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Super Junior’s Bonamana:

There are just so many things wrong with this comment, and eboyhans, in particular. We can easily over look the fact that you thought they were CHINESE; though if we were to comment on this may we recommend having your facts straight because ignorance is not bliss, and to tell you the truth, it just made you look like a douchebag. Our real problem with this comment was the fact that eboyhans decided to classify a random Asian person as Chinese. This is just racist and really shows how much respect you have for the individual cultures of both parties.

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Review -Music Video- Week 37/38

For the 38th week of 2011 we will be discussing the music videos of JYJ, TVXQ, Jewelry-S, and Brown Eyed Girls.

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Name: Shinee

Label: SM Entertainment, EMI, Avex

Genre: K-Pop, J-Pop, R&B, Dance, Electro-Pop

Year Debuted: 2008- Present

Fanclub: Shinee World (Shawol for short)

Fan Color: Pearlescent Sky Blue

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