Lucifer Youtube Comments

We were watching Shinee’s Lucifer music video on Youtube, and came across some pretty stupid comments.

People are getting more ludicrous on Youtube by the day.

I’m not sure what’s more preposterous:

365Andrea for even thinking Minho is good at rapping

Or the 3 people that liked the comment.

Minho is not a good rapper. In any sense.

He can’t rap. Talking while your voice is being autotuned is not rapping. He’s not even “rapping” to the rhythm of the song.

It’s just bad. There are no other words to sufficiently describe how heinous it is.

We’ll leave Minho alone in this one. But the thought that a person somehow extrapolated from that video that Onew was the feminine one. Was the woman. Is completely moronic.

Do they not see the 12-year old pre-pubescent girl dancing around in red skinny jeans? Petting her imaginary camel. Hi-fiving herself and missing. And using the force.

How does one come to the conclusion after watching Shinee’s Lucifer that, of all present, Onew is the woman.

Well Said my friend.

Great minds think alike.

♥ P & B


5 responses to “Lucifer Youtube Comments

  1. -_____- haha. jealous cause they are 1000% more good looking than you are? or because you can’t dance and sing? and btw, can you rap? ah, you must be the one who is yapping like a duck right? garbage writers

  2. Thank you!!!!!!!! I totally agree minho suck as rapping,singing,looking,ec,.

    But um….i really think the one who lools feminie in this vid is is key, or onew.
    Teamin never looked feminie to me contrary to his long locks.
    he difinately does not look manly. But not really like a girl persay.

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