather, for lack of a better word that my up-at-5am-brain can think of, superficial (Jonghyun’s part mainly). Meaning, they were simply based on opinion.

    *writes a super long essay mostly out of boredom and adds in marks for fun* and I’m not even an official shawol heh. 8)

    1. Jonghyun and Minho aren’t THAT ugly. I mean yeah, they definitely aren’t the best-looking person in kpop ._. but I don’t think that they’re the worst. Some other people in the industry (that I won’t mention because it’ll stir arguments) look worse than them, and in fact I think they still looks considerably better than an average Asian man. Minho has model-like qualities (tall, long limbs, small face, big eyes < However in addition to that, he… has… some sort of aegyo, and is willing to joke around (kind of). That makes him a 8-8.5

    Yeah well that sums it up. :D Thanks for taking the time to read, whoever did, if you even did LOL.

  103. Ok, my turn!

    ‘ ‘
    Personality: 0
    Talent: 0
    Intelligence: 0

    I don’t think I’ll have to explain myself, reading this post is probably enough.

  104. Dafuq is this? I mean what rights do you have to judge them? What makes you think they are spoilt? They do receive tough training. They worked hard for this, they didn’t just fucking receive all these fame from god. Seriously?! Don’t judge them when you don’t know anything. What do you know? I’m not saying I know everything but at least I dont judge and insult! Minho & jonghyun are ugly? I’m pretty sure you look much more uglier and your heart/face is dirtier than the sole of my shoes. Minho’s rap is not for you to judge. What are you? Some fucking rap expert? There’s a reason why Minho is the MAIN RAPPER. Although, I agree Minho’s rap isn’t that great compared to other rappers but I don’t insult or judge him like you. And what?! Judging Jonghyun’s looks? What are you? Some beauty expert? Commenting on his vocals? It’s not as if you can sing any better. Who are you to judge SHINee anyway? I know everyone has their own opinions but that doesn’t mean you can judge and insult. Minho is pitiful? I think you’re more pitiful, like a pathetic bitch. A bitch who assumes and judges when she’s prolly not any better herself. Netizens should stop praising his rap? Everyone has their own opinions. You can’t stop others from liking Minho’s rap just because you dislike it. Jonghyun is mean? How do you even know? EVEN IF he’s mean, I’m sure he can’t be as mean as you. Im not trying to reprimand/curse/kill/bash you or whatever. I’m just honestly curious about how you even came to all these conclusions and judgements. If you would really explain, I’m sure more people will understand you. I really prefer your other posts….. I’m just saying. Really. I’m not trying to be mean or what. I just find this really unfair. Your other posts were definitely better. Have a nice day? ^_^

  105. Okay, whoever made this blog is a rude bitch. How dare you say how “untalented” or how “ugly” someone is? Everyone has a purpose on this earth and you have no f*cking right to say otherwise. I wanna hear YOU sing because you must be the sh*t the way you’re talking about Jonghyun. So before you go and judge them, let’s see how much talent you actually have. Have a nice day ^.^

  106. when anyone says that SHINee is not a good group/mean/and has this too low of a rating… then you’ll obviously know that this blog is shit or very much biased.

    if i didnt know any better, you might just be jealous cause your oppars dont get much praise as shinee does. SHINee isnt perfect or super famous, but they have always been received well by the public, especially for their talent.

  107. lol-ing at all the pressed shawols here.

    and of course, lol-ing at the hilarious article.

    my poor dears, clearly sarcasm and wit do not translate well online – especially in a fandom where english is not the primary language.

    anyways, keep it up – i am a shawol, and i was laughing out loud as i read this. everyone needs to take a chill pill and learn to laugh at themselves (and their biases) once in a while.

      • It’s hilarious watching how some of them react to this, I actually find this blog really funny cause you’re so blunt and don’t hesitate :D

        I read your other blogs and loved them!

        I can’t wait to read your writing again!

  108. Three opening words to you, the amazingly dumbass peach and bagel:
    Fuck. You. Bitch(es).


    Might I say your remarks are ASTOUNDINGLY racist? Might I say that evidently you don’t even have an INFINITESIMAL FRACTION of the talent that SHINee has, and you’re just being a whiny-baby jealous little ratchet bitch who has absolutely NOTHING better to do than diss on the guys who have done nothing wrong to you and definitely are better-looking than you?
    Like I said…you’re just jealous. You poor baby. BITCH. I’d love to see a picture of you put up on here and see you try to say you look better than Jonghyun. If you can’t…well, that just proves my point, doesn’t it? Which, of course, you can’t. BITCH!!!

    WHY THE FUCKING HELL IN THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU EVEN TRYING TO RATE THEM ON THIS SO-CALLED SCALE OF YOURS??? We know where they lie: 1,000,000+ ABOVE YOU. Your shit is just that: shit. A big-ass pile of it.

    Do you even fucking KNOW Jonghyun in person? Do you? Have you met him? Huh? Unless you know him in person and are best friends with him, YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RIGHT TO JUST FUCKING INSULT HIM THE WAY YOU DO. Then again, I have no idea how you’d get ANY friends. Again, BITCH.

    Appearance. You speak of their noses. You bitch, you dumbass shit-ugly whorish BITCH, their NOSES my ass. You rate their sizes. I’m a 100% Asian girl and I say their noses are beautiful. And you say Jonghyun’s is big because…? You’re jealous. Or, possibility two, YOURS is just so fucking big-ass that it covers your eyes and you can’t see around that shit.

    I still have more to say. But until I get more time (because I, unlike you, have a fucking LIFE and I, unlike you, am mature enough that I don’t bitch on SHINee just because I’m some jealous little whore who DOESN’T have a life!!!), I hope you do yourself, your parents, me, and Shawols everywhere a huge favor and GO DIE IN A FUCKING HOLE. Thanks.

  109. you’re seriously the most annoying fuck ever. stop hating on K-pop idols on your free time you uneducated shit. they have more people like and respect them than you EVER will. they’re all human and perfect in their own way, so stop hating. what ticked me off the most is the comments made about jonghyun. his voice is SO amazing and deep. i’d like to hear you hit one note right. do something better with your time annoying bitch.

  110. Ok girl, since you said “we”, so this is written by a group? Oh man, i thought this was only “personal weird thought” of a mental but now.. Wow. And sorry for saying them gay. Its feminine, ok, sorry. And you seem to know ’bout SHINee quite well. Except the fact that you cant write their name exactly. LOL. Hey but after all, we all have our own thoughts, right? like how i hate mblaq infinite b1a4 exo 2am younghwa snsd kara t-ara bap teen top sistar no need any precise reason. So..this is yours, mad girl :) tks for reading my comment

  111. Hmmm imagine what will happen if i translate this into French, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and spread it all around the world, the SHINee World. You wont be cursed much, dont worry girl, cuz you arent even worth their time, our time :) i just think that.. Maybe you want it? The fame? And you like the gay guys right? Look the way you describe Jonghyun and Minho, the two manliest members. And you appreciate the others.
    P/s: i agree that SHINee was debuted in replacing DBSK, but its not the reason that you have the right to curse my boys like this :) tks girl

    • You are so rude and annoying, having feminine features doesn’t make some one gay and being “manly” doesn’t make someone strait. And we do read comments yet your opinions and shit is unimportant and insignificant.

      • “Your opinions and shit is unimportant and insignificant”

        Umm… NO.
        Look, I am just sick of this type of thing, and this is me saying in my ‘shit opinion’

        STOP IT.

        What if SHINee read this? How would they feel?!

        Just remember

      • When you say about others being rude, please thought about your own first! If you rude to others, how you want others not to be rude to you! Its the cycle! Judging others whom you don’t really know in a bad way is rude you know! If you hate/ don’t understand them, then don’t write about them! If you say other people are ugly, show some evident that you are more good looking! Let others to judge. If you think Jonghyun voice is awful, then you must mean that most kpop singer sound awful too. Cause it is proven that Jonghyun is one of the best singer in the kpop industry. They did go through tough time just that you didn’t see it. You only look at how famous they are and assumed that they are spoil. You choose to ignore the whole story and look into just a small picture and assume what you think is truth.

      • “Your English is awful.” Please talk only when you’ve mastered the English language and learned the correct spelling of the word “straight”.

  112. Really, I would have just let this post pass since this was posted eons ago. But you just had to reply to comments recently, and that means your opinion never changed… not that I care but I just had to let out what I feel after reading this. OFFENDED. I am offended. It’s like you’re telling me I’m admiring the worst group ever existed… that I just wasted my time liking them… wtf. You are bias. Yes, I am bias too but at least I am not rude.

    Jonghyun cannot sing? Wtf. It’s like saying you cannot hear. Srsly, his voice is one of the best in kpop.
    And Minho wtf. You had NO RIGHT in saying he doesn’t matter in the group. SHINee wouldn’t be SHINee without Minho, or any of the five.
    And who said the members were taking Onew for granted? If they did anything mean to him, that was for show. Duh! I bet the real mean idols would hide their true personality on camera. No one knows their true personality except them, ONLY THEM. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you basically had no true basis on your personality ratings.

    “They endured nothing, have felt no pain, and this has just created a spoiled group.”

    WHAT?!!! Plainly stupid. Fine, they did not have to share a small apartment with many other men, maybe their path is ‘easier’ compared to the other groups but it was NOT easy. Nothing is easy in the entertainment industry. I’m sure they all had their own dilemma. But whatever, they wouldn’t have lasted this long if they’re not good. They wouldn’t have this many supporters if they’re just replacements!

  113. You just hate Minho. Maybe he is not good at rapping, I agree. But you saying he is not handsome is totally biased. You should accept it, you just hate him.

    • We don’t see why we have to.
      Free will dictates we can dislike someone because they are ugly, annoying, or untalented among other things (not all of which apply to minho). But seriously bossing people around makes you very very unlikeable.

  114. This is what I’ve seen. Onew is a leader, but one who is confident in himself. A leader who can take the backstage if necessary to develop the group as a whole. Jonghyun’s voice is indeed remarkable. I don’t think he’s mean. He gives Onew credit at being the leader, as does Minho. Just that Onew knows that Jonghyun’s voice is necessary for Shinee’s music to shine. And since Jonghytun is vocal, Onew probably went, okay, go ahead and take the limelight. Better for me to focus my energy on other things. Minho’s voice is fine, but his register is lower than all of Shinee’s song. I’m totally in love with Onew’s voice register, which while as low as Minho’s has a husky quality that I don’t doubt would be perfect for the blues. :-) Minho’s voice is just low. I don’t detect that 100 year old scotch taste to it that Onew has. Their manager or agency ought to look for a song that would showcase his voice instead of doing whatever to fit him in. Key’s voice and Taemin’s voice are growing steadily in their control. I have a feeling that very soon, Taemin’s voice will equal or surpass Jonghyun’s. None of the boys are bad looking. They’re all good looking in their own right. Whatever their sexual preference is, they are good singers and as dancers, they’re pretty good, too. The thing that we forget is that they’re boys. They’re still growing up. And they’re not fully grown yet. Unfortunately, kpop idols don’t have time to grow up. They’re thrown into an adult world that is cutthroat especially with so many critics as well as fans and other kpop idols popping out of nowhere! So, for Shinee, I hope they all grow up and become who they are meant to be. Shinee may not be around as a group in a few years, so I hope the boys had something else lined up after. It’s a sad fact, but this is showbiz. Even in the states, we have groups that are one-hit wonders. I was hoping Psy would be one. Grrr.

  115. Not gonna lie, I actually respected your opinions pretty well before this, even if I disagreed with some of them. This was honestly one of the most awful, crude, and unjustified articles I have read in my life, and, considering my many experiences with the internet, that is a feat. You give next to no evidence or explanation for your seemingly unlimited hatred of this group. And I’m not saying this to defend SHINee. I like some of their music, but not all of it. However, I think that there are very few groups that deserve even a fraction of the level of unexplained criticism I saw in this post. I’m not even posting this in an attempt to disagree with you. I realize that nothing I say will convince you of anything, especially considering how much you seem to hate this group on the whole. It’s your right to dislike a group, however disagreeable your opinion may be to me. But when your way of doing so is so blatantly offensive and truthfully repulsive that I, a previously supportive reader, lose all respect for your stances and views on music or really any other aspect of life, you have a serious problem.

    I’m not asking you to change your opinions. I’m not even asking you to reconsider. I really couldn’t care less whether you like SHINee or not. But I am disappointed by this post. I came here expecting a thoughtful examination of the individual talents of each of the members, and an analysis of their merits as a group, much like the reviews of the other groups you have posted. Instead, I was presented with a badly worded, poorly thought-out, offensive, and completely unjustified hate rant. You have lost a supporter.

  116. This is actually a cool website. It’s cool to hear/read what other people have to say to k-pop. Also people who are big huge fans of k-pop don’t get so uptight with this website. Like you don’t judge people too.

  117. I am in no way defending the poster (i am a HUGE Shawol), but i’d just like to point out the date this was posted.

    Back in 2009 when i first discovered SHINee, i actually thought Onew looked like a troll, Jonghyun was hideous, Key was a pretty boy with weird eyes, Minho had a nice smile but his eyes were weird and Taemin looked like a little girl cross dressing.

