P&B Scale

Our scale is used to rate groups by first rating its individual members, and then compiling an average “group” score.

We’ve broken it down into three categories: Appearance, Talent, and Personality.


A perfect 10 is near flawless. In regards to facial beauty, this means a beautiful bone structure, and a balance between hard and soft facial features. Body must be perfectly proportioned, with no abnormalities. If we’re talking about a male, he should have the perfect mix of masculine and pretty features.


If a person is especially talented in one particular aspect, being considerate, we will take only that skill into thought. This will be noted as a special consideration, and will be stated as “SC” when rating talent.

However, if the said person does not have a specialty and is average in their said talents, then we will examine and score all of them.

For example:

Super Junior’s Yesung or 2ne1’s CL would be noted as a “SC”, rather than say, Super Junior’s Donghae who would not have a “SC”. The reason for this is that it would be completely unfair to judge, say, Yesung’s dancing skills (because everyone knows they aren’t the best), when singing is obviously his forte.


A fantastic personality is what we give 10’s too. This means overall pleasant, with good temperament but most importantly: has character depth. For example, one can have a nice, plain personality, however if they lack uniqueness, the score will be negatively affected. This is one of the harder traits to judge because everyone’s personality is different and there is no set “perfect” personality. Keep in mind however, these are our personal opinions, based on what we’ve seen. 

♥ P&B

5 responses to “P&B Scale

  1. May I request something….if you can, please do a group rating of infinite and BTS…..thank you and i liked your SHINee rating

  2. Awesome! Do you guys do requests? I mean I would like to know the truth about TVXQ and SNSD. It seems as if you just started this blog sl I can wait o.O

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