    But i can tell you something, i do NOT think that now!

    Back then i found their music was catchy and i kinda liked their sound, and through supporting them i have begun to see that actually, my first assessments were wrong, merely because i spent so many hours (oh god, i have no life…) listening and watching them.

    If the poster does not like their music, i can wager they don’t spent time as much as Shawol’s do watching them, so do not see the positive traits we do. For instance, now i think:

    Onew has the best smile and warmest, sweetest and caring personality.
    Jonghyun has an amazing body, a great eye-smile & playful personality.
    Key has beautiful eyes, flawless skin and is very straightforward and worrying
    Minho is very manly, with (still) an amazing smile and features, and very sweet
    Teamin is very handsome and grown into a man (if – a cute one), who is just adorable.

    Opinions can change, but not by swearing and insulting. This was this posters opinion back in 2011. If you look, they title their sections ‘THOUGHTS’. You can’t tell a person their thoughts are wrong or not. We’re all different and entitled to our own judgement.

    If you don’t like theirs (which admittedly, reading this i didn’t..), just close the tab or type in google and leave.

    Simple, really :O

  118. You should probably stop replying to these comments.
    – It will make you look even more desperate and childish. Don’t try to defend yourself.

  119. This isn’t even worth the time I would have to spend correcting all your false statements and shallow accusations.

    Just one thing:
    YOU call THEM mean?
    Well, look who’s talking.

  120. I really hope you’re kidding. Because if you don’t, might as well as delete this post and realize how Jonghyun sings like an angel. I mean it. Are you born deaf or just biased?

    • If your mom had never given birth to you the world would be a better place. (You should get yourself checked for Alzheimer’s, since mothers have nothing whatsoever to do with the relevant topic at hand, and you’ve already demonstrated your I’ll state of mind. I’m mildly concerned for your instability.)

      • It is always just dazzling to see how a shinee fan can take a joke and really justvbe a complete dick… It is quite the skill unique to your kind (not every single one of you but a vast majority) saying things like that is gonna get you some really bad bad karma. What kind of emotionally broken person is so invested in some random Asian people that they get so worked up over sooooooooooo little?

  121. I respect your opinions, but perhaps you’d be more convincing and sound less like an incredibly biased crazed fangirl if you gave supporting evidence along with better phrased criticisms. Honestly I found it very hard to take your post seriously. I’m saying this for your own good.

  122. OK…I don’t know why I’m not realize this site before.
    Now…I’ve read some of your analysis (?) about Shinee and other groups,and I just want to summarize everything here.
    I must say,this all just a random comments.I can get some of it,but overall I’m not agree with almost of it (Big nose…long hand & leg…ugly…etc),but it’s your opinion and this site is yours.But I think (I should say BELIEVE) your style just too harsh.But again maybe this your style,or skill.I agree with one of many comments,why don’t be neutral on writting?How about you talking about the group’s achievements too?Oh,I get it…this site is yours…
    I almost believe that (regarding your analysis) you are watching/reading too many dramas,movies or fanfics too much that your analysis has a lot of boo-boo and cheesy!
    By the way,please excuse me for grammatical mistakes…I don’t have good skill on English…

  123. Please tell me that you are trolling.
    I swear, this is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard in my life.
    HOW DARE YOU judge them. You don’t know them personally, you don’t understand the reality of their position.
    So. Do us real Shawols a favour.
    Please, for your own good.

  124. no.. wait ..u didnt lemme complete
    i asked cuz ..if u werent a kpop fan then i was gonna salute you ^__^
    this website is really unique than the others .. i like it
    everybody has their own opinions but the one who voices it out is awesum and really brave :)

  125. Lmfao you’re obviously biased against Jonghyun just because he doesn’t get along well with your oppar. Don’t think Onew is that saint either, he beat up Key once when he got drunk. Key maybe forgave him quickly, that doesn’t mean Jonghyun will.. he has what he deserves.

  126. Girl, you’re biased as hell. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one, right? I’m a Shawol, but I found it amusing to read all of this nonsense. Parody? If so, you have succeeded. SHINee might come with their flaws, like all other groups, but have you not witnessed their choreography? Bless my heart that I fell for their dancing, but I’ve taken dance for several years – I appreciate what I see when I watch them perform. Watching Taemin in Younique, his moves were more crisp, on point, and executed way better than the others – even over some of his sunbaes. He’s no Yunho because Yunho is the best (Owned Spectrum), but no one is.

    As for as their appearances, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personally find all of them them attractive.

    • You are a truely vile human being. Stupid insensitive shit heads like you are the reason the world is an awful place, you immature stupid little brat. You win an argument by being more intelligent than your opponent. And how are we, normal bloggers, anything like a tyrannical mass murderer? Do not even comment on our blog again you scum.

  127. This is basically a biased, mean and terrible review. Firstly who do you think you are? its not right to go around saying bad stuff about people. They work much harder then you do. If you think that they are so bad then go ahead become a singer let’s see how that turns out for you :) BTW i highly doubt you will reply since you really can’t face the truth. So quit being rude and just keep your opinions to yourself cuz SHINEE IS AWESOME ;D

    • Our profession is not singing there for we do not have to actually be good or even proficient at singing. We have never said we could sing which means it is completely unrelated to the article.

      • Yeah your profession is not singing so its not right of you to say to Jonghyun that he sounds horrible :)

      • Then what is your profession? I sure hope it’s not this because to be honest, you’re writing style in extremely boring and childish, I hope you find something that you’re actually good at soon and don’t end up homeless, because that’s the way it looks :)

  128. In my opinion you are calling shinee mean but i think your the mean one. I have never seen shinee be mean to onew, yes they tease him but they all tease everyone. Its there personality and onew obviously doesnt have a problem with it. Who are you to judge them?? how about you post your picture and your singing voice and let us dissect you?? we dont need to know your personality we can already tell you have an ugly one. If you dont like them dont listen to them, dont pay any attention to them. Just live your life in a positive way instead of bashing people. At least they are brave enough to put themselves out there. All you do is write a stupid blog froom your computer where its nice and safe. At least they are doing what they love to do and by the amount of fans they have i think we can all say that they are good at what they do. they might not be your cup of tea but not everyone has the same tastes but that doesnt give you the right to say horrible things about people when you dont even know them. So shut your mouth and get a life. I totally regret wasting my time reading this stupid blog and even writing this msg is prob a waste of time b.c people like you are just bullies who never change. I doubt you would say any of this stuff to there face b.c if you did you know you would get knocked down by there fans. your a nobody sitting at a computer screen, id rather spend my time enjoying somebodies like shinee then reading junk like this from a nobody who has no life other then to put others down. might as well not reply to this i am never going to come back to read what you have to say anyways.

  129. Wow you really don’t know Shinee. I can probably tell where you’re coming from, but why the ridiculous opinion about the group. In my opinion, they are one of best looking groups overall and very talented.

    I mean seriously, your complaining about Taemin being too tall when Minho is six feet. I do have to say that one thing I like about Taemin is his eyes. They are big and cute when he isn’t hiding them behind bangs and over smiling, that’s an opinion though. Plus if you look at a recent video MAXSTEP from Youique Unit, it shows most of his moves and his audition is a good example. He is surpisingly pretty flexible even in his youth years.

    I can see what you mean by Minho’s looks, but you don’t have to be that mean about it. He is a bad dancer if you want to add that next time.

    I don’t think that Jonghyun nose is that big and his looks aren’t half bad. He might not have the best tone, but his range makes up for it, and like Yesung, he is the one that has the big note and runs atht everyone loves. Personality wise he is not that mean, when I looked into it. Jonghyun might look mean, but I don’t think he is all that mean. I think he is might be prideful, but I haven’t seen him actually be mean. Plus Onew and Jonghyun are pretty close. He just teases him, like brothers do. That is they way guys are, I live with two of them. Guys pick on one another, but its friendly and playful, it is not like he is saying that Onew is ugly.

    Key can dance well, try looking into their pre debut with both him and Taemin dancing really well together. He also danced well during his audition. I think that Key does have a cute personality, even though he can be a diva or is a little naggy.

    I really don’t think you looked into them as much, because the comments aren’t pointing out all the features that make them Shinee, and most of them are short compared to one’s of BigBang. I know I’m American, but I’ve seen worse Asians than them and I don’t have an awful opinion. No one is perfect, so why try for once to see them for who they are and try to not judge them to a fairy tale Princes. I know we all have our opinions, but at least try to not be so negative.

    • Excuss me I meant Key dances Good, and I think you got Onew pretty good. But you should’ve looked into it more, just saying. Minho was dancing with Taemin, Donghae, Eunhyuk , and U-Know, but IDK. :)

      • That was a live video I found called spectrum that had the guys in there include Lay and Kai, but it means that Minho isn’t without talent, just isn’t the best of the group. And sorry for all the commenting I’m just giving people a little more background if it helps, and if the guy or girl over the blog looks at it and wants to do more research. ^_^

  130. Ok, I’m not a Shawol (I’m a Cassiopeia) but I have to admit that SHINee are really talented. 4 out of 5 members can actually sing well, unlike some groups (cough cough). They’re also really great live, and their dancing is most of the time spot on. I’m pretty sure that their nickname “CD Swallowing Idol” (meaning that they sound nearly the same live as they do on their cd track) was given to them for a reason.

    And I think SM is to blame for Jonghyun’s “screeching”. Jonghyun has a really nice voice when he isn’t screeching out the lines that SM give him. Lucifer, anyone? *cringe*

    I personally find Minho attractive, and I don’t think Key is gay; he’s expressed interests in getting married to a nice girl and having children and stuff.

    I think it’s actually ridiculous that you name your blog “the truth about kpop” because none of this is the truth, it’s just your very biased opinion. I feel quite embarrassed that you actually think that your opinion is the absolute truth.

    And does personality and looks really matter that much? I would listen to a group for their music, not their personality and looks, and if I’m being honest with myself, SHINee have some really good songs. Not so much the songs that they’ve promoted (I never really liked Ring Ding Dong or Lucifer), but a lot of their B-tracks and earlier songs are quite good and I would recommend them to my Cassie friends in a heart beat.

    Maybe you should self reflect before you write another hate post. What are you achieving by writing this? Nothing. Just hate from Shawols and anybody with common sense to know that SHINee are talented. Very talented.

    I hope you grow up one day, OP :)

  131. Seriously, this ain’t true. If you don’t know SHINee well enough, don’t create false judgements about them. Firstly, I know Jonghyun is very caring, not mean. And Minho? Uh-uh. He dosen’t look that bad. In fact he looks hot. So does the rest.
    Secondly, replacement of TVXQ? Please. SHINee is different from TVXQ but they are close friends.
    I used to hate K-pop but now, I’m a huge fan of this group SHINee and also SNSD.
    Third, Taemin bullying Onew? I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Even if it does, they just do it jokingly.
    So if you don’t know SHINee well, don’t make false comments on them. They are the five dazzling boys of SHINee that will remain as every Shawol’s favourite and don’t make us regret our decision of being a shawol.

  132. Gosh.. Are you actually serious or is this a pathetic attempt to gain attention? (You sure got the attention no matter what)

    I understand that not all of us love SHINee and I don’t expect you to.. You may not like SHINee but this article was so badly written it was just laughable (but no, I didn’t find it the least bit humorous). I believe some of the other commenters raised several issues but seriously? Do you even KNOW SHINee personally? Cuz you sure SOUND like you do.. Jonghyun is mean? Taemin is being bullied? Onew is not being appreciated? Do you live in their dorm or something? What we can see is how they present themselves on screen (and I think you know idols don’t present their evil self in front of the camera right?).. We as fans don’t even truly know their personality off-screen and here you are rattling on and on about their relationship with one another and bad points without any proof. Most of your comments are simply groundless and plain mean. Maybe except for Onew and Taemin for most part.

    I know this is your blog and you’re free to write whatever, which means we are also free to comment whatever. But just in case you want your ratings of various kpop groups to be taken seriously, please write from a neutral stand. You clearly sound like a hater.. calling people’s nose “disgustingly huge” and whatnot. If you wanna be rude, at least make the post funny. We do laugh at posts that poke fun at or criticise (constructively) our idols in a funny or good-natured way, this is just not it. Thanks.

  133. It seems you are kinda bias towards taemin and onew…Either way, please do not say bad things about SHINee.. I am sure you have your own favourite group as well and wouldnt want others to badmouth them too.. How would you feel if others badmouthed your idols.. Reflect please..

  134. I’m sorry, this is something like the fourth comment I’ve posted in a short-ish space of time, and I’ll have to say, this one is not particularly positive.
    I could tolerate and wholeheartedly accept the analysis of Super Junior. I could see where you were coming from and it seemed (mostly) unbiased.

    This, however, was rather cruel. I was cringing when I was reading Jonghyun’s ‘looks’ analysis simply because it was so vehement. I appreciate that you don’t like his appearance, everyone has their own tastes, but did you really have to break down his features and spit on all of them?

    I’m afraid you went too far with this post.

  135. I’m going to reply to this calmly, because obviously you two need to be handled in such a manner – after all, from what I’ve gathered both of you seem to get offended far too quickly when your articles are criticized. Plus, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if both of you are under the age of thirteen (with fourteen seriously pushing it).

    What I want to know is why you feel the need to hate on them so much. I totally understand if you don’t like their music – everyone has their own likes and opinions. That, however, is no reason to talk such trash about people. They’re human beings, and here you are outright accusing them and hating on them. Go ahead, dislike them, I honestly don’t care, but I can’t fathom why you seem to HATE them. Have you met them? Did they harm you in any way?

    First of all, what’s this about SHINee bullying Onew, and Taemin when they aren’t bullying the leader? Tell me, where is the evidence of this bullying? I’ve seen many SHINee videos and I have yet to see any bullying happening. Teasing, yes. They’re guys. They’re best friends. My friends and I, although not guys, tease each other in the same exact manner. I know they still love me, because we’re close enough that we can do that. Same with Jonghyun supposedly being a huge jerk or whatever. I haven’t seen this, where have you seen it? I’m honestly curious to witness the oh-so-horrendous “devil” side of Jonghyun, or this unbearably harsh bullying of the poor, defenseless leader.

    Again, I understand that everyone has their own opinion, but it’s so rude to outright call someone ugly and point out all their faults. That’s such an elementary- and middle-school thing. Everyone has their own ideas of what’s attractive and what isn’t, but that doesn’t mean you have to go so far in hating on their appearance.

    I’m not trying to say that you aren’t allowed to have your own opinion, because you are. And hey, feel free to hate on them as much as you want – on your own time. Please don’t post such childish hate on the internet, don’t spread rumors.

    Anyway, I have a feeling you won’t be too pleased with my response, but I could honestly care less. The two of you have to be younger than I am (I’m fifteen), because your attitudes are incredibly immature. If you’re older than me… I feel very sorry for you.

    Well, I suppose I’m finished now. I’m perfectly aware of the fact that this comment will have no effect on your attitudes and blog postings whatsoever, but hey, I got *my* opinion in as well. So continue your hating, I suppose, and enjoy life. Some advice – growing up is tough, kiddos.

    P.S. I personally love one of your past comments of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” That statement, my friends, is incredibly ironic.

  136. I’m a Shawol and I was literally laughing at all of this. I don’t really mind when idols get hate and shit; I just usually ignore this, but you guys are honestly out of line. Especially Jonghyun’s “judgement”. He is literally one of the nicest people I have ever seen. And also one of the most talented. You probably wont even agree with me because you’ll probably look at my comment and think “yeah right, I hate him he’s always going to be blah blah” and not even try to understand. And really? You give him a 3.5 on his appearance? I don’t really care for what people think of how others looks, but I think you’re just too filled up with hate for him that you don’t even want to admit his features aren’t that bad. People can’t help how their physical features come out when they’re born. You guys are just rude. Honestly, do you enjoy hating on others? I used to be an anti of SNSD, 4Minute, etc. but now I’m huge fan, and my perspective on them has completely changed from when I hated them. When I became a fan I actually understood what was so great about them and why people liked them. I’m not saying you’re anti-SHINee, but this sure doesn’t sound like a praise article. Whatever, honestly, don’t even bother responding to this. I’m serious; I won’t even check to see if you responded. I know that no matter what I say, you guys would probably never change your minds on them. Might as well not even try. So just keep being negative, see where that gets you. By the way, “Jonghyun is the devil” I lol’d so much at that.

  137. Your try to make others hate SHINee has failed! Why do u take time wroting this, if u hate them so much… Jealous? Haters gonna hate lol I’ll ALWAYS LOVE SHINEE with my whole soul. *merong*..

    • You used the wrong tense of the verb write… You mean writing not wroting. We recommend a web browser such as FireFox or Google Chrome because they offer in browser spell check. Which obviously you could benefit from.

  138. Okay, first things first,girl. I appreciate you hating SHINee because.. hmmm how do I say this.. that you know them? If it wouldn’t for your hate you wouldn’t have posted this shit. Another thing, stop talking bullshit. I ain’t angry nor am I insecure..I guess I’m angry? LOLS Whateves,though. So,technically I want YOU to HATE SHINee even more. Why? Because I think if you hate them more you’ll get to know them. You listened to their songs even if you hate them. Wow? What’s that? So,yeah you’re an idiot and stuff. Oh..And I forgot.. I thought you hated SHINee? Why do you know about Jjong’s voice? Did you listen as a hater or a fan? People like you are basically just the same kind. The kind that hates but follows every peoples moves. Oh,yeah I think I forgot. ..You sure do know well as a H A T E R. I didn’t even know that much stuff it wasn’t for YOU. Thanks~ Lots love and XOXO~

    • Uhm… your reply kind of really makes you sound like an idiot, the fact is we reallg don’t have to explain ourselves to imbeciles such as yourself. And we don’t get where you people see hatred for the entire group, if our blog has shown us anything literacy is a fleeting skill. In that same notion, your public voice is so juvenile and so unsophisticated that it is actually laughable that you say we are “idiots”.

      • I find you incredibly immature and rude. I understand you have your opinions and you have this weird idea that it is the truth, but don’t criticize others for commenting or opposing an entirely biased article. I’m not even a SHINEE fan.

      • You spelled the word “really” wrong… You mean really not reallg. I recommend a web browser such as FireFox or Google Chrome because they offer in browser spell check. Which obviously you could benefit from.

  139. Is this a joke? If you were a shawol (which I’m assuming you’re not), you would know that pretty much everything about this is wrong. First of all, let’s start with your review of Jonghyun.

    “He’s mean” Do you know him personally? How would you know if he’s mean or not? From what I’ve seen in interviews and what the members have said about him, he’s not mean. Even Onew said that he thinks the nicest member of SHINee is Jonghyun. And, if he was mean, dont you think he wouldn’t care about fans or not appreciate them? But he does. He’s written a song dedicated to SHINee World, and in his Internet War performance, he had written the names of his fansites all over his back and torso. You can’t tell me that’s something a mean person would do.

    “His singing is God-awful and f*cking horrible” I’ll admit, sometimes he sounds pretty bad live. But sometime in their career, every singer/idol will sound bad live. During Sherlock promotions, I can’t think of one time that he’s sounded horrible live. But there are also times where he’s sounded fantastic live. And since you brought up Immortal Song 2, yeah he sounded pretty bad in that performance, but what about the other performances? Not all of them were bad. Maybe you should try to not only focus on the bad points of Jonghyun’s singing, but the good points as well.

    “His vocal control is commendable, though control of his voice is insignificant due to the fact that he sounds like a cat getting raped.” First response to this is wow, seriously? But, putting aside the fact that you compared Jonghyun’s voice to the sound of a cat getting raped, are you saying that vocal control doesn’t matter when you’re a singer? Because that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You’re practically saying that you can have a nice sounding voice but no control over it and that’ll make you more of a singer than Jonghyun is.

    When Jonghyun isn’t pushing his voice to hit those long, high notes that SM give him, he has a nice voice, albeit not as smooth as Onew’s or not as soft as Taemin’s, but still nice nonetheless. For example, Jonghyun’s A Million Roses performance on IS2 showcased a deeper, smoother tone of Jonghyun’s singing voice that we haven’t really seen before. The reason we haven’t seen it before is because SM give Jonghyun higher notes that are usually out of his range. So, if anything, you should be hating on SM, not Jonghyun, because this isn’t his fault.

    “You shouldn’t treat people the way he treats people. Especially Onew. Onew is his elder, and the leader. Jonghyun should treat him with respect and dignity. But because of his Napoleon complex, he finds the need to belittle and overall, just piss off, Onew.” Once again putting the point across that you do not know Jonghyun personally, so you can’t assume you know how he treats Onew off-camera.

    Now, onto your review of Key.

    Femininity =/= Gay. That’s your first mistake.

    “His eyebrows are awful. And as a gay man, he should be ashamed.” Again, assuming that he’s gay when you don’t know him personally.

    “He’s in love with Jonghyun, which is obviously some sort of personality defect.” You really like to think that you know the members of SHINee personally, don’t you?

    Let’s talk about your lovely review of Minho.

    “Minho is just futile. He doesn’t really do anything in Shinee, except rap badly.” What an original insult. I’m applauding for you. Aside from rapping badly, Minho does quite a bit for SHINee (surprise surprise).

    “Minho is basically ugly.” Have you ever heard of the phrase, “To each their own”? Maybe you should keep it in mind before you think that your opinion has some kind of absolution.

    “His personality is nonexistent. There’s nothing really special about him.” You must be stuck in 2008. I don’t know what interviews and variety shows you’ve been watching, but Minho has quite the personality.

    And last but not least, your review of Taemin.

    “Taemin is a cute little girl.” Really? I’m not even going to grace this stupid comment with an intelligent answer.

    “He’s really innocent and naive.” Have you heard of an on-screen personality? Being innocent and naive is Taemin’s ‘concept’ (well, it was back when this article was posted), and believing his ‘concept’ is a part of his off-screen personality is somewhat delusional.

    “Too bad Shinee doesn’t appreciate his efforts. It seems all they do is bully him, when they’re not harassing Onew.” You’re kidding me. All SHINee do is coddle Taemin, praising how cute and pretty he is, and Taemin soaks it all up like a sponge.

    “Shinee to us just seems like a TVXQ replacement.” Do you honestly think that SM would be dumb enough to think that SHINee could replace TVXQ? Also, calling them a “TVXQ replacement” is assuming that SM knew about Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun’s injunctions 3 years prior to the law-suit.

    “Unlike their predecessors, they did not have to share a 1,000 square foot apartment with 20 other men. They did not starve and were not forced to sleep on the floor because of the lack of beds. They endured nothing, have felt no pain, and this has just created a spoiled group (Which is why they abuse Onew).” So, what you’re saying is, SHINee haven’t experienced hardships during their training process, and that they’re spoiled because of it? Yet again, you’ve gone and assumed that you know everything. You don’t know what training was like for them, all we know are the small details and experiences that they’ve told us; and none of those details and experiences have given the impression that SHINee’s training period was a luxurious one.

    To title your blog “The Truth About K-pop” hints that you have a superiority complex, maybe you should get some help with that. You need to get your head out of your ass and realise that what you speak isn’t the truth; it’s unnecessary blind hate.

    You might get a bit more respect if you actually wrote an intelligent review, but you’re not even capable of doing that.

  140. Unsure if should feel insulted or if should take this as a joke… Either way it sounds really, really biased but oh well. But I guess Shawols (including me yes) just love them too much to see the flaws they possess and look past all that.

  141. Your pathetic for being biased. &you shouldn’t even be on this fandom of KPOP. What a shame you are in this KPOP fandom world.

    Wait im not done yet. Let me rate you before I go(:

    Personality: Negative -10
    Talent: A+ for being a hater
    Appearance: Just like your personality, full of ugliness
    OVERALL a disgrace of being you.

  142. To be honest, if you comment about people in such a bad way, I don’t think you’re anyway better than how you described them in the first place.

  143. I actually read the whole thing hoooray!! Well considering I dislike reading in general but this was about SHINee so yeah! ;)
    Personally, I do find this just a tiny bit offensive especially towards Jonghyun and Minho. Now I love SHINee but I must admit that I am not a great fan of Minho, Taemin and maybe Jonghyun. ONEW is my bias and may I thank you for not being harsh on him. Thank you very much and I really agree on the ratings too especially for ONEW and Taemin. When I first got into SHINee Key caught my attention because he was the most distinctive, talkative and had a very nice sense of humor. I mean he still does. Then as I got to know them a bit better through shows and interviews I slowly got attracted to ONEW!! His humor, his bright sunshine-like smile, his voice when singing and speaking is heavenly, his warm personality, his respect and much more!! I was stunned and just couldn’t help but fall for him!! I love him so much and glad that he’s in SHINee. I also notice that ONEW may sometimes not be appreciated and I always wonder why he’s not the main vocalist! Oh well! I don’t really like Taemin that much because whenever I see him smile it seems fake and he’s really quiet which is suspicious to me and he just makes things awkward! Basically, it seems to me that Taemin is not being himself! However, I am just neutral towards him. Jonghyun well I never liked that much at first but I recently realised how cool and funny he is. He has a great vocal talent and ability but the most annoying is when he often takes the spotlight of ONEW and almost behaves as if he’s the leader! What? Lol!! I don’t care about looks so all in all I kinda like Jonghyun. :P Minho well I just thought he was realllllyyyy weird at first and very odd! But nowadays he seems to be cheerful, fun and hilarious at times!! xD He comes across as arrogant or full of himself but I think that’s just how his face is and that’s how he was created. I never agreed on how people exaggerate on his looks because I think he’s good looking but not tooooo handsome. I have to say I really am a fan of his toned body; anyone can tell he exercises so much! I have a neutral feeling towards him. Key! As I mentioned earlier he was my temporary bias in SHINee. I love how he is spontaneous, honest and upfront. I love how he has great cooking ability and has an amazing sense of fashion. I also love how he is a quick learner and gives his all! I adore his unqiue voice and agree with you that he’s the better rapper and again wonder why he’s not the main rapper? Key in m opinion is the one member is SHINee who has multiple roles; Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper. In my opinion as well, I prefer Key dancing abilities because it’s smooth and easy to follow whilst Taemin’s makes me dizzy!-_-
    So, I know some would attack me and start to say that I am not a true Shawol but I don’t care because as long as I KNOW I am I do NOT need others to tell me that!
    SHINee <333 ^_^

  144. I really like Jonghyun! He’s an amazing singer. I have to say though, when I first discovered the world of Kpop and Shinee and was watching Lucifer Taemin was my bias and I was like DAFUQ IS THIS UGLY DINOSAUR SWEET BABY TAEMIN I SHALL COME SAVE YOU!! But Jonghyun actually seems like a really sweet/dumb person and I think his personality made him more attractive to me (and his beautiful abs) and now he seems like a god. Also he seems a lot less attractive in music videos than interviews. For some reason all idols do to me. I totally agree with you on Minho though. He the token “hot guy.” I don’t hate him but if they just replaced him with someone with actual talent (or a hotter token hot guy) Shinee would be so much better. But back to Jonghyun, I don’t think he’s mean really. I think Onew’s just extremely awkward and when you’re around someone so awkward you just have to tease them a little. Onew is the definition of awkward. But I love him for it. I love Shinee if they just got rid of Minho. OnTae and Jongkey FTW.

    • Dude. Minho is awesome okay. He is hot, and talented. His singing is great! If you hate on dislike or want a member to be replaced, you wll never be a true shawol. Never I mean it. SHINee World doesn’t want fans like you or the writer of this blog. Kay? Kay. BYE.

    • I totally unlike your comment about Minho. Shinee would never be the same if one of the members would be replaced. Minho is the flaming charisma. He has captured the hearts of many fans by his looks.

  145. F*CK ! how dare you say that ? if you’re a hater then just shut the fuck up! we understand that some may hate SHINee but those words. Oh Com’n ! Look at the mirror bitch ! gossh! are you that immature saying those things that are obviously not true ??! OMG! i don’t know what to say, i just want to ahhh, nevermind !!!!! we shawols won’t accept this kind of hating towards SHINee. you should have just keep it yourself not posting it here and telling all the people. f*ck ! maybe you just have to envy SHINee now , accepting the fact how far they’ve reach !!!!! :|||| i’m totally pissed after reading this blog ! ><

  146. okay now what is this shit.I am a singer myself and if you were one you wont say that jonghyun sounds like a cat getting raped.cause the notes he hits is like very difficult for a male to do so cause of their voice structure.I agree that onew has a good voice.

  147. Three things:
    1. I was reading some of the comments, and I noticed how you only replied “Thanks:)” when the people were posting about how great it was that you said that Minho looked like an alien. Biased much?
    2. I really don’t know why you keep calling Shinee gay. I mean, they aren’t my favorite group [Big Bang is (GD bias)] but really! THEY MAY NOT BE GAY
    3. I LIKE Jonghyun’s voice! My mom does too and that’s a big thing! I think you reviewed them with A LOT of biasness [is that even a word?] mixes in. Seriously.

  148. Frstly , ur syng tht onew is bullied by d othr members is so nt true. They only jke arnd wth thm. Now, u wll say that i dnt knw thm personally thn i wll say that a shawol does nt require to knw our SHINING OPPAS prsnlly to argue tht onew isnt bullied by d othrs. Secondly, ovsly hw cn u sy anythng abt hs lks. I mean i dnt really thnk JJONG is verrrrrry gud lkng. Bt to be a sngr lks are seriously nt imprtnt. N wht u r syng about is voice, is so flse . U cnnt sy lke tht bcz hve u ever dne high notes urslf?? I thnk not. Thirdly, n d mst imprtnt fr me is u syng key oppa is GAY!!!! I m a big locket (if u knw wht it is) n i thnk tht Key oppa is one of the cutestttt people ever existd in dis wrld n he is also vry tlntd in cooking, japanese, english, painting. Oppa chincha daebak!!! Fourthly, if u sy minho is ugly, wht type of people are u lkng at all ur lfe. N him being talentless is so flse othrwse he wud nt have been streetcastd fr his looks n later hw wud he have pssd d auditions? N lastly, u forget to mntn smethng – that Taemin is a fantabulous dancer.

  149. people who post this article surely are crazy n jealous towards them..don’t you have manner?if you don’t like somebody just shut up!you also was not that good..everybody have their on special and ugliness…don’t overboard in making your own image really low profile..

  150. God, I’ve read all this article and I think most of the things you said are true. First of all, I’m new to kpop, I became addicted to that about 3 months ago, because of my best friend *___*
    the first band i came to know is super junior, and I still love them. Then, I got into all SM family, which I adore. At first I didn’t really like SHINee, because I didn’t get why people kept saying they’re pretty. Honestly, they’re a million miles far from super junior, shinee to me is just uglier. But it’s just my opinion. Then, I really hated jonghyun’s voice, and again everybody said that he’s one of the best singer in kpop, that his singing is flawless blah blah. What’s wrong with my ears?, i thought, Yesung is much better. Then, I saw the lack of personality they have, and the most heartbreaking thing is that this group doesn’t seem close, they really confident with each other to me. Sorry, it’s just what I’m seeing. I’ve watched lots of SJ’s shows, and they were like, the epitome of a funny group. Shinee group’s variety is just boring compared to them. they lack a real bromance. But I kept watching clips, honestly because of Taemin, my bias. I really like him, and he’s the reason why I like SHINee, after all. And their music is awesome, but I think that most of people in this group are overrated (minho =.=). Just my opinion, and from what I can analize it’s the same of thepeachandthebagel. Shawols, please don’t hate me, I like shinee in a strange way, I’m not saying they’re not good, but they aren’t really my cup of tea. sorry.

    • You’re not a kpoper but obsessed with super junior. You keep on nagging about super junior, but do you know other kpop groups? B1A4? Boyfriend? TeenTop? DO YOU know them? I doubt it. Your obsession with Super Junior doen’t mean you’re a kpop fan. Just snap out of it. SHINee is one of the best idols in kpop, if you just find positive sides about them. They take care of their leader in a way that even us shawols can’t see. You can judge them if you used or living with them for so many years. You don’t know THEM. WE also don’t know them. Except for their dorkiness, singing abilities, dancing, and variety sense. If you’re one of an idol group. Can you be like them? NO. And you won’t be an celebrity. EVER. STOP BASHING OUR SHINee.

      • Oh shut up!
        It’s not like this person is even talking to you, so back up. You all talk shit about how you can say whatever you want but when someone says something you don’t like you all go apeshit, so really go away.

      • Oh, come on, I’ve never said that SHINee is awful. There’s no need to be so angry. I’ve just shared my opinion, can’t I?? You don’t know me, so don’t judge me please. Seriously I’m not obsessed with super junior I know lots of groups (2ne1, Girls’ Generation, B1A4, Big Bang, Infinite, Beast, Brown eyed girls, Shinee, DBSK, B.A.P., Exo, Block B…. i really love them but my favourite is super junior. It doesn’t mean i’m OBSESSED everyone has his own favourite group!!!)…. if I didn’t knew kpop I wouldn’t speak. I’m not stupid, I’ve watched lots of kpop videos, tv shows, and that’s what I see. It’s just my opinion, and it’s SUBJECTIVE. please get it, I’ve written it but actually no one understrood the real meaning of my comment -.- sorry. And it’s true, I don’t know them personally, I just wrote what I’mn seeing on TV shows. I didn’t want to hurt you…….. so sorry, forgive me :)

      • I agree that this has pissed me off and I feel you. I do happen to love Super Junior, but it so happen that for some reason Shinee is at the top of my list. I love this group and would nothing change it. I also think that who picked each member to be in Shinee was a genius. They all have stage presence, talent and looks. I just think the blogger didn’t go into any background checks, like their pre-debute and auditions, because Key is very underestimated talent wise. I agree that Jonghyun does have an awesome voice, his tone might not be as pure as Onew, but he is a tenor not a baritone. So his husky voice sounds a little screechy at times. It isn’t bad though, just different, and that makes him, him. It does seemed like his looks went to his personality in the blogger’s comment. He might look a little intimidating at first, but he isn’t so scary when you look into his interviews. I just think that the blogger didn’t go into much detail in the comments, which tell me how much she/he knows about them and how much she/he looked into their backgrounds. Even though, I’m not a big fan of some KPOP groups; I would still judge them based on how viewers saw them as and put in my own opinions. Normally when this happened I eventually start liking them or a single member. I will admit that without one of Super Juniors members standing out to me; I would’ve never loved Shinee or some other groups. Shinee however I’m very obsessed over. Looking back in my life, I’ve never been obsessed with any star, singer, or group until that one member of Super Junior and after that I watched Shinee. It is scary knowing that KPOP groups can make you feel this way, but I love that about them. ^_^

      • I mean everyone is obsessed about a group. So sorry if I went over board on the comment earlier. I didn’t see the comment after the other guys comment, so I didn’t know whether your obsession with Super Junior. By saying that I’ll admit that Yesung will always be number one on my list because he gave chills with his voice in Mr. Simple, but group wise I’m obsessed with Shinee. Taemin has to be second to Yesung, even though I feel as though each of Shinee’s members compete for my favorite member in the group. If anyone says that who is my favorite in Shinee, I say Shinee. Unless they want specifics, I’ll say Taemin. I just feel the blogger went over detailed with SJ and BigBang, without putting much for this group. They deserve better than what is said about them in the P&B. The only default I see in SJ is that they are a bigger group and can hide more mistakes. Shinee has their work cut out for them. That is why they deserve better, they can’t hide any mistakes and have to work harder as a group to be one. It is an opinion though. SJ is second group wise and so I feel you here. I have nothing really bad to say about both groups. They are talented and are near the top of KPOP boybands, don’t know who is though. :D

    • ur last sentence says “Shawols, please don’t hate me, I like shinee in a strange way, I’m not saying they’re not good, but they aren’t really my cup of tea. sorry.” — what’s liking in a strange way ? are u insane ? OMG ! ur also saying “i’m not saying they’re not good.” , but ur opinion obviously states that u don’t like them . gosh! how can u say shawols pls dont hate me ? how can we not hate a hater ? :’c ><

      • Honestly I think everyone has his own opinion…. and you should respect it without hating…. that’s what I’m saying. I respect you, Shawols, and all the haters, because everybody has the right to say their opinion without being hated.
        And then, the world isn’t all black and white…. you don’t have to love a thing or hate it, you can be somewhere in the middle, because you like something about it but you don’t like everything….

  151. i ususally hate these kind of things but honestly, this is pretty accurate. dont get me wrong i love shinee… but they arn’t perfect… lets be honest…. especially about minho…. i dissagree about his looks bc i think he is handsome but everything else is pretty much accurate.

  152. Wow there are a lot of mean comments here :) I actually appreciate your opinions. I just wanted to know why this page was so much shorter than Suju/s (Not just because of less members lol). idk there just seems to be a lot less information :/

    • This was our first post and really we only spent a few hours just screwing around and writing down all the jokes we could.
      The suju post is longer because it is our rant about every injustice we have about kpop among other things. Plus just being truthful we care more…

  153. I am a Minho fan and found your comments about Minho hilarious. Reading the butt hurt replies of the fans was funny too. Thanks for the laugh, and keep up the good work keeping kpop real.

  154. Ya’ll need to stop.
    This is as fake as Nicki Minaj’s ass. Or hair.
    Just because you are totally biased doesn’t mean you can bash the other members. Just saying.
    You need to stop and get out of the internet and just… stop. No. Please. Thank you. SHINee Fighting c’:

  155. Me = failing spectacularly at trying not to laugh. This was hilarious. I thought I’d never see the day when someone would comment on Jonghyun’s painful singing. I thought everyone loved him because of all those ear-bleeding high notes.

    Hey, to all you offended Shawols, no hate. Just an IMO here.

    To appease you Shinee fans threatening to take my life, may I confess that the first Kpop group I became interested in is Shinee because of the interesting dancing and choreography? I’ve switched over to BIGBANG because Shinee was a bit lacking in the personality and stage presence department for me, but I still think they’re good dancers.

      • LOL Fail. Just ignore all the bad comments, and say “Thanks” to all the good ones. Just how stupid can you get? You obviously just can’t face the REAL facts and you step back because you know if you reply back to the bad comments, you would lose in the end. You sad little kid.

      • LOL What kind of fail English do you have? “I’d you scroll a few more times”. Don’t go and say “It’s a typo.” because it’s not, it’s just that your English is too crap, and normal people would not make mistakes like that. I’m not making an ass out of myself, I’m only stating what’s truth, if you weren’t stupid enough to know that. Geez, people like you these days are just to dumb… or should I say, too bitchy?

      • Okay listen you ass-face, people do make typo’s especially when typing on a phone. Then seriously my English is too crap, what does that mean, do you mean my English is too MUCH crap. But even then that statement makes little to no sense. And you have no goddamned right to call me dumb or stupid when you are just an illiterate fool who does not know how to use the different forms of to, too, and two.

      • Well, if I don’t have the right to call you dumb or stupid, then you have no right to call me an ass-face. It’s still very hard to miss typing a word even if typing on a phone, if you didn’t know that? Maybe you were just to stupid know? People who types on a phone usually only makes typos, as in incorrect spelling, not missing a word in a sentence, you dumb ass. Even if you make a typo, you should at least go over your work instead of just posting it up as soon as you finish typing. Therefore, you have no excuse to say that it was a typo. “Then seriously my English is too crap, what does that mean, do you mean my English is too MUCH crap.” According to the world, 99.999999999999999999999% will not know what that sentence means. Well, if I don’t know how to use the different forms of to, too and two, then you have no knowledge in using commas, full stop and question marks, which is worse then not know how to use to, too and two. Technically, I am not the fool here, the fool here is the woman/man named “thepeachandbagel” that even just posted this review, which most of “YOUR” facts aren’t even true. So if you want to keep calling me an ass-face or a fool, even though you are technically the ass-face/fool/whore/bitch/asshole/dumb/stupid/sad little kid, so be it.

        P.S. I can not listen to a comment, however, I can READ a comment. (What you said: “Okay listen you ass-face”)

      • If you don’t want to get called an ass face then don’t act like one. We don’t even know what is wrong with people like you. All you do is go around on the internet picking fights with perfect strangers, why? Is it because you are just an ass face who loves confrontation, or is it because you have no life and the only way for you to get attention from others is to earn it negatively. Just by the way, it is an illogical fallacy to say if I can call you an ass face you can call me an idiot, just because I stated the truth that you are indeed an ass face does not mean you can make the false statement that I am stupid. So please just do not even comment back to this and leave us alone, this is harassment.

    • I don’t really care whether you call me an ass face or not, it’s not like I’m going to go up to my mummy and dob on you. I’m not that kind of a bitch. I do have a life and maybe you should ask if you have a life yourself, posting this really long rubbish review up. I’m not trying to earn attention negatively, I’m only just stating what’s truth, and I’m not writing this directing at anyone except you. If I’m a human, then you’re more like a bitchy alien. Technically, if someone calls you something, you’re allowed to call them something back. So your facts are wrong. Don’t think everything you say is correct, because it’s not, and you don’t acknowledge that. Well, if I stated the truth of you being a ass-face/fool/whore/bitch/asshole/dumb/stupid/sad little kid, does not mean you make a false statement that I am an ass face. You’re the one who put up this review in the first place, and I’m only acting against it, and if you want to be that bitchy, then why don’t you just go die? People like you just don’t deserve to live on this world. “Perfect strangers”, you say? You actually think you’re a PERFECT stranger? If you were to look on many reliable sources, you can find that NOT EVERYONE IS PERFECT. Plus, don’t go around using better English words, just to make yourself sound better, because it actually makes you sound more bitchy. Seriously, just how dumb are you? This isn’t harassment, you deserve it, and you know that, unless you’re just that dumb.

      • you are just wasting your words. how stupid can u get??? Every time u spout a word people will just keep pestering u. And u have no brain. if you say people cant call you dumb or stupid, why do you still call people worst names. That means you are just a blogger who has no brains. And i agree that u are dumb.

    • Nice comeback there ;) Not. I’m not as dumb as you. That’s probably one of the worst comebacks i’ve ever heard. You’re just repeating what I said to her, by saying stuff like “How stupid can you get?”. I have a brain, and if I didn’t have a brain, I wouldn’t be commenting at all, so get your facts right. Next time, please be sure to double check whether your sentences make sense. Seriously, ” you are just a blogger who has no brains”. Are you sure it’s “has” not “have”? Geez, how stupid are you? Oh, how I love it when people try to piss me off. :)

  156. If I was to look at this rubbish review, it is quite obvious that you guys are just pure SHINee haters. Based on this article, it is way too opinionated and should not have been put up. If you guys really hate SHINee that much, then just think it, don’t post every single disadvantage about everyone, when even most of those facts are not true. When you guys posted the post about Jonghyun, (He’s mean. He’s very mean. You shouldn’t treat people the way he treats people. Especially Onew. Onew is his elder, and the leader. Jonghyun should treat him with respect and dignity. But because of his Napoleon complex, he finds the need to belittle and overall, just piss off, Onew.) he is not mean to Onew at all. I’m a big fan of Onew and Jonghyun, and even I know that Jonghyun is not mean to Onew. This only suggests that you guys hate Jonghyun, and nothing more. If your purposes are to make the fans hate SHINee, it isn’t appropiate at all, and should not even be said about them in that way. People have their own opinions in SHINee, whether they like them or now, do you see them posting things around saying that they don’t like SHINee and hates which member? If you hate a member, why don’t you just go and hate them all? Jonghyun is attractive, and just because you guys don’t think so, doesn’t mean you have to tell people to think the same way you guys do. The ratings are ridiculous, and way too opinionated. Just because you like Onew better than Jonghyun, doesn’t mean you just give a higher score to him and bad scores to Jonghyun. SHINee members all have good talent, and just because you despise one of the members in SHINee, doesn’t mean you just reduce the scores. Just because Jonghyun has a big nose, doesn’t mean that he’s immediately ugly, (What you guys stated disgustingly), and his angry face is what makes him attractive. Jonghyun is a great man, and should not be despised by anyone. All those facts are no true, you just make up some lame facts to make people hate him. Just hate him yourself, instead of making people hate him. Plus, if Minho has NO talent at all, then how did he even manage to get through the auditions of SMEntertainment? Are you guys stupid or something? Everyone has talent, and yes, there are people who have more talented then Minho, but everyone is talented in their own ways. So, if you are not a kpop star, and you think you have more talent than Minho, does that mean you can go through the SMEntertainment easily and become a kpop star like that? No, obviously not. If you cant, and Minho can, let’s conclude that he has more talent than you do. So therefore, you have no right to say that Minho has no talent, because technically, you guys are the ones who have poorer talent that he does. In the end, lets end that you guys are stupid reviewing this rubbish review, and a bunch of liars that don’t even understand the SHINee member’s talents, and won’t accept them as who they are. *RANT OVER*

  157. P&B – You are evil. You deserve to have ugly children. You write bad english. You have bad taste. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Just shut the F up!

  158. THANK you so much for the Onew appreciation~~~ <3 I'm glad to see that someone likes him too!
    I never found Jonghyun that attractive either and I don't like his singing. :/ I feel like whenever he sings he just screams into the microphone.

    • hey! you cant just insult people like that. Onew and Jonghyun are the main singers in shinee. He has a powerful voice not a screaming voice. If you want to see real screaming, see exo’s kai and tvxq’s changmin. They really scream and they are famous for their scream.

      • hey! They can say whatever they want, it is a free country. Why the hell do you care if they likes Onew or not?
        Changmin does vocal embellishments where Kai is doing actual screamo so their “screaming” is intentional. Jonghyun just starts singing really loud for no particular reason, then his voice gets nasal and annoying, Changmin can control his runs and sounds better executing them than Jonghyun.

  159. You are so completely bias. Even if you are bias, you don’t have to be so harsh on minho and jonghyun. And by the way, Jonghyun’s voice is heavenly lovely. Your voice is probably the lucifer. And Minho is one of the most good looking in shinee. If you have any bad coments, keep it to yourself.

    • Have you compared yourself with them before judging them? What are you? You’re just a blogger writing bad things about superstars. Know the difference . A BLOGGER and SUPERSTARS .

  160. I don’t get who the “we” are that this person is discussing. How are “we” suppose to judge another. Each person is unique with different personalities, facial features, and talents of different levels. It’s not right to set a standard that EVERYONE has to adhere to. Disgracing a popular music group can be damaging, but this can only happen IF they believe it to be so. Stand strong SHINee! Fighting!

  161. Rant time! Listen, Minho has a fantastic voice and you are being really harsh on SHINee! I love Key <3 and I don't care if he is gay or not. But you can't just say that! He has never admitted to it and I wish (if he is) he would just say so and the Lockets and Shawols would still love him. But some kpop idols have actually committed suicide after admitting their sexual orientation. I don't want that to happen but I want him to be happy. Actually, if any of them are gay I would have thought it was Jonghyun after watching the video of him and Key in the car. But he has a girlfriend. Onew is a little strange during hello baby though when he "assaults" Key while he is sleeping. Okay, off topic. SHINee did not copy TVXQ. TVXQ And SHINEe have VERY different styles, looks, and sound so DO NOT compare! The band would have a huge hole in it if Minho left so don't be hating. I dislike B2ST, TVXQ, 2ne1 (CL I like though), MBLAQ (except Mir), and a few other bands. But I still respect the B2UTY's, the Blackjacks, the A+'s, and the Cassiopeia's and their bands. I judge, but I don't hate. It is okay if you don't like Key or Minho or whoever but its not okay to go around hating. KPOP isn't made to cause fights and have people judge all the idols. They are human too! I know they have a responsibility to look their best, act their best and perform their best but…you know what…so do we! They are just more exposed. They are doing us a "service" and we have to either accept it or not, take it or leave it, love it or respectively dislike it. I don't hate 2pm but I'm not a Hottest, I don't hate SNSD but I'm not a SONE. Okay? Forever and always I will respect the fandoms and hope they respect me and my fandoms.

    E.L.F's, SHAWOLS, EXOtics, and Baby's forever!

    4minute and f(x)!

    Ryeowook, Key, Baekhyun and Youngjae!

    Gayoon and Sulli!

    Please spread the love and not the hate.

  162. @thepeachandbagel
    Please don’t disrespect this band, and don’t call @asdfgasdfg illiterate,lastly you are the baby here if you have a horrible opinion like this again please keep it to yourself

  163. Minho can sing, what the fuck.

    He also carries the other’s voices in lucifer. You can’t hear because his voice is deep. But it does a lot. You can tell that his voice is needed when the other’s are all tired out. A perfect example: 2011 Dream concert.

    & wtf, Jonghyun sings like the lucifer? wtf are you on about? He has one on the most well-developed voices in KPOP. You are one biased and delusional girl. & saying his notrils are too huge, too short, don’t you feel bad? Do you know why so many KPOP idols get plastic surgery? It’s because of people like YOU. YOU are one of the reasons why people feel insecure. Yet when people do, everyone calls them ‘plastic’ & ‘fake’. It’s saddening what KPOP idols have to go through. And then there’s people like you who sit behind computer screens to talk badly about them. You guys are never satisfied. & What’s wrong with being short? Like what the fuck. Is being short such a bad thing now? Oh no, it’s not just how people’s faces look nowadays, but your height?

    Wtf has the world become.
    “You just gotta stop hatin’ and step yo game up” Huh, it’s ironic since you’re the one hating.

    & good job on making ELFs look like complete douches.
    Yup, saw through your bias.

    Just, good job. ._.

  164. What the actual fuck.. I’m no Showal but this is complete bullshit and is total nonsense. don’t you think you’re over doing it? You just come out looking like a asshole tbh.

    “If you’re going to mess with Onew hyung, you’ll have to go through me first” – Jonghyun.

    So I have no idea how Jonghyun is giving Onew a hard time..what you wrote just came out as biased and delusional.

  165. Writer Unnie (or Oppa), please stop this.
    In my opinion what you said is really rude and biased.
    Almost everything, that you wrote about their personalities is really really bad.
    I don’t hate you for what you wrote, but i think that you should be ashamed of yourslef.
    Please don’t take my personaly, and excuse me if I was rude or I disrespected you.

    • That’s a nice way to diss them. I just want to say to Peaches or whatever…that I understand you want to express your opinions, but you had this hating coming for you.

  166. I’m not even going to waste my breath arguing seeing as many others have done it for me. Yes I understand you have freedom of speech,but next time let’s make sure everything is actually true before you post it. Seeing as you didn’t check your information and did not present proof,you just look like a jackass.Feel free to reply though I probably won’t taint my eyes with these ‘facts’ or site ever again.
    SHINee World Fighting!

    • SHAWOLS FOREVER! I would be more inclined to agree with this article if she had proof as well. Nonetheless, I am off to read the Big Bang article, I’m not a V.I.P but I LOVE GDRAGON. so there better be no hate over there even though I know it’s coming.

  167. Hmm… none of these are truths, they’re strictly opinion. You’re entitled to it, of course, but it’s hardly right to list them as truths.

    As for their physical appearances, it’s not their fault that genetics made them look however they look. Same as anyone else.

    It seems you only say things like this to get a rise out of people, though, that way you have the pleasure of seeing outrage, and firing back at it.

  168. You’re funny… But I am completely NOT accepting these facts of yours.
    Also, there is one FACT that I think everyone knows:

  169. To be honest, I don’t like these what you call “TRUTHS” about SHINee… Seriously, you don’t need to be harsh at what you’re saying about them… Yes, they have imperfections but that doesn’t mean that you could judge them horribly. Also, if it’s really the truth about Jonghyun being mean, then how the hell can he have friends and even be friends with Onew? And I can see that you’re Onew-biased… If you want to tell the truth behind SHINee then why don’t you ask them yourself instead of relying to your own “FACTS”? It’s fine to give your own opinion about them but please, if you’re just here to bash the other SHINee members (especially Jonghyun and Minho), then please STOP! It’s not nice to say something without any supporting facts/details in case you’re telling the truth about them. If you cannot appreciate them, then I respect you in a way that you should RESPECT them either. You can NEVER judge a person by how they look in front of the cameras or how people give rumors about them… You should ALWAYS rely on FACTS from VERY RELIABLE SOURCES.

  170. You fail at satire.
    You came off as extremely biased, rude, judgemental, and ignorant.
    I really hope you’re joking because otherwize, you are really idiotic.
    You may think you are right, but this is all just your opinion.
    You shouldn’t make all these snap judgements about people because you have no idea how they are really like or what they have been through.

    “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”
    “Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye.

  171. Honestly people come on. You don’t live with them so how can you even say things like ‘Jonghyun bullies Onew’? There is no logic to your statements and they have know each other for over 6 years friends joke with each other all of the time. So till you live with the group you cannot say things like that it just starts stupid rumors.

  172. this is actually disgusting. you do understand, dear writers, that what you are saying about Onew being bullied and disrespected has actually caused a ton of his fansites to be shut down. right? yeah. you better delete this trash before you are reported and shut down because it will happen. and I’ll be SO happy when it does because if anything, all youve done is waste real Shawol’s time, disrespect SHINee, SM Entertainment, Kpop in general and fans world wide. oh wait, I remembered another one: all of humanity that still has a single ounce of real respect. seriously this makes me wonder if you can sleep at night knowing you just judged people who have achieved things on their own hard work and passion, that either of you could only ever so much as dream of. now if you will please excuse me, im going to go read something that doesnt make me want to hack up my dinner.
    and once again, i sincerely hope you are shut down for this. more than half of what you said on this was complete lies.
    Shawol’s my ass.
    Learn some respect and maybe you can be considered something close to a fan.

    • One: We never have ever declared ourselves Shawold’s. So you can get your facts strait.
      Two: You people really do not want to bring the ghetto side of us out, so shut up before we become angry.
      You can not “shut down” a blog, because we as citizens of the greatest country on the planet Earth, The United States of America, have as our most important right the freedom of speech. And you stupid little hags could not take that away from us if you even wanted to, what is your complaint “Oh, I don’t like what they said shut their site down”. You are just a goddamn fool, to even think you have any authority or power over us, go research the Bill of Rights you illiterate little snot.
      And for god’s sake grow up, nobody likes crybabies.

  173. “So if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” That’s what you say to us? What YOU say to US?! Excuse me?!
    I’m kinda… irritated right now. Please remove this. It’s just not true. Or actually right now I’m wondering if you just made this up to see how shawols would react, of if these really are your honest opinions. If it’s the latter… ouch. Guys. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  174. “So if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” That’s what you say to us? What YOU say to US?! Excuse me?!
    I’m kinda… irritated right now. Please remove this. It’s just not true. Or actually right now I’m wondering if you just made this up to see how shawols would react, of if these really are your honest opinions. If it’s the latter… ouch. Guys. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  175. Hey, I’m an Onew biased but I swear I hate how you describe about the other members esp Jonghyun!
    To be honest, about members bullying or abusing whatever its in your mind right now aren’t true!
    They love each other and its pretty common thing to see less interaction between them on stage but offstage, they’re pretty much close!
    Please don’t judge anything unless you have a strong proof. Onew is a great leader and I’m sure that Jonghyun and the other members won’t take him for granted. So seriously, remove this thing and describe nice things ABOUT them.
    Unless you’re a secretly a SHINee hater that is -.-

    • Out of all the comments we get, there is seriously nothing more annoying than this comment. We have only gotten one other command from an idiot such as your self. Who the hell do you think you are to command any person to do anything!??? It is so asinine that we are actually angered by it. You need a god-damned lesson in manners, because this kind of reply is infuriating. What power or authority do you have to demand us to change anything on our blog?

      • this person may not have the right, but SM does. They’ve been going around shutting down fansites and blogs that have been spreading and supporting the rumors involving SHINee and ANY SHINee member being bullied. And seriously, this entire post angered me. Who cares that that comment angered you, when you are the ones making up lies and judging people you have never even had the pleasure of meeting? It seriously does sicken me that people have the audacity to claim that Key isnt straight, Onew is bullied, Jonghyun is evil, Minho is worthless and Taemin is a little girl. And how would you know this? Did you audition with them, did you go through hours and hours and hours of endless training with them? were you there when Jonghyun sobbed his heart out for SHINee’s fans? Not even HIS fans, but SHINEE’S fans? hell. no. you arent with them in their dorm, you arent with them performing, and you certainly dont know them. so yes, actually that person had every right to tell you to take this down because not only is that entire post lying, but its also cyber bullying even if SHINee themselves never read it. and quite frankly its an eye sore. it just makes you either want to laugh incredulously or never read another review again. disgusting is all I can summarize that post as.

      • They have no such right, and we only said he is disrespected not even bullied. None of you people can even read, and if anyone read our other posts they would learn we have nothing bu the utmost respect for the beautiful machine that is SM Entertainment, so shove off. This shit is actually awful, since you are obvious illiterates you wouldn’t know that this entire blog is satire, sarcasm, and a big goddamned joke. So you all need to go put on your big girl pants and grow the fuck up because we are tired of seeing you idiots come into our domain and act like spoiled stuck up brats. We don’t care about your feelings or any of that insignificant bull shit. So read it if you want but don’t start stirring up a shit storm, because what is this this is a fun little blog. And you annoying little pests are insufferable to the maximum, and are the reasons it is shameful to be a K-Pop fan. So thank you for your multitudes of views in the last few hours and we truly honestly hope to never hear from you again.b This will be our last reply to this post until you all get your panties out of the massive knot you all seem to have worked them into.

      • YOU are the most irritating and unkind person on this planet!!!! You know NOTHING about shawols nor SHINee so shut your mouth!!! I dare you to scroll down to every comment/reply you’ve made and total your dislikes!!
        If you think Jonghyun’s nose is humongous, I recommend a checkup with
        your optometrist!!! Jonghyun has an incredible vocal range and sings with emotion like Onew!!! If you can’t notice the beauty in his voice, you might want to clean your ears. You intend to tell the “truth about kpop” but all you
        say is bullcrap. You have quite the nerve to lie about SHINee! You think you’re stopping all the Onew haters but you’re infuriating him too because he cares about the rest of SHINee just as much as we do (maybe even more)! You think you’re only criticizing them but you’re ruining their career! If it’s bye bye Jonghyun, bye bye Key, bye bye Minho, and Taemin, it is bye bye Onew bcuz SHINee is one! You think you’re much more powerful than us but Shawols care for SHINee instead of being insensitive idiots like you!
        Some people love SHINee so much, they’ll risk killing someone like you!
        Grow up!! Think about the real world!!! THINK ABOUT IT (if you’re brain even functions due to your mental retardation).

      • LOL.
        “You need a lesson in manners,” says the person so rudely insulting and disrespecting people who are working hard to make a living based on such superficial qualities.

  176. Hey this is the P&B (BTW there are two of us, which is probably one of the most annoying things people don’t see since we refer to ourselves as plural people), we are thrilled to see all of you shawolds enjoying this post!~ Thank you for all of your views and free publicity, it is greatly appreciated. Furthermore, we really don’t know if you have seen us say this to other people or if you illiterate like we think and just cannot read but, we do not care. Your opinion means less than nothing to us, and the rest of the world. If you took a second to read any of our replies, these pathetic hissy fits will get you nothing but your feelings hurt. So if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.~~~
    XOXO :*

  177. If you try to consider yourself a Shawol, please cut your tongue off, because the things you have said aren’t even true. Jonghyun doesn’t look like a troll? Have you not realised that men tend to have larger nostrils and noses, because I have. Also, it’s not the nose that makes someone ugly. It’s the fact that someone of has to point out flaws in other people to make them feel bad. I think that makes one evil. Also, Jonghyun isn’t evil. He’s only honest. He says the truth, when the truth is meant to be said. In this developing world we need more people like that, you might be thinking ‘Well, I’m telling the truth when the truth is meant to be said.’ No you are fucking not. Half of the crap you post here is not even slightly factual. Haven’t you seen Jonghyun work his arse for us Shawols, and here you are cussing them, because I bet you have nothing to do. Well let me help you, go get a job and do something with your life.

    Also what gives you the right to call Minho an alien or even a frog? Minho doesn’t look like frog, when I first saw him in ‘Lucifer’ I had never thought of him as a frog or an alien. His features might be different, and honestly to me, different is good. Being different, means being unique and I think that is something you, my friend, you don’t have. I don’t think you know how to be unique, your like every other hater, that picks on other people’s flaws. Same shit all the time.

    Excuse me, but you might look like a giant ass and here you are trying to curse men that have appearances of Gods. If you want to talk dirty about SHINee, why not talk about all of them dirty? Why did you pick on two members only? I think that what you are doing is just stupid, stop reviewing, and stop wasting your time on being a Shawol because the songs that SHINee are singing are not for you. The songs they sing are for the ones that believe in miracles, the songs they sing are for the ones with a heart. The songs they sing are for the ones that don’t look at appearances but look more at the personalities.

    Appearances are nothing to me, I would date an ugly ass man, as long as his soul was pure, and well, I can’t say much about yours. Yeah, it’s true I use to love SHINee because they were good looking, but as I watched more Korean pop bands, I have come to realize that good looking people, tend to be mean and harsh.

  178. Wow. You must be an idiot with nothing else to do.
    That or some really, really pretty girl with some crazy ass talent.
    Seriously, you should shut the fuck up before saying shit, think a little. Fan or not, doing this was just an epic fail.

  179. So even if I went through the entire thing thinking this was your unbiased opinion and you actually knew what you were talking about..that would have gone out the window in your summary.

    Replacement? Bad knock off? Whatever. Think what you want.

    It’s the part where you go on about how they didn’t have to endure the hardships of their seniors that fucking pisses me off. Their seniors going through that is what makes it so everyone after them don’t have to. Why should someone have to starve or sleep on the floor or get their damn soul crushed to pursue and achieve their dreams?

    This entire thing was ridiculous and tactless.

  180. Well I guess you were right in a few things, it was pretty obvious too that you’re biased and you love ontae. But I don’t think Taemin is like that at all. I believe that Tae is another beast and a very sexual one. So, I like it, i relly do, but I don’t agree in everything.

  181. I am a Shawol and I agree with most of this honestly. Specially Minho, I don’t see anything special about him and never understood why girls like him so much AND his acting is baaaad. But I have to say I do like Jonghyun. His voice is sometimes horrible, sometimes sounds nice because he can control it good. He is a handsome dinosaur.
    I specially agree with the part about Key’s eyebrows. Man, those eyebrows need to be shaped better because they look like catterpillars most of the time. But I love Key, so I let it pass.
    You were biased about Onew! But he’s just adorable and sometimes it seems to me that the other members treat him badly but who knows. I appreciate this .. thing.

  182. haaaaa. really. seriously. I understood that some of this was sarcasm, but I could tell that most of it was not. This is not unbiased at all, and your sarcasm was tasteless.
    and your whole description for Jonghyun was awful. He is not a terrible person, like you make him out to be. He does not treat Onew like crap. Onew is their friend, and they do respect him. Jonghyun is only a year younger than him, and they’ve known each other for a long time now, and I’m sure they have gotten past the formal barrier so that it’s okay to joke with one another.

  183. Aw snap. Look, honestly I really don’t agree with most of the things you’ve said here, but it all comes down to personal opinion, right? I love Jjong’s voice and personality, I think Minho is handsome and his abilities suit SHINee ect. It’s fine to disagree, of course, it’s your website so of course you shouldn’t be expected to sugar coat your opinion for the masses. Opinion is opinion, and these matters are subjective. So, just before you continue reading, just know I’m not enraged in anyway. I just like contributing to discussion.

    But the only thing that I want to comment on, you will, is the final paragraph. Realistically, why should anyone need to suffer that much to simply follow their dream? Why should SHINee go through that process when they don’t need to? Why would Sm make them? Just becoming a normal trainee is hard enough, and I’ve very sure that there were many moments when SHINee’s members were pushed to the limits. After being a Shawol ever since their debut, if there is one thing I believe, it is that SHINee are genuinely kind (here our opinions seem to differ), and I beleive each member has had their own struggles and I beleive they have struggled as a group. In my humble opinion, I think they’ve toiled enough for one lifetime.

    But that could just be an old Shawol talking. Anyway, thanks for the interesting views and I hope to explore your website further.

  184. Da Fuq???!!!! U shouldnt write like tht!! Jonghyun is hot and handsome and minho is face of the group…. You dont know how much they suffer…. I know they didnt suffer like Super Junior or TVXQ,, but they become famous by their own hardwork.. They r not like EXO,, hv many teaser n what-so-ever…. At first,, they sucks at variety show but after just 1 year,, they become good at the variety show…. Minho’s rap is not bad…. His voice match w/ his character in SHINee.. Jonghyun r not mean… He is actually really caring guy… U shouldnt talk about Jonghyun’s height… How old r u and wht is ur height??? U also shouldnt say tht his voice is bad…. Did u ever sing??? Do u hear ur own voice??? Is it better tham him???? Dont write nonsense about them if u dont know anything…. Do you hear all songs in their album??? If u hear it,, then u know tht they’re not only sings catchy song but they do sing ballad… Dont judge them if u dont know… Look at the urself mirror first b4 u judge someone who has special features and has the face of a model and has many fans!!! 바보!!!

    • We who wrote this are by no means narcissists we just have profound clarity. We see EVERYOBODIES flaws not just idols. We know we are not perfect nor are they nor is anybody. So our appearance have no effect on what we rate them.

      • Excuse me, who gifted you with this so called ‘profound clarity’? God? Genetics? Did you buy a pair of sunglasses one day that happened to magically bestow its wearer with ‘profound clarity’? The rest of us must just stumbling around a world FULL of ugly people and DON’T EVEN KNOW IT…

        I have one request. Would you kindly post a picture of yourself so that we can pick YOU apart bit by bit, as you have done the Kpop Idols you blog about? You MUST be gorgeous, considering how knowledgeable you are on what is and what is not attractive. And could we borrow your magical glasses when we do? We’ll need clarity while we’re reviewing your picture… the ‘profound’ kind, of course.

        You are very judgmental, but you are also young, so you have time to grow out of it.

      • Actually everybody is born with the ability to analyze whether people are attractive or not, though only a select few people can see past bias and their own favoritism to have the clarity to actually tell.if other are therefore attractive. As humans our brains are programmed to measure the proportions of other humans faces so we can find a suitable mate, though our brains especially as females tend to look for men who are less attractive then ourselves and we let other people personality and social standing affect our judgement of whether they are attractive or not. So we just look past the bullshit of what everyone tells us we must think about !other people.
        As for showing a picture of ourselves, we really don’t see how our appearance affects our judgement of other people, we know exactly how attractive we are and we know exactly what is wrong with ourselves, because that is clarity, that is realism. We do not need special glasses just a steady grasp on reality which far to little kpop fans have.

  185. I found this article to be just overly aggressive. You guys went apeshit. I love SHINee, but I could not help but burst with laughter. While I disagree, this is pretty hilarious. You guys are too funny. Anyway, the whole SHINee is nothing without SM statement is fucking garbage. KPop, for the most part, is 1 part talent; 2 parts glitzzy production and looks. Okay, maybe not that extreme but what I’m saying is NO group could be much without the grooming and practicing or their companies. Rare exceptions would be ShinHwa and Tablo(which doesn’t count anyway.) my bitching aside, Interesting article.

  186. Jaja, I liked this and i love them. It’s because I think Onew is always being bullied just for breathing and Taemin is always being pitied. Now Taemin is better on the stage than them.

  187. Wtf! Are allkpop in the making? You’re worse than that site! Why did I click this site? My time was so much wasted!

  188. Uh… for some I can’t reply, so I’m writing a new comment. I hope that’s ok, and will find “Me, Again”. I just wanted to clarify what I meant because I think I’m not being entirely clear.
    Also, sorry about the spelling mistake – they’re instead of their…

    Alright, I take your point about the bias. I’m not the author and I haven’t read everything; it was just my take on the post, and I see that it’s not really what’s implied. I think it’s rather clear that there are favourites and pet hates involved here, and I think that seeing more of particular groups really blunts the ‘hates’ I’m talking about – I think it’s pretty clear that the bloggers are more interested in SJ and BB and therefore have kinda blunted their dislikes. I’m not saying it means that this is fair or unbiased – it’s clearly not – but it is their blog, and blogs are often just ways to get across your own opinion. It might not be the right explanation, it’s just how I saw it.
    I don’t dislike Shinee as people, just to be clear. I’m just not interested. I don’t think I said I dislike them, either – if I did, I take it back. It’s more… if there’s a channel on the tv playing Shinee I wouldn’t flick it to change to it, but if they come on one I’m watching, I wouldn’t flick away. I think they’re perfectly fine in the limited shows I’ve seen, typical idols; I haven’t seen anything offensive, and I haven’t seen anything that has made me a fan.
    Ah, sorry about using inconsistent terms with ‘their music’, ‘their songs’ and ‘their company’s music’. I meant I don’t like the style SM has given them. I haven’t looked up their live performances, and I think I said before I didn’t really want to comment on their singing abilities; my comment about Jonghyun’s singing was meant on the way it’s used in ‘their’ songs: his parts come across to me as overdone and I do not like the techniques used. He probably has far more ability than I’m aware of, I just don’t like what I’ve heard.
    My personal experience with Shinee fans has been pretty different. I’ve met a lot; probably not as many as people who actually are fans of Shinee, but that has given me a distinct bias; that most Shinee fans are fans for their looks. I realise that is very unfair, and not a real reflection of the fanbase from some nice, logical comments. I just get swept up in the assumption: I apologise. Because the loudest fans are generally the more illogical fans (who tend to tout Shinee’s looks), I understand why appearance comes up so much in this particular post.
    I agree with the paragraph about different artists singing the same songs – love a lot of ‘cover versions’.
    However, just because many groups wouldn’t be popular without their companies doesn’t mean that it’s not a valid argument. I don’t think I’d word it quite like that though, and you’re right: I don’t think this point really comes up in the post.
    I don’t believe looks are the *only* things that matter in groups of this particular variety either, but I do believe it is the main thing that separates them. This view has come about because of my location, I’m sure, but it is pretty cemented in my mind now – I do realise that it might very well be wrong, but not where I live.
    If a group’s appearances don’t appeal to people, they don’t get the publicity to show their talents. At least, not any that I’m aware of. Big Bang, the only one I’m aware of as being labeled ‘ugly’ early on, aren’t really unattractive by most popular standards either.
    It wasn’t my point that Shinee’s path was ‘easy’. I’m not saying it was, I’m just trying to explain why I didn’t take offense to that comment. I took it to mean relative. It’s not stated, and I think it’s totally reasonable to say it’s not a justifiable thing in the post as is. I think you make a good point about it, but it follows my sense of humour (which is ‘tasteless’ – I’m not really going to argue that, it’s mine, I’m not going to force it on someone else), and, in response to your argument, if you want to say that this post or my responses are total crap, I’d say your opinion, and to me, I wouldn’t really mind. I don’t think you’d do so without a reason, because I think you like to communicate ideas well.
    I think though, that your last paragraph implies you don’t want to assume things are relative. In that case, please don’t say that any K-Pop idol works harder that ‘we’ do. They may not have it easy, but they do not have it harder than everybody else. I don’t think it was intended to mean anything like what I’m thinking, but I had a bad reaction to that, and while I don’t believe I work harder than k-pop idols, I know some people who love k-pop who work hell-ish-ly. It’s silly, but I think you’ll get my point.
    Anyway, I think your opinion is totally valid, and I’m not trying to say it isn’t. By saying that, though, I’m not ‘bashing’ this post. I think it has its audience, and, in blogs, I don’t think that’s usually explicitly stated.

  189. Excuse me? Jonghyun’s voice is AMAZING. He’s one of the few singers that has such a wide vocal range and can sing with so much emotion. His personality is not bad at all. Although he may seem like he’s a bit cold and distant at times, he is very respectful to his elders. You may have mistook his sarcastic jargon as contempt and arrogance, but he’s just joking around with this close friends. I can’t really say any more because I don’t know him in person, but you shouldn’t just ASSUME he has a horrible personality.

  190. Hey, I commented on the one from BigBang earlier, but this time I just think that this post is ridiculus. Maybe it’s because it’s older, but it seemed too harsh. I do agree that Onew needs more respect because as I have watched many of the clips and shows and interviews with him, he seems so kind, respectful, and sweet. Sometimes, rarely though, the members are sverly disrespectful, but otherwise they look up to Onew. If anything, I think that it’s SM. Like some of the newer footage and pictures of Onew taken by fans make me sad becuase he looks so sad.

    Jonghyun is a troll, but he’s not as evil as you make him seem. As far as I know of, him and Onew are really close and he helps Onew. His voice is a matter of taste, because some people don’t like it cause it’s higher pitched, I on the hand like it because it sounds different. I like unique voices, that’s why I LOVE BIGBANG and why I LOVE Onew.

    Key, I don’t think he’s gay. But I don’t really care if he is. His voice when he sings certain songs or raps nonchalantly in english sounds gay, but overall he is talented. He is the Umma, so I think that at times it helps Onew.

    Minho, he is second to last for me, but I don’t find him ugly. I just like him better with longer hair. I was hoping that he would have longer hair for Sherlock like in the dance practice, but I was dissapointed when he didn’t. I guess that it’s because he has a little head. I do think that at times, his rapping sucks (Korean version of Julliette), but I think that he has potential in singing and maybe composition as he and Jonghyun wrote a song or two on the Sherlock album and his singing sounded nice on their newest cover of Sorry Sorry.

    I think that Taemin is pretty, but he is the member that suprises me the most. I was in shock when I saw his cover of “Get Up” by Korn. Then I was like, “He said he likes Linkin Park~”. He is naturally cute, but his femininaty comes and goes depending on how he has been styled. I have seen him go from adorable cuteness to piercing gaze and charisma in an instant.

    I can tell you don’t like SHINee, but at times all I saw was pure hate and frustration in this post. But one thing that I will say that I HATE is when I find out that a song from them that I really like was bought. I still listen to it, I just hate knowing that fact. And you may say that they have not had hardships, but you cannot say that Onew has had it easy. And Onew looks after the members, especially Taemin. Oh, and that couple is OnTae. It’s a little popular, and I think that it’s the cutest.

    But, it’s your post, and this is a long comment. I wouldn’t be offended if you were just like tl;dr. Either way, I hope that you have opened up to them a little more, or at least will root for Onew if he ever come’s out with a solo album. I really want one. :D

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  192. It’s really funny how you call your horribly biased opinion the “truth”. It’s anything but.

    Seriously, though, the portion about Jonghyun was extremely ridiculous. Since when does short = unattractive? That’s such bullshit. (I’m sorry if my cussing offends you or something, but you can just think of this as another “special exception”.)
    The ironic part was that the paragraph about Jonghyun looking like a troll kind of made you seem like a troll. The internet variety, of course.
    I actually like Onew more than I like Jonghyun, but to me, Jonghyun is definitely the better singer. I’ll agree that “Lonely Night” wasn’t great, but come on. That was ONE single performance. Don’t just judge him based on that. If you listen to “So Goodbye”, Jonghyun’s voice is amazing there.
    I also have never thought of Jonghyun as “mean”. Don’t really know where you’re getting that from.

    Minho’s section was also written quite terribly.
    “Minho’s basically ugly. Sorry Shawols, it’s the truth.”
    It’s quite disheartening to see that you can’t differentiate fact from opinion at this point. That’s something they teach us how to do in, what, third grade?
    Additionally, you claimed that Minho doesn’t have a personality. In my opinion, just because someone’s personality is not clear to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I believe that Minho does have a personality– if you’ve missed it, that’s your problem, not his.
    Also, there do exist people in this world who love vanilla. So that’s not really a valid reason for rating someone’s personality so poorly. I could see a 5, but really? 1.9 is excessively harsh.

    I facepalmed here.
    “Shinee is given catchy songs by the maker of all catchy songs, and this explains their popularity.”
    They’re popular for their music? What a surprise. I’d never have guessed.
    Seriously, what do you expect? It’s K-Pop. Catchy songs = popular. At least that’s better than a music group being popular because of looks or something.

    Your whole rant about SHINee having it “easy” was pretty low. You don’t know what they’ve personally been through. I’m also quite sure that no idol has had it “easy”. I mean, no, maybe SHINee hasn’t had it as hard as other older idols, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t had hardships and difficulties. To say that is ignorant. Any idol has to have worked hard to get the chance to debut, and for that reason, I have a base level of respect for all idols.

    • I kinda thought that the whole point of calling it the ‘truth’ was sarcasm. But I may be wrong.
      I actually quite like this blog and this post to me was pretty funny, because I view most of these posts as being at least a little sarcastic. However, I think if you take it all at face value, your reactions are totally valid. Short does not necessarily equal unattractive, and while I can’t really comment much on SHINee’s personalities – not my bias, didn’t look at much, especially since I kinda… hate their songs… – it’s clear these articles are personal opinions. I really do believe this is sarcasm, though. These bloggers are clearly intelligent enough to realise without any evidence claims are justifiably in the firing range.
      Don’t know about the better singer. I haven’t listened to Onew much on his own. Jonghyun however, I find extremely annoying. I quite like his voice, but I think he uses it in all the wrong ways. He seems to really suck with dynamics – he doesn’t build up songs well; he starts loud and it just gets louder. There’s not a lot of variation in his style, and it really feels like once you’ve heard one, you’ve heard them all. Of course, I haven’t listened to all his songs or anything, I’m just saying that there’s not enough of a variation to draw anyone in who isn’t already hooked.
      Minho, I’ve always thought of as the good looking one in SHINee. Personal taste though – it’s pretty much because all of the others look like prepubescent boys body-wise… Minho actually looks like he eats. The others… not so much. Of course they do, I just like bigger guys, I guess… Uh… please ignore that.
      But the Rango picture… I love it.
      Minho’s personality – personality. I don’t know. I’ve seen him in like… two variety shows. I’m not interested in SHINee. I didn’t pay attention.
      The catchy songs bit though – I don’t really agree. They’re not really popular for *their* music. They’re popular for they’re *company’s* music. I think that was the point. Anyone could sing those songs and it would sell. Sort of like Rihanna’s Umbrella. That song would have been a hit with pretty much anyone. SHINee’s songs are made by the backing and autotune. It wouldn’t really matter if they couldn’t hit the notes, either. Taking out Jonghyun’s big notes in their main songs doesn’t make much of a difference to me. Again – PERSONAL TASTE. I don’t mean to ‘shout’, I don’t know how to italicize in a comment…
      SHINee is actually one of those groups who are popular for their looks. Um… aren’t all the groups who don’t play or compose their own songs popular for their looks??? Also true in American music market – all pop artists there wouldn’t be nearly as popular if not for their trumpeted looks.
      It’s possible the ‘having it easy’ is meant to be relative only. Looking at independent bands such as Nell, for example, it’s hard to say they haven’t had it easy. They’re idols. Idols definitely have it easier than others in terms of actually getting into the music business. While there is a lot of training involved, long hours, little sleep, because it’s universal, that’s why it’s looked on as easy. As opposed to DBSK, for example.

      • The manner in which the authors go around repeating that they are “reporting the truth” and are “unbiased” convinces me that they legitimately think they’re not biased.
        I agree there is some sarcasm in this post, but what annoys me is that the authors state that they’re writing the unbiased truth, then fill their posts with clearly biased points. Additionally, I find their “sarcasm” petty and tasteless. If you compare this post to their reviews concerning Super Junior and Big Bang, you can see the obvious bias towards Super Junior and Big Bang. You will also find a lack of such negative “sarcasm”.
        I believe that “catchy songs” do play a very large part in the popularity of K-Pop groups. As you stated yourself, you dislike SHINee because you “hate their songs”. I may have been technically incorrect in stating that SHINee is popular for “their music” (why is this different from “their songs”?), but my idea was the same: many people like SHINee because they like the songs they sing. Which is better than liking SHINee, a music group, just for their looks (since the authors spend so much time bashing Jonghyun’s and Minho’s appearances).
        Furthermore, in my opinion, vocals and the execution of a song are included in “music”. SM can’t sing the songs it produces (or buys…), and therefore must rely on idols (who can sing) to carry out the song. Additionally, if you hear two artists singing the same song, the song won’t sound exactly the same both times. Different artists interpret songs differently (and sing differently as well), and this is part of music.
        If the authors were trying to make the point that SHINee wouldn’t be popular without SM, this claim is rather far-fetched considering the lack of logic and support provided by this post. Furthermore, there are many groups that wouldn’t be popular without the support of their respective companies.
        Additionally, I don’t think looks are the only things that matter in groups that don’t “play or compose their own songs”. I like SHINee because I think they’re decently talented in terms of vocal and dancing ability. There also do exist many idols whom I don’t find attractive, but whom I like nevertheless.
        SHINee’s live performances are actually pretty good. They can hit the notes just fine. Their live performances happen to be one of the reasons I like SHINee so much.
        Just because SHINee’s path to being an idol may have been easier “relatively”, that doesn’t make it easy. It is completely unfair to say that SHINee has “endured nothing, felt no pain” simply because others have endured more and/or felt more pain. This is like saying that this blog is total crap because compared to other blogs I’ve read, it’s not as good. SHINee (and any K-Pop idol, really,) works far harder than we do. Doing hours upon hours of dance practice is not “easy”. Neither is getting very little sleep and vacation.

  193. I officially love you.
    For one, I don’t get why people hate Onew…I mean, he’s awesome and totally adorable. He’s my ultimate bias.
    FINALLY! Someone who seems that Jonghyun and Minho aren’t at all attractive. Minho has the same amount of sex appeal as a frog. And Jonghyun is even worse.
    Although, I’m kind of a hypocrite because I liked his hair when it was brown/blond. Not necessarily the style on him…but I just found that type of hair style appealing….

    • I agree. Minho and Jonghyun are so overrated.

      If I was to rate all SHINee members, I’d definitely make Taemin first. Especially now that he improved a lot with his singing (watch Immortal 2 as proof). And his dancing is the best.

      Onew will be my second because he’s too adorable! ^^
      Onew sangtae.

      Key. One Word: Diva.

  194. I loooooooooovveeee you two!!!
    verything you said is so true(except tamin being pretty-have you seen sherlock?he looks hedious)
    Minho:thank god im not the only sane one!!!! He is NOT goodlooking at all. Maybe his height? Not even that. He face is repulsive to me! He looks like rango, he looks like a life size derpy frog!
    and his ‘rapping’…. dont even get me startee. He makes me want to die. He is a descrace! Easily the worst rapper in kpop-THE WORLD. AND, WHEN HE TRIES TO SING, HE CANT EVEN STAY ON PITCH! HES AS BAD AS SUNNYFROM SNSD!
    ANy one who finds minho goodlooking, is blinded by biased ness. I mean, i ca understand them having opions, but saying someone as ugly and mean as minho os, goodlooking, is just fucked up.
    Like many SM artists, i have no fucking clue why SM even recruted him. He s ugly and plain, and talentless, and mean. Just like :sooyoung,sunny,heechul,donghea,seohyun,all of sj,siwon,leetuk,jong,taemin,yoona,so many more.
    Lmfao at the jonghyun part!!!! So true! Everything!
    Hes like Jessica from SNSD-he has remarkable control, but his voice itself is so ugly and angry(like his face) its untollerable.

    Yup. Id like to formally thank you for being sane like me, and speaking the truth abput SHINee. shinEe are basically a starving, sickening ly skinny dance crew wiyh fail looks and fail talent.
    except key. He deserves more.

  195. IKR… IDK why people say Teamin is pretty! He looks like a creep in SHERLOCK and is super….EWW!

    SHINee is SO overrated and is nothing without SM. I don’t even know why SM is popular…Their artists are either talentless, Ugly, or mediocre-or all three like Sunny-

    • Their company has the most talented people out of YG, SM, jyp.
      Minzy, Seungri, Bom, Gummy, Daesung, Tablo(he’s not Kpop though)
      Kyuhyun, Junsu, Yesung, Ryeowook, Taeyeon, Eunhyuk, Changmin, Jaejoong, Luna, Henry, Jino(I think that’s his name, the one of SM the Ballad)
      Ye Eun
      Jay Park

      But I think SM since they have lots of members.

      • Just a little correction, Junsu and JaeJoong are not part of SM anymore, if you don’t wanna of some hardcore JYJ fan on your back, check your info….

      • Same goes for Jay Park. SM=autotune must really hate Sunny. And SM recruits and debuts them because they are either talented, good looking, popular, or they have connections and money. Minho got recruited because Korea finds him hot. And Taemin is fug, I get kinda offended when Shawols say he’s prettier than a girl. They tryna to say all girls are ugly? Most Shawols may be uglier than Taemin since theyre pedonoonas, but not all girls.
        The only good people from Shinee is Key who’s attractive and Onew who has a chocolate voice and looks pretty chill. To daraparkthebest person, Dara can’t sing, dance, and she has the mentality of a 5 year-old, so don’t be bashing any other people when your bias has worser talent than even Yoona or Sunny. At least Yoona can dance and Sunny has a good voice.
        And to the poster, I love this post. Definitely better than Seoulbeats!

  196. I hear and see all these comments praising Jonghyun’s singing, saying he’s one of the best singers and has the most beautiful voice and best skills, on to the point of professionals praise him-those articles are fake imo and they have no valid proof-his looks about how he is so zomghawt!!!1!!!! and teh sexcksi and how they want his tongue licking their.
    Jonghyun sucks. And I agree, Shinee is the crappier version of tvxq not that I’m a Cassie but…Jonghyun singing sucks and he is quite scurry looking. And most, not all, shawols suck

    • Thanks but no one asked for your opinion on shawols. Stop bashing on a fandom and respect what other people say if you want to be respected. SHINee deserve all the recognition because they have grown so much.

  197. Glad im not the only one who thinks minho is NOT GOOD LOOKING. IDK why anyone thinks so, and he has NO talent at all.

  198. wow, you guys are extremely rude and degrading. while i do agree whith a lot of what you said, you could have said it in a much better way, not making you seem like jerks.
    I Do apreciate SHINee’s amazing choreography, and the members great voices, i am by no means a SHAWOL.


    • Well you seem to be the rude one here, the fact that you are at one minute dissecting us and telling us how you know everything and how we are wrong,then you ask for us to do something for you. It is not how you treat other people.

      • I least i didnt call someone god awful and ugly like you.
        Besdies, All i gave was advice, on how to PHRASE your words.
        BTW, how do you think shawols feel about this? Try making your hating a but more tame, and less barbaric.

        And yes, I really want one of these for SNSD, im super curious about how yo will rank them. and seeing what yo said about minho and siwon, i wanna know what you’ll say about YoonA.

      • Hey, if someone is god-awful someone in the universe has to say it, people should be more frank. We feel that all this sugar coating just makes fans like and especially shawolds (I don’t even know if that is near right in spelling, but how is any person a shinee world it doesn’t even make sense)illusional and they need to come back to planet Earth, where let’s face it nobodies bias is perfect.

    • @blackjackandahalf Yoona-
      Appearance- 8.3 nose is a little too large for her small face. MARKETABLE. Definitely not ugly but most def not a goddess as you sones claim.mouth too big but still pretty. And bland
      Talent- 4.7 can dance, but so can most Kpop idols out there. Her singing is weak. Her acting is horrible and over exagerrated. Love rain was a dissapointment and I just…I just can’t.
      Seems nice and cheerful but boring.
      And she doesn’t deserve the hate she’s getting since shes the face and a lot of people will agree that she not ugly. And she bringing in the money money money which is all that matters in Kpop. Why do you think dbsk broke up?
      Satisfied, blackjackandahalf?

  199. Yes! The reason Shinee is big is because of SM! Like 2ne1 said, you ain’t shit without your crew, well the same goes for Shinee and sm

  200. I LOLed so hard at this article. You guise is so rood XD
    On a serious note, I think Jonghyun was kind of cute pre-debut. His ugly face is the product of a bad nose job. Onew is ok, key is nag, there wouldn’t be any difference whether Minho was there or not because I fall asleep everytime I see him, and Taemin is mediocre. Thankyou for seeing that Shinee is just mediocre :/
    And those shawols who spammed you thumbed down all the good comments! :(

  201. first of all.. there is nothing wrong with them! they are super cute, sexy, talented and funny! shawols just love them.!!
    and there is nothing wrong with minho’s rapping! there is not so much rap in their songs but it is still good. if it wouldn’t be we wouldn’t listen to it! so if you don’t like it just don’t listen to it! you two are just throwing your free time for some anti articles which are really bad! instead of writing articles for some bands you two like!!
    and about taemin..yes he has cute baby face but because of that you can’t say he is a girl. if he would be a girl he would be member of girls generation or f(x) or some others….
    you two just have to much free time! grow up and do something good for yourselves not just making some weird and false articles because no one cares!
    and they are not spoilt because they are sm entertainment! if they have one free week among whole yeah they could be happy and they are training much more than even having shows or something like that!

    • “if it wouldn’t be we wouldn’t listen to it”
      Perhaps then you could explain to us just why Shawols listen to Minho’s rapping? Because yes, it is awful, and we have no clue as to why Shawols like it so much.
      No, we don’t like it, neither do we listen to it so don’t worry about that.
      When did we ever say we didn’t like Shinee? We have no admitted to liking/disliking any groups we’ve reviewed. Rest assured, we didn’t just “bash” Shinee, but we’ve done so to all the groups we’ve reviewed so far. Shinee is no exception to us reporting the truth about them.

      • phahahahaha you really make me laugh.
        you are only deciving yourself really. phatetic girls.
        it is obviou you like big bang and 2ne1 and dislike shinee
        and dnt say you reviewed all the groups the same. why even caring if it is bad? rather write things you like than to concentrate on things you dont like.

  202. Oh my goodness. Preach, sister(idk you’re a girl, lol) I really agree that Shinee is spoiled, and a bit ugly. And Jonghyun does not have a good speaking or attractive voice. Have you heard of Seoulbeats perfect boy/girl group? Well I can’t believe he won over the other waaaay better singer such as Xiah Junsu or Kyuhyun who only got about 4%. Once people vote Jonghyun over the mentioned two makes the whole poll invalid IMO. Well that’s just my opinion, and I agree with what you put here, except that Taemin is the prettiest female in Kpop. That belongs to Sandara Park^^ and Minho looks a bit Indian to me, btw. My rant might not make sense.

    • Well, there are two of us, and yes we’re both females :]
      But about Seoulbeats pole, I definitely heard about and actually followed it. But so many things were just invalid (especially Jonghyun winning, so I’m totally with you there), and all “The Perfect Boy Group” shows is that Shawols are an intense spamming fandom.
      – Bagel

  203. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I read what you wrote about Jonghyun and Minho. But this is the truth though and I’m glad someone finally pointed this stuff out.

    • I’ve always thought jonghyun was the most handsome in the group, his angles and ‘smiling eyes’ are what make him attractive for me. I can’t believe anyone would consider him or Minho ugly! Like wow, maybe you are into those fixed kpop beauty ideals that without a small face, feminine features and neat eyebrows (like seriously, key is a guy, come on), that person is automatically UGLY and needs surgery. But everywhere else in the world, Jonghyun and Minho would be snatched up immediately for modelling jobs. I won’t even say much on the idea that onew is being ‘disrespected’ because that is just as insulting to him as it is to he group. Like he is a little kid that doesn’t know how to stand up for himself? Give me a break :P

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